Your Ticket to Life

Have you ever been to an amusement park where they gave you a large ticket on a rope and they told you to wear it for permission to be in the park? Or how about a concert event where they told you that they would need to see your ticket for you to return to your seat after using the concessions? Nightclubs frequently stamp your hand with a ticket of ink to identify that yes you have permission and are allowed access to the venue for that night.

TicketWe too have been given a “Life Ticket” and this ticket allows us to live out our life right now on planet Earth. This “Life Ticket” is our Personal Space; the space of our soul, our mind, our body and the creations those three conjure up-our life expression.

We are lucky. We have a multi-dimensional ticket that gives us multiple dimensions from which to create a life of joy and love. Think about it; if you only had your mind you could still have an amazing experience, a ride so to speak of your imagination. But since we also have a body we get to witness with our senses what we create in our mind. We can read a book (mind) and feel the words we are reading (body-senses) via tears, laughter and fear. We can watch a movie or play and use our imagine to virtually take us into the story we are reading or watching. Our life ticket lets us create actual experiences or  pretend experiences of life and all of it can be quite satisfying.

Hollywood tired to capture this concept in the movie “Total Recall” where you could go on a vacation just from the dream in your mind. Of course you wouldn’t have a mind if you didn’t have a “home” for that mind (body) to exist inside of but many people with bodies only live in their minds and then their body tries to cooperate and give them what they believe they can have. That’s another kind of “ticket” to life. Once you get inside the amusement park or entertainment venue you do get to decide what parts you will participate in; the choice is yours.

Sometimes the park we are visiting will have rides out-of-order and so too our life is like this. When faced with a challenge do we see it as a limitation and shut down, or as just part of the experience we are witnessing this time and make the most of what we are given? I am frequently inspired by Stephen Hawking. Just look what his Mind Space has created, and I bet in large part because his body wasn’t active (out-of-order) to distract him. Then you have your amazing athletes who are all about body performance and they often will train their mind to help expand their body’s potential. It’s all our choice, and what we choose to do with our “Life Ticket” ends up creating what we are currently living.

So the next time you see a life you’d like to live, someone you admire, or a life-style change you want to have, ask yourself what kind of “ticket” features are they applying to create that life. Do they work with their mind by getting a college degree or enhance their creativity by joining an art program? Do they hike or do yoga for the body? Just like with a ticket-of-entry to an event, you have to ask yourself how you are using the “Life Ticket” – Personal Space you were given. Do you use all of its features? Is your home the perfect fit for you so that when you go out into your life your energy is enhanced instead of drained? Do you give your unique body the food and exercise it needs, or do you push it around and drag it here and there and just expect it to magically perform? What about your Soul? Do you practice moments of silence, get fresh air or meditate to keep your spirit connection strong? Is your life expression flexible and evolving to give you a life you love?

My advice is to OWN your “ticket” to life by owning your Personal Space. Review each aspect of it; Body Space, Home Space, Soul Space and Life Space and create it all to be just the way that fits your life purpose best. There is plenty for everyone; no one has your stuff. If they have something you like, find your way to create it for yourself; you can do this, you have the ticket of permission. Go for it all!! Go for YOUR all!!

’till next time,
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