Your “Off Limits” Space

Do you have a space that you can call your own, a spot that is off-limits to others? This is a key step to take if your goal is to take up space more dynamically in your life. Having this private power spot space will help you establish healthy personal boundaries with others. If you cannot create a full room all for yourself, then find a corner of a room, or a special chair, a table or window seat. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Mom's Chair
Mom’s Chair

A friend of mine, who is the mother of three teenagers, created her private power spot by taking over a corner in her family room. She found an upholstered chair she loved and placed it on a colorful round rug. The rug helped define the borders of her personal space and once she stepped on it she felt insulated from the world around her.  Next she added her iPod, a shelf for books, a lamp and a table. This space she titled “Mom’s Place” and no one; not her husband or her children could enter this small 5′ corner of the room and talk to her unless she invited them. When she went to this spot it meant “Mom was taking a time-out.” Only her 2 pet Yorkshire terriers were welcomed without invitation. She created this spot because every other room in the house was used by the rest of her family. This spot suited her perfectly, she even had a window she could open for fresh air, look out of and see her garden. Many of her friends asked her if the kitchen wasn’t her private power spot but she told them that while the kitchen was her room, filled with her things, she worked there and it couldn’t be hers privately, so she found she couldn’t relax and unwind there. The spot she called “Mom’s Place” was hers alone and served as a refuge and sanctuary from the work of the day. It meant time off, a place to restore herself and refresh her spirit. 

Everyone needs this private form of personal space; it helps us to maintain our personal power and sanity. We are meant to take up space for ourselves, it’s not only our birthright but it’s our responsibility to live and breathe as the unique beings we were created to be. We all have something distinctive to put forth into this world and unless we claim our right to express ourselves, we all miss out on something wonderful. So empower and anchor your individual expression by first creating a spot that is all yours; a place from which you can center yourself and restore your energy.

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