Workmen In Your Home

There isn’t a home in existence that doesn’t need from time to time a visit from a repair man/woman or service worker of some kind. Perhaps it’s your TV connection that needs service, or a new phone line installed, or your refrigerator repaired. From painters to house cleaners it is vital that you “protect” your privacy when having “strange” guests into your home. I am not even talking about the obvious things we must do concerning our security and safety such as putting away cash and other valuables. This is simply common sense and you don’t want to be party to tempting someone who is normally honest and trustworthy into a misdeed. Moving Day

What I am most concerned with here is your Personal Space Energy. Many of us have vision boards up in our homes or affirmation cards on our refrigerator. Some have even created alters or sanctuaries of peace they use daily. These are the very personal items that we don’t want to share with our friends much less a service stranger. I learned this lesson one day with a very observant AC repair man who not only saw but thought it was his right to comment on my vision board. Not cool.

Respect goes both ways. You respect your visitor by preparing your home for them. You clear out the area they need to work in and prepare for their visit. And your respect yourself by securing those areas of your Home Space you want kept private and secured.

A key point to remember: You may need their help but don’t think you are a victim because something in your home has broken and you need help!! Remember you are the one paying them for their service and you deserve great respect.

Having someone into your home is a big deal. This is your private space and no one – even a good friend, has the right to be there without your permission and rules. These are people who are not privileged with a key to your home so it’s up to you to be clear on what you are willing to share with them.

There is a reason most of us “clean house” before company comes over. It’s not that we keep a dirty house but because we need to protect our privacy and energy. Our business is our own and we use our homes to process our life. Sure it’s also a common courtesy to freshly prepare our home for guests but more than that we are giving our guest a gift by letting them enter our most private space and sharing our life more intimately with them.

I am always amazed when I see celebrity homes in the magazines. I have yet to see one that I actually believed a celebrity “lived” in.  You can tell that they put their best foot forward for the photo shoot and kept their “life” from showing. I applaud because this is their private space after all. So take a tip from the celebrities and secure your home before you have stranger service providers or even friends over to visit.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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