What Do You “Say” To A Naked Room? Part Two

Today we continue “What Do You Say to a Naked Room” decorating tips blog…

  1. Now, having discovered the “bones” of your “naked room” you want to decide where you will to put the main item of your room’s purpose, such as the bed in a bedroom or a TV in an entertainment room. Check to be sure you have outlets where you need them and the doorway access and window access are not blocked. This is where a simple and easy floor plan will be great help to you. (** Check other Blog Posts about Floor Plans)
  2. Once you have your main furniture item located in the room you will find the rest of it goes together fairly easily because everything else tends to “serve” the main furniture item.  Using a notebook or a floor plan layout draw in all the other pieces you want to add and list the size that will fit best using length, width and height.
  3. The next topic to consider is style. How do you create and reveal you own unique style? By picking colors, textures and shapes that really “sing” Kitchen Private Spotto you. They blend all together to create the feel of the room which becomes your personal style. You start with something you absolutely love. This might be a favorite color throw blanket or a pillow design or a painting. If you can find just one thing you feel good about this will represent your theme/style.  The room can be coordinated around this. I once did a whole room based on a piece of cobalt blue glass. I wanted more pieces and started with a pair of votive candle holders and choose my colors and furniture pieces around them. I made sure there were other free spaces for the other pieces in my “wish list” and before long they showed up. Sunny yellow and light tan wood really show off the dark blue of the cobalt and so I incorporated them in my design plan. It’s important to note here that you don’t have to own everything already in order to create a design plan. You can use pictures and color boards to complete your plan and fill in the rest of the room as time allows and the various items are acquired. A room that is a “work in progress”  can be a very fun room to live with because each time you find a piece that fits it’s like giving yourself a present!

Last you will want to go “exploring” with the intent to buy or not. No pressure and keep it fun. Window shopping with a camera is best so you can take pictures to refer to later. You can also “window shop” online but you do miss getting to feel the items and see the colors up close.

I hope these tips help you to feel more relaxed about decorating a “naked room.” Having a step by step plan can really smooth out any worries. Let me know how your project is going.

’till next time,
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