To Take Up Residence

I find our use of words and phrases to be very illuminating at times. We say phrases sometimes without knowing what they mean or how telling their message might be…”cat got your tongue?”…”break the ice”…”kick the bucket”…”chip on your shoulder”…and “a dime a dozen” are just a few I can think of.

“To take up residence” is another often used phrase. What does that mean exactly? Well, I don’t know who coined that phrase but I have  heard it used in my life to  describe a variety of events from a bird nest taking up residence in the gutter of a home to talking about a family member who came to visit and didn’t leave. But today I want to talk about this phrase in reference to our Personal Power Spot which I recommend everyone create in their homes. To “take up residence” is to take-up-space and it is a powerful choice each of us has the right to exercise and most especially in the space of our own home.

Taking up SpaceWhen you create a Personal Private Spot or Private Space for yourself in your home you are declaring by your actions that you deserve a space to call your own. When someone you live with does the same you are affirming for each other that you are valued and consider each other worthy of their own unique space in the shared Home Space. But to declare a spot and decorate it and fill it with your things is only the first step. The next step is to “take up residence” by making the time to give yourself this space to just “be” without any pressure from the world or family.

Taking up residence is a practice that must be kept or the space will be declared as “vacated” and open for someone else to use. Think of an abandoned home you have seen – remember how sad, lonely, isolated and powerless that space felt? Now think of a home you have seen where there were bikes out front or people mowing the lawn or gardening; how did that home feel to you? Life is power and to be empowered you must give life to your dreams and your values by spending time doing the things that matter most to you. Even if you have to work a 40 plus hour a week job and cook for the family you can find 15 minutes a day or every other day to create a space of your own and then to start being there doing “your thing” whatever that is.

I admit a lot of my Private Power Spot time is spent just gazing out the window at the trees blowing in the wind. It sounds like I am doing a big nothing right? I thought so at first as well and I even scolded myself for “wasting time” but it turn out I was doing my most meaningful and helpful activity all day long! It is during this down time that bright ideas pop up or answers to questions arise. It is during this daydreaming time that I recover from stress and feel at peace with life.

I believe this practice works so well simply because I take up residence there just about every day. I exist there as me fully without explanation or duty. We are called human beings after all, not human doings. So give it a try and take up residence in a private spot of your home and then do it again and see if you don’t find a deeper peace and create a more empowered life for yourself.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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