Tips for Having Workmen In Your Home

Last week I wrote about having service providers and guests in your Home Space. For today’s Tuesday’s Tips I share some steps I have taken to help me preserve my Home Space Energy during these visits. These simple steps will take about 15- 20 minutes and will not only give you peace of mind, but will secure your energetic vibration as well. The goal here is to limit what areFullSizeRenderas they will be allowed into and what they may see and observe about how you live your life.

  • Grab a notebook or your phone to record your notes. While pretending you are the stranger-acquaintance who is visiting your home soon, leave your house and re-enter using the entrance they will use to enter your home. Jot down what Home Space changes you make in your notebook or recording device so you will remember where you put these treasured items after the visit.
  • Stop and look around at your home using the eyes and ears of this imagined person as you visit all the rooms they will need to see. Notice what you have lying around your house and ask “do I want to share this with a stranger?” If not ether protect this item right away or make a note to come back and take care of it.
  • Vision boards can be covered up with blank paper or fabric or taken down temporarily.
  • Affirmations can be gathered and place in a box or envelope and re-hung after they have left. This gives them a fresh energy as well. You may hang them differently so you notice them more often.
  • You may find you want to gather up some knick-nicks to store in a box or out of way closet while the workmen/women are in your home. Perhaps you want to be sure they are not accidently broken.
  • Valuable small items should be gathered up and hidden.
  • Family photos or plans for a big trip you might have posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board should be removed or covered. You don’t want a stranger to know your business.
  • Just keep asking yourself as you move about your home; “would I share this information with the people I stand in line with at the grocery store?” If not, then hide, remove or protect this while they are visiting.
  • When you visualize your home though the eyes of the service provider you are having over you are also noticing where they need to be while doing the work you are hiring them to do and you can set this space up for easy access.
  • Close doors to the rooms they don’t need to have access to, and by all means stay nearby; not to watch over their shoulder but to be fully aware of them while they are in your Home Space.

And last but not least; if someone is sent that does not feel good to you, make an excuse right away and don’t let them in. Tell them you have a sudden family issue and have a sick child at home and must reschedule. Don’t let them in to call their supervisor; they can do that from their truck. Once your door is locked then you call and say you want someone else to come to your home. There are many reasons why you might do this from poor manners such as smelling of cigarettes, or they give you an odd feeling, or they are extremely late without calling. Just trust your instincts always!

I hope these tips prove helpful to you the next time you need a repair done in your Home Space.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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