When Is It Time To Change Your Home Space?

From the time we are born until the day we pass on we will most likely live in at least a half-dozen different Home Spaces. Even if you stay in the same house and in the same town your Home Space is likely to go photo-22.jpgthrough a half-dozen different incarnations which amounts to a “move” from your old Home Space energetically even if not physically.

How do you know when it’s time to move on and create a new space for yourself? Well there are a number of clues – some are physical such as you out grow the space you currently have and some are – metaphysical or even emotional. Here is a short list of Events and Energy Shifts that may be a sign it is time for a change.


  • you have a new child and need more space
  • you get married and want to live together
  • you enroll in a college too far to live at “home”
  • you divorce and need to change the energy and possibly get a smaller space
  • your health requires you to live in a new environment
  • your job requires a change of location

These are just a handful of Events that may occur from time to time that will cause us to need to change our Home Space. So while most of these are obvious, what about the subtle clues that tell us our energy and well being would be better served in a new space? Here is a short guide to let you know something subconscious is calling out for change….

Energy Shifts:

  • when you find you don’t want to come home from work
  • when you can’t find anything in your closet, kitchen or garage
  • when you feel restless and keep dreaming about a different location
  • when you find you are avoiding spending any time in a room or two of your current Home Space
  • when you feel depressed or have sudden lethargy and notice you are attracted to brighter colors than you have in your home

Okay, so you realize it is time for a change now what? Well the first thing I do is have a “Dream Planning Session” with myself. You see often we can feel a need but can’t quite give a voice to it and this is a necessary first step in the process of choosing or changing your Home Space.

Dream Planning

  • Get out your Archeological Dig Journal or a notebook
  • Write down what you don’t like about what you currently have in your Home Space. It’s important to get down on paper what is bothering you. It might appear to be vague complaining at first but once you write it down it will begin to gel into a solution.
  • Once you have listed all that is upsetting you – turn each statement around to see what the opposite would be. For instance “I can’t stand the mess in my closet” would change to ” I love my new well organized and tidy closet”
  • Next ask yourself how you might achieve the better (opposite) environment. Think big. Even if you can’t afford what you want, write it down. An affordable solution will appear if you go for all you want to start with. Remember “dreaming” doesn’t cost a thing 🙂

Once you have listed all the steps to make this change happen put your journal away and review it on a different day to see if it is still the solution you wish to try. If you have more than one item to change you can also prioritize them. For instance maybe one change is really important to you, so start with that. Or one change must happened before another can such as painting the walls before you put in new carpet.

Unloading your frustrations and dreaming on paper is so highly valuable I cannot stress it enough. Moving or redecorating is a BIG job and focused organization is your best friend.

And by all means if you need help, drop me a note and I’ll give you some help!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


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