The Importance of Before and After Moving Photos

With way too much to do on your list as you proceed through your move you might think taking pictures is just a waste of time. I used to feel that way until one time I took photos and realized what a big help having those pictures ended up being.

We tend to dismiss all that we DO get done and just focus on the things we DIDN’T do and this drains our energy. Taking “before”  and during your move photos causes a pause in the manic get-this-done-now vibe we have going and gives us a moment to review all we got done and then to celebrate this fact with others if we choose to text or post the photos on-line. Happy, joyous energy is a must when you are moving and any way you can bring this in during the process will make the whole project move faster and be more fun. Moving Day

Another reason “before” photos are great is that it gives you a perspective on how the place looked empty and when you compare these with the “after” pictures you can get new decorating ideas that wouldn’t occur to you while sitting in the room. A photo freezes only one spot for a more detailed perspective. You can use the pictures to make a Word document and list under the picture the possible decorating items you want to add when time and money permits.

“After” and during the move photos of your possessions also can be added to a file you keep for insurance purposes. If you every have a flood (pipes) or moving damage or whatever might occur it helps to have pictures to remind you of all the items you own. Another good reason is that years later when you review these photos you will find they help you to plan your next move. We tend to forget over time all the details we have to take care of when doing a move. Your photo book will refresh your memory and show you how you did it before; kind of like a private “time capsule” just for you.

And my most favorite reason for “before” – “during” and “after” photos … the memories. Each year on the anniversary of our home I pull out our scrapbook and look at our move and am amazed at how happy the memories are. You see I really “hate” moving. I truly wish Star Trek was real and Scotty could just “beam me up” to my new place with everything intact-lol. Taking time to make the process fun helps to set the best energetic vibration for your new space and builds happy memories.

So take time out and shoot some pictures. Make it fun. Include your moving and decorating crew and be sure to hand off the camera and get a picture of yourself as well.

Enjoy your new space!

’till next time,
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