The Colbert Bump

If you watch The Colbert Report show on Comedy Central you have most likely seen him do his “Colbert Bump” for some of his guests. This is his stamp of approval which is of course his “energetic seal” which means he is applying his Energy Space and influence to empower another. Being who he is in the public eye (his brand) his “Bump” can either help or hinder the product he is giving it to.

What Do You Stand For?

With Stephen Colbert you can see how standing for something publically can influence the sale of items and spread influence. The funny thing is he has such a strong and public viewpoint and is so well known that giving his energy to an item through his “Bump” can also cause people of the opposite view to avoid following that person or purchasing that item. He takes a strong stand on many topics. He often does this tongue-in-cheek but we all know he is liberal in his viewpoints and is using his TV show to poke fun at the conservative view points. He does this in a harmless manner and is so likeable that even his “enemies” don’t get upset. He not only voices his opinion he will let the opposite opinion have a voice on his show as well. This is not only fair minded, it is also creating good Karma for then his view will remain open for consideration to his opponents as well. Stephen follows the Golden Rule (which is part of my Shared Space Code of Conduct)…“do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”

Taking a stand for something you value is important, necessary and challenging. We need to do this in order to give energy to the unique work we are here to complete, yet we must also remain open minded and know that all others have the right to express their view as well.

So take a stand for what you believe in. Remain open minded and fair minded to the good opinion of others and never ever publically degage another or your energy will be affected diversely.

What Kind of Karma Do You Want?

This sharing of our energy by endorsing another can appear in a variety of ways. It can be personal and private- where you continue to purchase an item because you like it or you can go public and tell your friends and family about it and even go viral with it if you post your positive opinion on social media.

“What goes around comes around!” Karma phrase

The trick about sharing our energy is that energy doesn’t die; it has an unlimited “shelf-life” and what you send out acts like a boomerang and bounces back to you.

Giving our “energetic seal of approval” can boost or drain your energy depending upon how you communicate your opinion. If you send out messages of love and support then the energy of loving and support will return to you. But if you send out damaging messages, especially in the form of slander and manipulations like a bully would use BEWARE because this energy will also find its way back to you! This is not to say you cannot speak ill of someone or some situation but you must ask yourself if you are just complaining and causing trouble or are actually trying to solve a problem.

Don’t be the problem, instead be the solution while you give your energetic seal of approval to the things you value.

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