I am writing from Sedona, Arizona; one of my personal space spots. I needed to get out of my home office and create from a new space today because I recently crashed my website. I made a mistake when trying to do an update…actually more than one mistake (yikes) and the end result was so bad I needed to completely delete my work and start fresh. (Talk about clutter clearing! Ha) This was over 3 years of effort, much of it trial and error and needless to say I was upset. Since I was still in the development stage of my coaching business it seemed like a good idea to let it “die” and then give my program fresh new energy.Sedona Day Off

Since I teach that nothing wrong is happening, no matter what it looks like on the surface, I had to take this and apply it to my own issue. When I did I found an interest parallel. My site “died” on Good Friday and now it is “Easter Monday” and I am resurrecting it…new and improved. I don’t consider myself a practicing anything anymore, more of a free thinking-Zen-spiritualist but I am well aware of the meaning of the Easter message so it hit home and gave me hope.

That’s about all we can do when we “crash and burn.” Stop, reassess, and look for the silver lining – because there is always good going on in one form or another and we find the good when we look for it. So to enhance my website and its personal space message and to give new life energy to my work I got in the car this morning and headed to my favorite personal space spot…Sedona. In a few more years Sedona will be my home base so what better place to launch my updated website than in my dream home location?

Thank you for joining me on this quest where we explore, re-create and energize our lives by deliberately taking up space in our own unique way.

Ginger Marie
Your Personal Space Coach©