Responsible Living

It seems everywhere I turn I find something about Personal Space going on. Today I was just shopping for a book in Amazon and saw this link, iPhone Rebate

I wish I had seen it months ago when I got a new phone. This type of activity may not seem like a “personal space” topic but let me explain. It is all about Personal Responsibility or responsible living in the Shared Space we all inhabit. I know you only have ONE old phone so no big deal if you toss it in the trash right? Well, maybe….if you were the only one with a used phone to discard. But you see we have to think sometimes in plural, not just in singular fashion. In other words look at the BIG picture = Macro versus the small picture = micro. Always keep your personal integrity in tact…this is a must; which means to do the “most loving thing for YOU” and it will end up being the most loving thing for others as well.

So does recycling your old phone to Amazon for a gift card benefit you? You bet!! Will it benefit me? You bet! I love a clean Earth and it will benefit all the plants and animals that support our life here as well. It’s a Win-Win-Win!! I also understand that these recycled items can sometimes be used to help third world countries get updated materials they normally couldn’t have afforded.

As Earl Nightingale said “Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in return.” Therefore when we help the planet by recycling we become more prosperous. When we help third world countries by recycling we prosper, and when we use a service like Amazon we see the prosperity first hand in the rebated money and Amazon also prospers by holding this campaign. There is no limit to the energy boost that all who work together for mutual prosperity can receive.

Responsible living is literally the Golden Rule in action…”doing unto others as you would have done unto you” and I would add that what we do to/for other we also do to/for ourselves!

So if you have the new iPhone bug or if you just happen to be in the market for a new phone please consider the various programs in place either at Amazon or your phone company or even Goodwill and recycle your old phone (once you take off all your valuable materials that is J )

Oh, if your phone is not an iPhone no worries, Amazon also have a program for other smart phones.  Pretty smart!!

“till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Can You Predict The Weather?

Most of us go about our day thinking things should be just this way or exactly that way and if this doesn’t happen we might say we had a “bad day.” But did we have a “bad day” or was it our thinking that made it “bad”?

If we compared our day’s experiences to a day in the natural world how would this work?

In nature there are very few constants; the earth rotates so it appears that the sun comes up and sets each day and the four seasons come and go, the tide of the sea rises and drops. Other than that, what can you really predict will happen? What can you truly count on or rely on? Nothing! Some days I think the weather forecasters should just phone it in and announce what time the sun rises and sets and call it a day. As well-trained as they are and no matter what new gadgets they create, not one of them can consistently predict the weather on a day-to-day basis.

If the very planet we live on – our home – is unpredictable what makes us think we can predict our life and its daily events? We were gifted with consciousness not control of all that is. Can you control the mood your boss will be in? Can you control that driver behind you on the way to work who insists on tailgating you? Nope, you can’t. Yet we try and then we judge our day based upon our failure or success at controlling that which can’t be controlled. Crazy right?

What if we could chuck that behavior out the window and try to be like the animals? Have you ever seen a bird plot and plan out his/her day? Have you ever seen your pet dog or cat make appointments or lists and then get upset if something didn’t get done? Nope. They just take the day as it comes to them and handle things the moment. The animals all around us are great Zen Masters and we could benefit from their example.

Now, animals do fight but it isn’t like our emotion of anger that can linger for hours, days, even years! Have you ever watched a cat fight or a duck fight? They scratch, make loud noises, bite and peck and get it all out in a few minutes and then walk away from it all. Gone. Over. Done. Not one of them carries a grudge or a judgment like “that shouldn’t have happened.”

Conscious Personal Space is what we can learn from the animals; know what you need, work to obtain and maintain it, or move on. They accept what is, and adapt as needed to maintain a balance. It’s the natural order of things…could it also be the natural order of us? We act all superior to the animal world saying we are above the animals; we put them down for being animals when in fact they are just being natural.

Are we being natural? I wonder.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


One Size Fits All – Or Does It?

I am often reminded how significant it is for us to take up space in our own unique way. The notion “one size fits all” is so bogus it’s laughable. I am sure there is a corporation out there somewhere that wishes this were true because then for less cost they could make what EVERYONE wants’ and needs which would make them more money.

Which brings me to today’s topic of observation – CARS.

I grew up near Dearborn, Michigan in the shadow of Henry Ford. My family was a Ford family. I can’t tell you the number of times I toured the Ford Motor plant, Henry Ford’s museums, or studied his legacy (we were tested on him in school). One of the funniest quotes I remember about him went something like this “You can have any color of car you want, as long as it’s black.”

We are shocked today to hear such a statement but back in 1914 when he was attempting to mass produce an economical car and sell as many as he could, this made sense. Black paint at that time was the least expensive and it dried the fasted. Black paint allowed Ford to produce a car in about 90 minutes on his assembly line and thereby satisfy the nation’s hunger for personal transportation at an affordable price. The Model T was made solely in black from 1914 to 1926 but it originally (1908) came in 5 dark colors. He limited the color for a while so he could make and sell more while maintaining his desired profit margin. But it didn’t last did it? Do you think he would have stopped this black only product if the consumer hasn’t spoken up? Nope, neither do I.

Limited selection of choices happens quite frequently when something is new in the market. Just look at how television has evolved! We don’t even have to watch the programming when the shows air anymore. Consumers demanded more freedom and soon the ability to tape programs was invented. Even that process has evolved drastically both in cost and convenience. The Betamax taping machines were short lived, then VHS took over and now we have the DVR tape free machines for recording our favorite shows. What I find fascinating is that as quickly as possible variety is added to each new invention even though the creators of the product would most likely prefer to keep the selection simple and inexpensive which would increase their profits. But they can’t because the consumer is not “one size fits all.”

Isn’t it fascinating to see just how much our unique characteristics dictate so much power in the market place? It’s evolutionary and it’s silent and unless you stop and “dig” around a bit it goes fairly unnoticed. You can pick any new product ever created and watch it evolve and expand because we are not clones of each other. Deep down we love and celebrate our right to be unique and take up space our way!! Our lives are richer because we are all different. Let’s celebrate this!!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Personal Scavenger Hunt – Step One

Unless you know exactly what you want I recommend doing some decorating “detective work.” This will not only save you money but will ensure that you end up with items that you love!

A “Personal Scavenger Hunt” of discovery will help you to clarify what you want and what will fit your room best. Keep your search playful and fun. If you want your home to feel good then the steps you take to furnish it need to hold that energy as well. There is no hurry, no deadline more important than creating the happy feeling you want once the project is completed. So relax, take your time and keep your search enjoyable. Take time out for a coffee break; treat yourself to lunch out and acknowledge all you got done during your day.

Personal Scavenger Hunt:

Step One: Locate Your “touchstone” Item

  • Get comfortable, relax and tune in to your inner wisdom
  • Take a moment to pull up your inner joy
  • Think about the things you love and that give you good energy
  • Perhaps it is a favorite pair of earrings, or a scarf, an accessory in your office, a favorite coffee mug.
  • Go and collect this item or sit in the room it is in and while looking at it relive the joy you felt when you first got it and that you still feel today
  • This item will be your feeling “touchstone”
  • If it is small you can carry it with you when you do your Scavenger Hunt
  • If it is a large item, take a photo of it on your phone – even make it your wallpaper while you are doing your “Hunt”

I call this item a “touchstone” because it will help you focus on that “happy” feeling that tells you this item is a keeper. It will also alert you to items that are not energy boosters for you. If it doesn’t “jazz” you like your favorite item does then it is not a keeper.

Take your time finding this feeling “touchstone.” Go through your whole house noticing which items give you that “zing” feeling. Make a list of them in your journal. These are important elements to have in each room. You won’t feel jazzed about everything in your rooms, some things are just necessary (like extension cords) but if you have a few then the whole room will be positively affected.

For next Tuesday’s Tips blog I’ll continue with Step Two.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©