Pain Relieving Tips – Part 1

Obviously I can’t go into every technique available for healing the pain we get while living our lives, but I want to point you in a helpful direction. I was looking for a healthy and permanent solution and healing if possible. The tips in these next two blog posts are ones I found that helped me in my quest to heal without the help of medications.

Pain ReliefStop Running From Your Pain – Until the late 80’s I spent my life running from pain – I thought that was how to deal with it best. I stopped running and began listening to my pain because running didn’t seem to work for me anymore. I must say if I had know where it would take me (short term) I wouldn’t have been able to do it; however long term I am so extremely glad I didn’t know and did follow the training I was being given because today I feel better than ever!!

Long story short, listening to my pain back then led me to reveal repressed memories of physical abuse as a child. Once I moved through all of that and released it from my mind and body (with the help of therapy and body work) I was a new person! Professional help was my first step and the second step was all up to me; getting on with my life as this new person.

Today I can usually laugh at my pain…and mean it! I don’t see it as an enemy or if I do I don’t stay there for long because I eventually remember that my pain has been with me through thick and thin and when I listen it has protected me in more ways than I can count.

Pay Attention – pain LOVES attention that is why it is “screaming as us with sensations that hurt; so just listening can cause pain to diminish greatly. Have you ever experienced being sick with the flu and miserable for days then finally making the appointment to go see the doctor and suddenly you don’t feel as sick as you had? Pain gives us relief as a sign we are on the right track…pay attention!!

Talk to someone – sharing what you are going through not only helps you to give a voice to the pain- which releases some of its energy from your body – it also opens you to receiving an answer. If what you are doing isn’t working then you want to open to a new idea, and your friend or family member might just have an idea that will help you. Also voicing your fears out loud will help you to hear the answer that dwells inside of you. Using our loved ones as “sounding boards” is a big help. You will want to let them know that is what you need so that they don’t take on your pain or try to fix you.

Journal about your pain – sit quietly with a pen and paper do what is called “free association writing.” This is writing done for the purpose of opening you to what you feel in the moment. No editing as you write; not your content or punctuation, just let it rip. I have experienced great release and relief doing this and if it is extreme emotional pain I am moving through I may even rip up and toss out my paper after to complete the release of holding on to the pain.

I hope these tips prove helpful to you as well. Next week I’ll share more of my Pain Relieving Tips with you.

‘till next time,
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