Meet Your Inner Physician!

Well, it’s time to get personal. I know this blog site is called “Personal Space” but most of the tips I give you on the Tuesday Tips blog have been about your home decor. Today we will get truly personal and talk about your body. No, you don’t need to run for the hills I won’t share TMI, because after all, another component of personal space is healthy, self-respecting boundaries. That being said, I have a whole slew of Body Space trips to share with you that I have learned over the years.

Your Inner Physician

To start I want to introduce you to your very own “personal” inner physician. Did you know you have one? Some people refer to this part of our psyche as our “inner voice” and while the inner physician may speak to us in thoughts, more than likely your physician will “speak” in sensations of energy. I was first introduced to my own inner physician 20 years ago while receiving Cranio Sacral Therapy; which is a form of body work for healing pain. It turns out I had already been in communication with my inner physician, I just didn’t realize it.

For example: Have you ever had a headache? What did you do about it? How did you decided to do what you did? Was your action automatic, or did you consider different options – like take a nap, drink water, meditate, take Advil? This alert message from your body, in the form of a headache, is what is known as the Body-Mind communicating a need to you. You see, we think we take care of our bodies, but in truth it’s our bodies that take care of us! The headache is body-language for “something is out of balance and you need to remedy it now!” You can pop a pill to shut the headache up and keep going if that is your choice, but be warned, your inner physician will let you know if that was the best solution. If not the headache won’t abate and a new idea will “pop” into your head. This is your body or inner physician taking care of you, and the better we listen and respond with our best solution the healthier and happier we will be.

To keep your energy balanced and strong during the day you most likely stop and take breaks to drink, and eat, and use the bathroom. Perhaps you even stretch or take a lunch time walk. The “nudge” to do these things; the hunger feeling, the restlessness, the fatigue, all of these communications are how our inner physician “speaks” to us all day long.

“Phone Home ET!” Have you “checked-in” with your body yet today? Is there open communication between you and your inner physician? Are you having an open dialog or are you arguing with your “self” and pushing your energy and health to it’s’ limit? The one thing you can count on, is that your inner physician won’t ever give up on you. One way or another, your inner physician’s communication system will get your attention. Will it be to alert you with a headache, or will it be with a yawn for more air, or a feeling of contentment and joy because you are in tune with what your body needs?

Today’s tip: Stop and see if you can identify your inner physician and how he or she “speaks” to you throughout your day. Practice self-awareness by carrying on a “conversation” with your inner physician in your thoughts. Then notice how your inner knowing and best answers get louder in your consciousness. The more you follow your inner wisdom’s advice, the better your health and energy will be. Tune into this part of your body; get to know your inner physician, start working together as a team  and watch your energy and happiness soar!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Responsible Living

It seems everywhere I turn I find something about Personal Space going on. Today I was just shopping for a book in Amazon and saw this link, iPhone Rebate

I wish I had seen it months ago when I got a new phone. This type of activity may not seem like a “personal space” topic but let me explain. It is all about Personal Responsibility or responsible living in the Shared Space we all inhabit. I know you only have ONE old phone so no big deal if you toss it in the trash right? Well, maybe….if you were the only one with a used phone to discard. But you see we have to think sometimes in plural, not just in singular fashion. In other words look at the BIG picture = Macro versus the small picture = micro. Always keep your personal integrity in tact…this is a must; which means to do the “most loving thing for YOU” and it will end up being the most loving thing for others as well.

So does recycling your old phone to Amazon for a gift card benefit you? You bet!! Will it benefit me? You bet! I love a clean Earth and it will benefit all the plants and animals that support our life here as well. It’s a Win-Win-Win!! I also understand that these recycled items can sometimes be used to help third world countries get updated materials they normally couldn’t have afforded.

As Earl Nightingale said “Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in return.” Therefore when we help the planet by recycling we become more prosperous. When we help third world countries by recycling we prosper, and when we use a service like Amazon we see the prosperity first hand in the rebated money and Amazon also prospers by holding this campaign. There is no limit to the energy boost that all who work together for mutual prosperity can receive.

Responsible living is literally the Golden Rule in action…”doing unto others as you would have done unto you” and I would add that what we do to/for other we also do to/for ourselves!

So if you have the new iPhone bug or if you just happen to be in the market for a new phone please consider the various programs in place either at Amazon or your phone company or even Goodwill and recycle your old phone (once you take off all your valuable materials that is J )

Oh, if your phone is not an iPhone no worries, Amazon also have a program for other smart phones.  Pretty smart!!

“till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Birthday Space

It’s my birthday this week! Do you feel any differently on your birthday? I do. In fact in the days leading up to my birthday I tend to get an extra lift in my step. Does this have to do with my culture and how I was raised? Possibly. But I wonder if even someone who didn’t know their birth date would feel this shift of energy.Happy_balloons

I believe this “something other” that I feel on my birthday is my Soul Space- my spirit energy. I imagine it is quite a big deal in Heaven when a new soul is born as a separate being from it’s mother and begins their Personal Space journey.

What I know personally is that as my birthday approaches I feel different… and it’s a good feeling…one of hope, possibilities and joy. I am just so happy to be here!!! Not every birthday has been a “happy” one so this good feeling can’t just be about my culture. Even during the difficult years there was that “something else” feeling under the disappointment and pain.

Perhaps this feeling is instinctual, a way of remembering my spiritual origin, who knows? But the feeling of energy on my birthday is definitely different from every other day of the year for me, and if join in with the feeling, my day is magical. It’s not about presents as in the gifts you unwrap; its more about being “present” and marking the moment with total awareness.

I also find my closest friends and family can join in with this energy as well. Perhaps you have felt it too when a family member or friend was having a birthday. You might have felt lighter that day and happy that they were in your life. I know the birthdays of my children feel special to me as well. Not the same feeling as on my own birthday, but there is a unique feeling of deep joy and tenderness that I know it has to do with the fact that I “gave” birth on those two days.

Celebrating is an activity that I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to partake in (daily if so inclined) but for certain on your birthday. It’s a way of saying “thank you”  for the life adventure you are living.

There is a wonderful scene about celebrating every day in the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.” The tea party scene where they are celebrating their “Un-Birthdays” which of course are every other day of the year in which you were not born! Funny, even cute you say, but I wonder if it isn’t a great code to live by. Make your birthday extra special by honoring your entrance in the world and then make every other day a celebration of “thank you I am still here and having the time of my life!!”

Happy Birthday to some and Happy Un-Birthday to all!!

“till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©



What Is Your Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet…” Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet

Some of you may have noticed my name is a bit unusual. Almost every day someone will ask me “is Marie your last name?” because for many women “Marie” is their middle name. As with anyone’s name there is a story behind it, a Personal Space story.

I was the last of ten children so the common names in our family clan were already used; Tom, John, Bob, Mary etc. I was named after a favorite cousin who was a Virginia with the nick-name Ginger. At first everyone called me Ginger then I rebelled because one of our neighbors had a dog named “Ginger” and the kids would tease me by whistling and call me as if calling for the dog. However by the time I reached Junior High, thanks to the TV show Gilligan’s Island, the name Ginger had a different impact; it was considered cool. So I went back to being “Ginger” as a nick-name for Virginia.

This name stuck for decades until I healed my childhood trauma and emerged from personal therapy. At this time I was also ending my marriage. It was just after my divorce, while painting in a watercolor class with my friends that I realized I could no longer sign my former husbands last name to my art. That name was alien to me and I didn’t want it on my creations. I also didn’t want to use my maiden name since I was estranged from my family. So my teacher suggested I create a new name that represented the “new me.” She asked what my middle name was. Yes, you guessed it, “Marie!” The whole class loved the way Ginger Marie sounded. I realized it felt like the new me as well. Yet when I went to make my new name official I found I couldn’t just drop the name “Virginia” because the child that I was with that name had endured so much I wanted to honor her memory, so I kept her name as my first name. So now “Ginger Marie” is actually my middle and last name.

When I went to create a domain name account for the books I write, I discovered the “germ” in “gingermarie,” so I decided to put in a hyphen. This also helps when people try to call me “Ginger Marie” as if it was one name like Ann Marie. Crazy stuff naming yourself.

So while William Shakespeare has a point about the name of a rose, it doesn’t completely apply to people. We need the name we use to express who we feel we are inside. It may not hold the same meaning for another but it is one more way we express our light openly with the world and do life our way!

How many name changes have you gone through during your life? I’d love to hear your Personal Space story.
’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Time To Play “Goldilocks”

The next step of your decoration project will be to see how the items you have picture feel. This is just like trying on clothes. You see a style you like but you have to try it on to discover if it “looks good” on you and if it feels comfortable to wear. We need to do this same thing with furniture.

Playing Goldilocks
Remember the children’s story of The Three Bears? Well now it’s time to do what Goldilocks did in the story. You did your on-line and magazine research. You made a poster of what you might like (this is called a Design Board or Color Board.) You have your list of places to shop, now it’s time to go “test-drive” the furniture you think you’d like to own in your home.

  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothes
  • Give yourself plenty of time – at least a half day is best
  • Bring your Personal Space Journal, a pen, a steel tape measure and your camera
  • If you have a whole day planned be sure to take breaks – visit a Starbucks and journal how your test is going, treat yourself to a nice lunch, keep the whole process fun!
  • Sit in everything you are considering.
  • Notice how easy or difficult it is to get up and down
  • Notice if the piece fits your body or if you will need to add pillows for comfort
  • Run your hand over the surfaces and note the textures you like. Such as cool marble – warm wood – slick silk

Once you locate the pieces you find comfortable and love the look of; take pictures of them and write down all important details: Store, SKU number, style name, fabric name and price.
Get out your tape measure and measure in this order: length x width x height. It will help if you make little sketches using geometric shapes and naming the furniture areas
Length on a sofa is end-to-end
Width on a sofa is front-to-back
Height on a sofa is three parts

  1. Back: floor to back of sofa
  2. Arm: floor to Arm height
  3. Seat: Floor to Seat height

Once you are done playing Goldilocks for the day take a break and review your notes. Determine if you need another day of virtual shopping; if you do schedule it in your calendar.
Next, put your notes away for a day or two, then look them over again. By now you will most likely have your selections narrowed down and know the availability of items you want. Check to be sure they come in the color you want and double check  the price and ask about future sales. Once you have all the information you need your next step will be to make your final choice. In order to do this you will need to be sure everything you want will fit in the room. In a future post I will show you how to do a simple floor plan.

Let me know how your project is going.
’till next time,
Ginger – Marie
Your Personal Space Coach©

Personal Scavenger Hunt – Step Two

Now that you have located your good feeling “touchstone” the next step of Your Personal Scavenger Hunt can begin. Be sure to carry this “touchstone” with you if it is small enough and if not; keep a photo of it with you to keep you connected to the good vibrations it sends.

Step Two:
Begin Your “Hunt”

  • Go to a bookstore, a news stand or a discount book store. Locate the design magazine section and gather a pile to check out. Sit at a table and begin to browse through them. When you find items you like, jot down the magazine name and any other key information. Often in the back they will list where you can buy items they feature.
  • Purchase magazines that have what you like and maybe subscribe to a few as well. The point here is one of self-discovery where you give yourself time to discover what you love. This may take time, so be patient and enjoy yourself.
  • Visit the HGTV channel or website to see what they have to offer. Make note of any styles that you love. Write down the shows that have what you like and see if you can get purchasing information on their website.
  • Keep your decorating project in the back of your mind as you go through your daily life. You’ll be surprised how many different styles you will be exposed to on a daily basis. If you do remember a place where you felt really comfortable such as a restaurant or resort see if you can visit them and take photos of what you liked there. Ask the staff who their decorator was.
  • Begin “virtually shopping” on-line. Surf the websites of companies you wish to shop at. When you see something you like, bookmark that page. When you narrow it down to a list of 3 possibilities, go ahead and “print screen” or “cut and paste” and print up a copy. Be sure to list the important details in case you want to purchase later.

Test Your Ideas

Make posters of your selections and put them on the walls of the room you are decorating. Live with them for at least a week and then choose your favorite. If you have determined other factors such as color or carpeting, add these to your posters to get the feeling for the completed look your room will convey.

Now that you have chosen the look of what you would like to have in your room, and an idea of where you can purchase these items, you are ready for the next step; “Playing Goldilocks.”

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Personal Scavenger Hunt – Step One

Unless you know exactly what you want I recommend doing some decorating “detective work.” This will not only save you money but will ensure that you end up with items that you love!

A “Personal Scavenger Hunt” of discovery will help you to clarify what you want and what will fit your room best. Keep your search playful and fun. If you want your home to feel good then the steps you take to furnish it need to hold that energy as well. There is no hurry, no deadline more important than creating the happy feeling you want once the project is completed. So relax, take your time and keep your search enjoyable. Take time out for a coffee break; treat yourself to lunch out and acknowledge all you got done during your day.

Personal Scavenger Hunt:

Step One: Locate Your “touchstone” Item

  • Get comfortable, relax and tune in to your inner wisdom
  • Take a moment to pull up your inner joy
  • Think about the things you love and that give you good energy
  • Perhaps it is a favorite pair of earrings, or a scarf, an accessory in your office, a favorite coffee mug.
  • Go and collect this item or sit in the room it is in and while looking at it relive the joy you felt when you first got it and that you still feel today
  • This item will be your feeling “touchstone”
  • If it is small you can carry it with you when you do your Scavenger Hunt
  • If it is a large item, take a photo of it on your phone – even make it your wallpaper while you are doing your “Hunt”

I call this item a “touchstone” because it will help you focus on that “happy” feeling that tells you this item is a keeper. It will also alert you to items that are not energy boosters for you. If it doesn’t “jazz” you like your favorite item does then it is not a keeper.

Take your time finding this feeling “touchstone.” Go through your whole house noticing which items give you that “zing” feeling. Make a list of them in your journal. These are important elements to have in each room. You won’t feel jazzed about everything in your rooms, some things are just necessary (like extension cords) but if you have a few then the whole room will be positively affected.

For next Tuesday’s Tips blog I’ll continue with Step Two.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Make “Friends” With Your Room

Instead of just moving stuff into a room because it “fits” I recommend that you first take a moment to “make friends” with the space you want to decorate.

Step One-Visualize:
Sit quietly in the room you are planning to decorate and ask yourself the questions below. As you review these questions write down your answers in your Personal Space Journal (see blog post for details.) While you answer these questions be sure to make note of any other questions that come to mind and jot them down. The clearer you are on what you want and why you want it, the easier it will be for you to find success.
• What purpose was this room designed for originally?
• How would I like to use this room?
o List the activities you will do in this room. (Such as watching TV, cooking, reading etc.)
• Do these activities require any specific furniture or floor plan design?
o Electronics may require special outlets, or art may need to be protected from sun or shelving is needed for books or a pool table needs extra space.
o Are there any special lighting challenges?
• Who will use this room the most?
o Get feedback on your design ideas from anyone who will be using the room but make the final choice yourself.
• What colors would I like to have in this room?
• What textures do I like? (Such as glass, crystal, wood, stone, brick or iron work.)
• What do I want for the flooring? (Carpet, wood, tile, vinyl)
• What do I want for the walls? (paint, molding, wallpaper)
• What is the style I want to have in this room?
• What do I already have for this room?
o List what is there
o List what is needed
• If this is a redecorating project make a list of “keep” – “release” – “need new”

Step Two: Rough Sketch of Your Vision

• Using your list from above create a rough sketch using simple circles, rectangles, and squares to position where you want your furniture to be.
• Label each item with a simple name – “new sofa” “green chair” etc
• Remember to consider room to walk around so leave space where needed in your sketch (I’ll teach you how to do a simple floor plan in future posts)

Now that you have a general idea of how you want to use the room and what items you need to purchase our next step will be to clarify your vision. Check out next Tuesdays Tips for doing a “Personal Scavenger Hunt.”

‘till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach©