The Ability to Adapt

Nature and humans have both been blessed with the ability to adapt. With nature it’s just the way of things, adapting is a part of natural evolution and is done instinctively. Evolution just happens, there is no thought, and no lessons learned, no achievements won, it just flows naturally. It happens so slowly it often goes unnoticed. With humans however, it happens more as a choice but not always. Sometimes adapting happens automatically for us as well, whether we want to or not.

Humans adapt both on a personal level and on a collective level.  For instance collectively humans no longer live in caves or use horses for travel. On an individual level adapting can happen slowly, as in growing from baby to child, teen to adult etc. or it can happen suddenly with a bang!  Falling in love or having a sudden death in the family can suddenly alter us by changing how we think and live. We also evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Things that made you angry as a 3rd grader on the ball field wouldn’t even catch your attention today as an adult. We call it growth, but that’s just what evolution is; growth on the largest scale possible…the entire Universe is in a constant state of evolution-growth.

Adapting is a part of life, there is no way out of it. The only difference between our method of adapting and the natural world is that we tend to do our adapting kicking and screaming. This happens mostly because we have judged what we are going through as “wrong” and somehow avoidable. We think life is in our individual control and it isn’t. What is in our individual control – our personal space – we tend to ignore. Instead we look outside of our power center and try to “fix” the world which of course isn’t even broken in the first place. Only our view of it is.

How Adaptable Are You?

  • Do you have ridged set beliefs or are you more “open-minded” going with the flow?
  • If you can’t get what you want for lunch do you skip eating or choose something else?
  • On your regular route to work there is a traffic jam, do you sit and wait it out or try a different route?
  • Do you have a set daily routine that if it is interrupted puts you into a bad mood, or do you just go with the flow and adjust?
  • Do you get upset when your favorite brand is discontinued in the store, or just shrug and try the new product offered?

These are just a few simple ways we are called upon to adapt every day. I imagine you can think of many more. The point I am trying to make here is how easily and flexible do we “bend with the wind” of the current moment vs. stand rigid and unbending? I have found for myself it depends on the day, and how well I have slept. Usually I struggle a little and then I get with the program and adapt more willingly. To be honest I tend to be one of the “kicking and screaming” types but as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I have learned I am happier if I am more flexible. What has been your experience? Which way gives you the best energy: being adaptable or sticking to your guns?

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©