Is Personal Space Extinct?

Personal Space is slowly becoming extinct. Everywhere we go we are constantly connected to everyone else on the planet. Everywhere we turn someone is telling us how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, how to dress our body in the latest (and only approved of) styles, how to decorate our home, what the latest and greatest is for every moment of our life experience. Even if we turned off all the TV ads, radio marketing and newspaper ads, internet or magazine publications we would still be prompted by well-meaning others to do it their way. And always there is that unspoken “or else” that is implied. Or else you won’t be popular, or else you won’t get that job, or else you won’t look attractive. And the worst one of all; “or else you won’t be loved.” Pain Relief

Every one of these subtle and not too subtle voices coaxes us all day long to comply. Before you know it, you’ve lost the essence of what makes you tick, what makes you happy. You are lost as to what makes you, YOU. Reclaim and take back ownership of your Personal Space by tuning out the world on a daily basis. You’ll be glad you did and it will keep you sane. The only True voice is the one within your heart and soul; this is the voice of your Divine Inner Self – our Soul Space. It is crucial to our personal power and peace of mind that keep our Soul connection open and active or our life will fade into the world view of “one size fits all.”

It used to be that we could come home and leave the world behind for a while and refresh ourselves. But today with our wonderful internet and instant messaging the world comes with us everywhere. It is up to each of us to choose when, how and where we will take a break and give the world a “do-not-disturb” notice.

My favorite method of turning “off” world opinions is by declaring my unique self in my home decor style and in my wardrobe. I also set aside time each morning and evening (I call it my book-ends) to just sit and be still. Sometimes I meditate but most often I contemplate and watch nature while in my garden or through a window. I get so many good ideas and answers during theses quite “off” moments that I keep a note pad handy to jot down what comes to me, but I am careful not to work it then. I pick it up later when I am back “on” for the day.

Our personal power comes from within, the world can’t help us. No one can sleep for you, no one can eat for you and no one can hear your unique Soul’s voice but you alone. Turn off the world now and then and check in with yourself. This is where your power lies; flip your inner switch ON! You have all the power you need. Stay connected to YOU by managing the world with your own personal “off” switch.

’till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach©

Take An Adult Time-Out

Have you ever wondered why we have a yellow light on our traffic light system of green-yellow-red? It is because we humans are not computers or light switches that can stop or shift gears on a dime. We need that “in between time” to adjust and connect. Interestingly the “in-between time” is also considered by the ancients as the magical space. For instance the space of a doorway between one room and the next, or the moment between sun-up and sun-set or the entrance step into the forest from the meadow. Transition is magic and if we can stop and pause in the transition phase we can access the magic of life and the magic we each hold inside of ourselves. Yet we humans don’t seem to have time for such nonsense as doing “nothing” or pausing.

Yellow LightI find this curious because is would seem by our actions that we treat our tools better than we do our bodies. For instance would you expect your car to run without gas or oil? What about running your car for hours at high speed and it overheats would you just shame it and scold it and call it a wimp and tell it to “man up” and keep going? Nope. You would stop and cool your engine and take care of  your cars’ needs …in fact you wouldn’t let it get that bad unless it was an emergency to do so. But does your life run on emergencies? I don’t’ think so but we act as if it does by pushing the envelope day after day and never giving ourselves time to rest, regroup and stop in the “between” work and sleep moment. Now I am not knocking sleep but sleep is a separate function and in fact if you don’t spend time in the rest phase, sleep can end up being not as reviving as you need.

Even your computer will need time to boot up (a between moment) and time to shut down ( a between moment) and in these moments what is it doing? It’s accessing and organizing all the knowledge and wisdom it has stored inside. Shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves?

Tips for an Adult Time-Out

  • Give yourself regular “time outs” and pause frequently during your day to reassess how your day is going. Set your watch or phone alarm to remind you to take a break and walk away from your work for 5-15 minutes. Go outside if you can; fresh air always enhances our energy.
  • Consider other options for the plans ahead and adjust if needed. If you feel overwhelmed ask yourself for each item on your to-do list… “Does this need to be done today?”If not, make a list and choose a day for doing it and put it away until that day.
  • Stop the runway train energy in its tracks by staying aware of when it surfaces. I have been known to walk to the furthers bathroom in my office building just to give myself an extra moment to decompress. Others I know will take a break in the stairwell since no one uses them.
  • If at the end of your day you realize you stayed in stress mode and ran like a runaway train stop and notice how your evening evolves… how are you feeling …do you have energy for fun after work or on the weekends or are you too tired to relax and have fun? These answers will motivate you to take charge and stop being an adrenaline junkie at work.

I remember one year we went on a two week family vacation…or we tried to. My husband at the time was working 60 hour weeks and he just couldn’t relax and enjoy his time off and we ended up cutting the trip short. Did he have to work like that? Well he told himself he did so he did. But in Truth did he? No, but what we tell ourselves ends up being true for us and since he never stopped to rest in between work and sleep he couldn’t access his wisdom. Addictions result when we avoid our personal magic. This happens because sometimes we don’t want to uncover the pain that is blocking our magic. But the funny things is all we have to do is confront the pain once and its gone – poof forever! Yet our magic and wisdom just grows and enhances the more we honor it by giving it time and space.

Every day on the road as you travel you see yellow lights…let them be a reminded to yourself to take a Time Out and reboot and refresh during your day…you will find you have more energy for life and joy if you do.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Body Armor Power Tips

Knights of the realm, in days of old… (sounds like I am writing a fairy tale) used to wear metal armor to protect their body when going into battle. The weapon of the time was a sword or an arrow and the metal armor proved a great protector from harm. However well this armor protected them from arrows and swords it also caused problems under certain circumstances. For instance; if they fell off their horse while crossing a river they would sink and drown. The armor weighed so much it was exhausting to wear. And they couldn’t easily sleep in it so they were not protected when they slept and had to post a guard. Sun Visor Armor

Why am I talking about a knight’s body armor you might ask? Because we too in the modern world where our own body armor, and for the same reason. Some actually wear it to protect themselves from death…fire fighters fireproof gear, police bulletproof vests, astronauts flight suits etc. What about those of us who don’t wear a uniform? What kind of body armor do we wear, and does it serve  or hinder us?

Short List of Possible Body Armor

  • running shoes
  • hiking boots
  • fanny pack that carries water
  • back packs
  • business suits both men and women
  • hospital scrubs
  • sunglasses
  • visors and other hats
  • snow boots

The reason I call this a “short list” of body armor is because the list is actually unlimited. You see anything we put on our body from our clothes to our fragrance can be armor -it all depends upon what our purpose is for appearing in the manner we choose.

Sometimes what we choose is healthy for us and sometimes it is demeaning and damaging to our personal empowerment and energy. I once worked in a network marketing business with a women who made sure she showed extra cleavage pretty much on a daily basis but especially if she was meeting with a male client. I asked her once if she didn’t feel self conscious and she said she used what power she had to get the sale. She actually believed this and from my viewpoint she was hurting herself. Other women made more money than she did in the business and they didn’t expose themselves.

Checklist for Healthy Body Armor

Ask yourself these 3 questions and you will know if what you are choosing to wear is harmful to your energy.

  1. Would I be afraid to go out without my chosen body armor?” If your answer is “yes” then ask – would your body be harmed such as in not wearing running shoes… then it’s a healthy choice, but if it’s yes because you would be afraid emotionally then you would want to examine what else you could do to feel empowered. It might be to not expose yourself to that environment and take that risk.
  2. “Am I hoping to get a certain result for wearing this armor?” Such as my friend with her cleavage – in other words is there a level of dishonesty happening where you are trying to manipulate another, or is it just standard protocol and respectful to wear what you are choosing such as a business suit at a corporate convention and there is a dress code. Remember manipulation might seem like a good idea and even necessary but in the end the only one we are truly manipulating is ourselves- not a very empowering thing to do!
  3. “Is there something I am NOT wearing because I fear ridicule or disapproval?” For instance I tend to wear a visor when I am outside. The Arizona sun really bothers my eyes and it protects me more than just sunglasses do. But it is not stylish and I had to get over not following the current style vs. doing what my body needed.

It is self-empowering to go to bat for yourself and make your actions true to what you need while not demeaning yourself. If you are still stumped about whether your chosen body armor for the day is empowering or not ask yourself if you were talking to your best friend what would you tell them to choose? Always be your own best friend!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Body Armor

Do you wear body armor? I am not talking about the metal kind the knights of old used to wear – no this is the modern kind that we use either deliberately or unconsciously to keep people away.

Body armor can take the form of body posture where we don’t make eye contact and turn our body away from others. We might do this in an elevator if we don’t want to engage in conversation for instance. Our posture can change due to what thoughts we have going on in our head or we can do a posture deliberately like when we pose for a photo. Cooking Armor

The most interesting body armor I find is the one many of us don’t even realize we are wearing and that is our scent. If you don’t wear deodorant or brush your teeth, your bad odor will cause people to back away. Now since most of us don’t like that kind of odor ourselves we usually don’t employ it deliberately because we would make ourselves sick by our own smell -ha!

Then there are the deliberate aromas such as smoking cigarettes, or cigars. Do you wear strong cologne or use hand or body cream that has a strong fragrance? When you are out of sight coming from around the corner do people know you are there because of your scent? Actors, models and many other famous people have had special scents created specifically for them and their signature scent acts as body armor.

If you smoke or wear a very strong scent this is in effect acting as body armor and subconsciously calling people to back off from you, to give you space. Smokers literally create a “smoke screen” around themselves. I find this fascinating because you would think smokers were social since they group together outside of offices to “visit and smoke” but in fact they are only doing a superficial kind of visiting. My mother was a smoker and in hindsight I can see that she used her smoking scent to give herself distance from the ten children she was raising. The activity of smoking can be a form of taking a break from the world as well. I work in a variety of offices around the city and I have noticed that smokers make sure they get their 2 fifteen minute breaks a day…and sometimes even more! While I applaud them on making sure they get a break I wonder if it is more of a hiding from their troubles activity vs. one that is self-empowering. Only they can know for sure how smoking serves them.

Our choice of clothing can also provide body armor for us. Of course we wear clothes to keep warm and be socially acceptable but I am talking about the deliberate use of costumes or uniforms to create a message that will be sent without us ever needing to say a word. Think about a nun’s habit or a police uniform. How about a doctors scrubs or a prep school uniform. This type of clothing says “I am part of a group” so don’t bother taking to me unless you have business with my group. In this photo I am wearing my cooking apron and my family knows that when I put this on they had better stop talking to me or dinner might be ruined or late-lol The apron serves to protect my clothes sure but it also signifies that I am not in visiting mode for a little while.

Take this week and notice what you normally take for granted by checking what you are wearing and ask yourself if there is a purpose to your style of clothes, one that gives  you more power for your day ahead. Notice how you smell, do you wear a fragrance like perfume or does your laundry soap have a powerful aroma? Simply by noticing and realizing what message you are sending adds a punch to your purpose and energizes your choice of body armor. If your armor isn’t a healthy one then see if you can find a new tactic that won’t hurt you in the long run.

It’s important to notice because a message is being sent to others as you go through your day and you want to be sure it’s the message you are meaning to send…one that empowers you!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach




Do You Feel F.I.N.E.?

How are you feeling today?

Take a BreakDo you feel F. I. N. E as in “freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional?” I borrowed this from the movie “The Italian Job.” The first time I heard it I laughed, but then I realized it really was a clever way of describing how we feel when the non-stop monkey mind of the ego is at work running our life. It would be one thing if only our mood was affected when the monkey-mind crazy self defeating thoughts kick in but our thoughts also affect our body. How we feel on any given day usually involves not just our physical body but also our mind as well. If we are in a good “state of mind” we can handle body pain more easily but if we are not in a good state of mind we can actually cause our body to hurt….such as getting a stomach ache, or a headache.

I began to wonder what would be the opposite of F.I.N.E and came up with W.E.L.L. “wonderful, energized, light and limber.” At first when I look at this it seems I am only talking about how my body feels while F.I.N.E. is all about how we are feeling emotionally but the two work together and the choice of how we feel in any given moment is completely ours. If we watch how we react and catch ourselves we can shift our response.

Say a coworker forgets to bring the document you needed for your presentation…you can Freak Out or you could put that emotion on pause for a minute and find something to feel good about -Wonderful about – then take a deep breath and ask “I wonder how I can solve this?” Just because your first preference didn’t happen doesn’t mean all is lost. When you choose to “wonder,” you remain open to new ideas and sometimes an even better option. Look at the word wonderful = wonder + full. When we wonder we allow ourselves to fill up with new ideas and options. Keeping our mind open will always result in better energy and solutions.

To be Energized vs. Insecure is a matter of monitoring your self-talk. If you choose to “assume positive intent” when you are dealing with people instead of going with your insecure feelings your energy will soar. So the next time you pass a co-worker and they don’t smile at you, assume they are having a tough day instead of thinking they are mad at you. Then go about doing what you can to help them if you want.

Feeling Light  means to take life lightly like a butterfly would knowing in the next moment things will be different. Humor is a great tool to use when you need to “lighten-up” and feel better. Even if the subject at hand isn’t funny you can take a break to watch or read something funny and then your perspective will shift and the issue that was making you Emotional will feel better. To feel and respond to life Emotionally is a very heavy feeling that weighs you down and makes it hard to shift, adjust and think. Now I am one for saying to feel what is real in the moment but to act on Emotional feelings can only cause us trouble. Take a time out and process the emotions and then return to manage the issue going on.

To be Limber vs. Neurotic is to be able to go with the flow. When we get neurotic we constantly doubt ourselves and the events around us and we cling and hold on to the way things are. This gets us into trouble because “things” are always changing and to cling will only upset us in the end. Be agile in your thinking and feelings to bend with the changes and you will have excellent energy. It takes a lot of energy to maintain neurosis for this means clinging and gripping and clenching. If when in a neurotic state you need to double and triple check to be sure things are “right” then you are going to be exhausted at the end of the day because “right” is just an illusion. Right for now is how life works and in the next moment things change.

So try playing with these two acronyms and see if you can switch from feeling F.I.N.E to feeling W.E.L.L. when a crisis occurs and your energy will rebound as well.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach



Cry If You Want To

In her bestselling book “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise L. Hay writes about how our body “talks” to us through the physical symptoms each of us have such as; burns, cuts, colds, accidents etc. She writes about the companion emotion or thought process we are quite likely going through and are not conscious of – which is why our body will get our attention with pain of some kind.
When a physical symptom manifests this is a Body Space message to pay attention and look within, because something “else” or “other” is going on besides the symptom that has gotten our attention in the moment. For instance when you are starting a new job, moving your home or doing a major clutter clearing you might find yourself “coming down with a cold.” According to Louise L. Hay (which I can vouch for with my own experience) a cold is a sign of “too much going on at once.” This is how our body copes with all the new added stress by flushing the emotions that are coming up too fast for us to handle individually.

Take a BreakWhen our body speaks up with pain or physical symptoms it is telling us we need to pay attention. It might be we need more rest scheduled into our moving plans; better food or perhaps we need to stop and have a good cry. What? Yep. I am a firm believer in letting the tears flow. They might be tears of frustration, fatigue or genuine sadness and grief. We can even cry when extreme joy or relief fills us. Even getting what you what can bring on the grief response because no matter what we get next it involves letting go of what we had – even sometimes things we liked. Moving is tough work not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

When you move items you haven’t seen in a while it brings up old energy and emotions. If you have to let go of something you love such as furniture items or co-workers, neighbors or a city because your job requires the move, then you might be sad. Feeling and processing our emotions when they appear is the best way to get through and over them efficiently. Stop and give yourself a moment to grieve even if it is not a convenient time (really when is it convenient to cry?) If we stuff it and hold on and keep on “keeping on” then one day later we might find we have that cold and we are “stuffed up” because we stuffed down our emotions.

Did you know that there are stress hormones in our tears that we do not release any other way? Yes, it true and these stress hormones need to vent now and then for our best health to prevail. Tears produced during emotional crying have a chemical composition which differs from other types of tears and are truly healing to our well being. I laughed at the title of this blog when writing it because I kept hearing that old classic song from Lesley Gore “It’s My Party.” This is about a party she has where a boy she likes comes with another girl so she sings “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” and she is right.

No matter where you go or what you do you will either be taking your body along or dragging your body along with you. I have done both, and I recommend taking your body with you as a partner – treat it as a team member and listen to it whenever he/she speaks. Take the action your body requires in the moment…sleep, rest, food, water, a good cry, etc…whatever it is and your body will respond with full support for you during whatever task you need of it in the moment.I have discovered a good 10 minute cry especially when I pair it with some EFT tapping and I am good to go. Plus the issue at the time never comes back to haunt me.

So give yourself permission to be real and authentic and if you need a private moment to do this then take it for yourself – you will be glad you did and so will your body.
’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Boost Your Energy – Moving Tips

Have you ever wondered why you are so ridiculously tired after you move from one space to another? Of course not! You are too tired to have the energy to wonder!  However understanding the hidden components to your fatigue, and what tips you can apply to relieve this seemingly unending fatigue, will help to shorten the duration and even the depth of your fatigue.

RestingBesides the obvious reasons for being so darn tired; such as you are lifting and carrying boxes and furniture and are using muscles you don’t normally use, you are also “carrying” emotions. The emotions of grief are the most predominant. You might say “What? I am not grieving – I wanted to move to my dream house” But grief isn’t just about feeling sad because you lost something you wanted. Grief is the feeling we get when we make big shifts and changes. You went though grief when you graduated high school, when you got that promotion, and when you got married. You might not have realized that was what you were feeling but it was. Simply put, grief is the “transition” feeling from one way of living to another. Grief is neither good nor bad but it is a major component in the feeling of an exhausted body and mind.

So what tips do I recommend to manage your grief until the transition is finished? Well I bet you already know this one…its TLC – Tender Loving Care. Funny isn’t it how that is the one behavior we all seem to pitch out the window when we are making a big change. You think, “Oh I have to make a good impression in my new position I can’t rest now, or I have to get this new house all fixed up my friends want to see it.” The problem is that your body can’t take the stress and if you push you might find you don’t like your new job or your new home as much as you thought you would. Fatigue can really mess up our perspective.

Tips To Conquer Grief Fatigue

Tip #1:  Stop and question your attitude if it goes negative. How tired are you, and when was the last time you took a rest, or a break for a sit down meal? When did you last laugh and do something fun like watch a movie?

The July (think 110 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona) I divorced my husband, sold our family home, bought and moved the three of us to a new townhouse half the size of our home and my daughter went off to college, I thought I was going to lose my mind! Funnily enough having a young child saved me. Due to needing to meet my son’s needs I ended up taking breaks, making good meals and having some fun. To this day on my home’s anniversary I watch the movie “George of the Jungle” because that’s what we did when we needed to get away – it was in the theater that summer and really helped boost our energy to laugh at this silly movie.

Tip #2: Makes Lists – make the BIG list and then each night make a separate list of what you might tackle the next day. Cross off what you got done and save the list!! Refer to it when all you can think of is what you didn’t get done yet. It will cheer you up.

Top #3: Daily List – Look at your daily list and highlight ONE item to do for sure and let the rest go. If you get more done that’s gravy but no pressure- pressure is stress which aggravates your grief and will add to your healing time.

Tip #4: Take A Break- or Three – Schedule in rest breaks, sit-down food breaks and entertainment events for every day. Be sure to eat and drink favorite foods but don’t go overboard on the caffeine or sugar. Notice how much water you drink and make sure you get at least your regular amount.

Tip #5: Communicate – Tell your friends and family you love them and when you feel up to a party you’ll be sure to invite them, but for now the best gift they can give you is space or perhaps drop by with take out and help clean. (You’ll find who your really friends are)

Tip #6: Listen – No matter what is on your list or what time frame you are under; check in with yourself often and listen to what your body and mind are telling you. If you need to leave for a day – do it! You will find the next day you return to moving work you are most productive than ever.

I’ll have more on this subject in my next post. Good luck with your big change; whether it is a move of a whole home or just a few rooms, and remember to be your own best friend throughout the whole process.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Pain Relieving Tips – Part 2

Hello again – here are more pain relieving tips that have helped me to feel better – I hope they help you as well!

Journal for HealthMassage – just using your hands to rub away an ache is a highly powerful self-love technique which sends the message to your body that you are present, aware and caring for yourself. If you have a hand-held massager this is also helpful and of course if it is in your budget a professional massage by a trained therapist will work wonders toward renewing and revitalizing your health and well being.

Heat – there are many forms of heat therapy to choose from such as a hot bath with Epsom salt, soaking your feet in hot water with Epsom salt and moist heat packs like physical therapists use. I use an electric hot pad on my back and hands and will add a wet wash cloth to give it the moist heat benefit. Jacuzzi baths are great if you have control over how they are cleaned – otherwise public ones can be a health hazard.

Rest – nothing better than good old fashion REST! I mean come on – this remedy is almost never recommended on ads because corporations can’t charge for it. Stopping to eat is a form of rest, stopping to visit with a friend is a form of rest, pull over at a park on your way home and just sit for 15 minutes. Get to bed earlier if you can and sleep in on the weekend. Look at a typical day and how you spend your time. Now look it over and notice how often you STOP to do just one thing or nothing at all? Give it a try you’ll love it!!

Fresh air – again the park idea for a break or lunch, walking or sitting on a bench is great. Notice what Mother Nature is doing all around you. I take fresh air breaks at least twice a day because I have found it clears my head better than any other remedy. Keeping your windows open is great but going outside and being in the vibration of nature is even better.

Watching or reading something funny – we tend to take our life and ourselves way too seriously and when we do we clench and tighten up both in body and mind. If you want a solution to come to you, you have to let it surface and laughter will do that extremely well. First it opens you to feeling good, and second it takes your mind off the “problem” long enough for the solution you were holding back to arise, surface and be realized.

“Do not take life too seriously – you will never get out of it alive!”
Elbert Hubbard

Listening to music – I often think that there is such a wide variety of music created simply because each unique Soul needs to ‘sing out” in its own unique manner. I love music, especially happy rhythm tunes but what I like best is that no matter what my mood is I can find a type that will speak to me and lift me out of my closed perception. Have you ever been moved to tears by a song? What about find yourself tapping your leg to a beat while driving? I have to be careful what I listen to while driving because I will go along with that speed! Let music move you if you are feeling stuck or in pain and let a new rhythm (answers) enter your life.

EFT – “emotional freedom technique” I mention this one often because it really has helped me over some major hurdles. I came to EFT late in my healing journey but it has helped me unlock some pain I couldn’t get access to. Again check out Nick Ortner at The Tapping Solution. It is something you can try on your own and then work with a practitioner if you need extra help.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©





‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Pain Relieving Tips – Part 1

Obviously I can’t go into every technique available for healing the pain we get while living our lives, but I want to point you in a helpful direction. I was looking for a healthy and permanent solution and healing if possible. The tips in these next two blog posts are ones I found that helped me in my quest to heal without the help of medications.

Pain ReliefStop Running From Your Pain – Until the late 80’s I spent my life running from pain – I thought that was how to deal with it best. I stopped running and began listening to my pain because running didn’t seem to work for me anymore. I must say if I had know where it would take me (short term) I wouldn’t have been able to do it; however long term I am so extremely glad I didn’t know and did follow the training I was being given because today I feel better than ever!!

Long story short, listening to my pain back then led me to reveal repressed memories of physical abuse as a child. Once I moved through all of that and released it from my mind and body (with the help of therapy and body work) I was a new person! Professional help was my first step and the second step was all up to me; getting on with my life as this new person.

Today I can usually laugh at my pain…and mean it! I don’t see it as an enemy or if I do I don’t stay there for long because I eventually remember that my pain has been with me through thick and thin and when I listen it has protected me in more ways than I can count.

Pay Attention – pain LOVES attention that is why it is “screaming as us with sensations that hurt; so just listening can cause pain to diminish greatly. Have you ever experienced being sick with the flu and miserable for days then finally making the appointment to go see the doctor and suddenly you don’t feel as sick as you had? Pain gives us relief as a sign we are on the right track…pay attention!!

Talk to someone – sharing what you are going through not only helps you to give a voice to the pain- which releases some of its energy from your body – it also opens you to receiving an answer. If what you are doing isn’t working then you want to open to a new idea, and your friend or family member might just have an idea that will help you. Also voicing your fears out loud will help you to hear the answer that dwells inside of you. Using our loved ones as “sounding boards” is a big help. You will want to let them know that is what you need so that they don’t take on your pain or try to fix you.

Journal about your pain – sit quietly with a pen and paper do what is called “free association writing.” This is writing done for the purpose of opening you to what you feel in the moment. No editing as you write; not your content or punctuation, just let it rip. I have experienced great release and relief doing this and if it is extreme emotional pain I am moving through I may even rip up and toss out my paper after to complete the release of holding on to the pain.

I hope these tips prove helpful to you as well. Next week I’ll share more of my Pain Relieving Tips with you.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©