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Personal Space Coach – Guide to Living Your Best Life:

Book #1“What Is My Personal Space and Why Should I Care?”
Series of 8 books include:

  • Book #2 – Where Can I Find My Personal Space?
  • Book #3 – Own Your Space and Be Empowered!
  • Book #4- Energize Your Personal Space
  • Book #5 – Soul Space
  • Book #6 – Body Space
  • Book #7 – Home Space
  • Book #8 – Life Space


BOOKS – My first book on this subject Personal Space = Personal Power – How to Create a Happy Empowered Life due to be published Summer 2015 … here is an excerpt from the Introduction….stay tuned for more.

Welcome to You – Your Unique Personal Space Journey of Self Discovery

This book is about you, the complete you- and the journey we are on to discover and reveal our true selves. Personal Space is a gift we each receive upon our creation. We are aspects of the Divine, made of star-stuff, and blessed with our own individual time and space from which to live out our unique life expression. In this book I reveal the four divisions of Personal Space:

  1. Soul Space
  2. Body Space
  3. Home (heart) Space
  4. Life (expression) Space

The Personal Space journey is one of self-discovery and serves the purpose of maximizing the energy we are born with; our very own powerhouse called “personal” space. Within our Personal Space lies the energy needed to create and live the life of our dreams. All that is needed is recognition, awareness and acceptance of our awesome powerful self.

One of the reasons we are not fully aware of the full scope and power of our Personal Space is that we are always inside of it, and that makes it difficult to see and understand. On the Personal Space journey of self-observation you will “travel” outside of yourself in order to see and know yourself fully. Everything we do, say, and create tells the story of who we really are; combined, it acts as a mirror to show us ourselves, even though most of us don’t know how to read the messages in this life-mirror that surrounds us. The Personal Space journey is an exploration (or personal archeological dig, as I like to refer to it) which provides practices and tools to assist you in your own journey of self discovery. On this journey you will find yourself, your authentic self and you will access and energize the power that lies in that knowledge. As you “travel”, you will find your life unfolds in ways you never imagined, and yet at your heart level you will recognize this as your true expression.

Even though this book is laid out in the pattern of how our personal space evolved – from Soul Space to Life Space – it doesn’t matter where you begin your “personal archeological dig.”  In fact, I encourage you to begin where you are right now and go with what interests you first. Perhaps you want to explore your Body Space and energize your health, or maybe it’s your Home Space you want to focus on first. You can skip around in any manner you like, for all roads point home – to your authentic self and your personal empowerment.