Right Brain Guide to Your Dream Career part 2

For the last three Tuesday Tips I have been sharing some techniques I discovered which have helped me find the job/career that I love and in this last segment we will end with the two part Visualization practice. In part one you will actually get quiet and visualize which opens your awareness, and in part two you will carry what you visualized and it’s energy with you during your day to help you become aware of the answers the Universe is sending you.

Time OutVisualization 

Sit quietly with the notepad in front of you and close your eyes…. Use your imagination and visualize yourself doing each of your favorite tasks one at a time….. Get to the place where you can feel what you are doing and how energized and happy it makes you feel….. Stay with this visualization for a few moments and be sure to allow and receive whatever comes to mind, no matter how bizarre it might seem.

When you feel the vision is done, jot down what you saw and then do the next skill (unless you saw more than one skill in the first vision)

Once you have imagined and felt each skill you will take a few deep breaths and visualize a candle flame of light in the center of your heart. Feel its warmth and comfort. Now notice how it illuminates your heart space…..”see it” expand and grow in a circle all around your heart. Take another deep breath and feel this heart light grow and expand to fill your body space…then another deep breath and surround your body in a bubble of light about 7 feet around yourself.

While in this state of expanded energy – imagine your vision again … of you doing and enjoying your desired skills and repeat this phrase I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon… “what would it take,”  and apply your desire at the end. For instance….

  • What would it take for a career/job using these skills (list them) to show up for me…
  • What would it take for me to know where to go to find a job/career I would love doing….
  • What would it take for this to happen quickly and easily for me…
  • What would it take for me to land this new career or position…

You can add any other request after the What Would It Take statement. You may not get an answer right away but stay open because it could come in an unconventional manner. Once you have reviewed your vision you can then take three deep breaths and stretch out your body. Next, write down any ting that came up in your journal.

The point of this exercise is to open you to something new, something you may not have known about or considered. Practice these statements every day and add them as your thoughts…such as when you are at your current job and hating something about it you can simply change your negative vein of thought and think “what would it take for me to love my job, or what would it take for a better job to come my way now” these statements take us up and over the problem where we can see the solution.

Now that you have awakened your Right Intuitive Brain you will want to stay aware of what happens in your life during the day. For the next week or so jot down in your journal any new ideas, or interesting coincidences that appear and see where your new expanded energy field is leading you. Stay with this until you have an answer that excites you. Then take the steps to fulfill your new inspiration.

If for some reason nothing new or exciting is happening I want you to add one more WWIT to your practice…what would it take for me to release all resistance to a new better job/career showing up for me…or what would it take for me to release all blocks to having a new better idea… you get the picture here. If you are not getting a new inspired idea to follow up on then you might be afraid or have a childhood programming that needs to be released.

If you want to know more about this technique check out Christie Marie Sheldon’s website  http://www.loveorabove.com/ – she is a fantastic intuitive healer and knows how to access our powerful hearts energy.

I send you many blessings of love and light as you journey to your next better career/job!

’till next time,
Ginger Marie
Your Personal Space Coach


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