Responsible Living

It seems everywhere I turn I find something about Personal Space going on. Today I was just shopping for a book in Amazon and saw this link, iPhone Rebate

I wish I had seen it months ago when I got a new phone. This type of activity may not seem like a “personal space” topic but let me explain. It is all about Personal Responsibility or responsible living in the Shared Space we all inhabit. I know you only have ONE old phone so no big deal if you toss it in the trash right? Well, maybe….if you were the only one with a used phone to discard. But you see we have to think sometimes in plural, not just in singular fashion. In other words look at the BIG picture = Macro versus the small picture = micro. Always keep your personal integrity in tact…this is a must; which means to do the “most loving thing for YOU” and it will end up being the most loving thing for others as well.

So does recycling your old phone to Amazon for a gift card benefit you? You bet!! Will it benefit me? You bet! I love a clean Earth and it will benefit all the plants and animals that support our life here as well. It’s a Win-Win-Win!! I also understand that these recycled items can sometimes be used to help third world countries get updated materials they normally couldn’t have afforded.

As Earl Nightingale said “Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in return.” Therefore when we help the planet by recycling we become more prosperous. When we help third world countries by recycling we prosper, and when we use a service like Amazon we see the prosperity first hand in the rebated money and Amazon also prospers by holding this campaign. There is no limit to the energy boost that all who work together for mutual prosperity can receive.

Responsible living is literally the Golden Rule in action…”doing unto others as you would have done unto you” and I would add that what we do to/for other we also do to/for ourselves!

So if you have the new iPhone bug or if you just happen to be in the market for a new phone please consider the various programs in place either at Amazon or your phone company or even Goodwill and recycle your old phone (once you take off all your valuable materials that is J )

Oh, if your phone is not an iPhone no worries, Amazon also have a program for other smart phones.  Pretty smart!!

“till next time,
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