Powerful Privacy

Have you ever considered how powerful privacy is? Being alone with yourself or as I like to think of it… alone = “al -one”…. is a wonderful gift we can give ourselves. Now you might think we are always with ourselves so why do we need to be alone or by ourselves? Well, I would challenge that we are never alone and unless we deliberately work at it we are almost never “al-one”…that is in a space where we can hear ourselves think and feel.

Expand Your SpaceThe reason for this is not just because of the people we have in our lives but the energy of others that is always present either in electronic devices, radio, TV, media or even voices of others in our heads. My parents have been deceased for over 15 years and I still hear their voices in my head (or their beliefs coming out of my mouth if I am not careful-ha!)

So to get away from the world and dive into our own true soulful energy we need to get away-claim some privacy for a while. We must deliberately choose to do this and hold to our commitment to be with ourselves alone (al-one) otherwise the world will seep in.

I often wonder how Henry David Thoreau would manage in today’s environment. Could he go to Walden Pond and produce the same work as he did in 1854? To answer my own question I have no doubt he could, but the journey to make it happen would be different. He’d have to consciously and bravely choose not to have phone, internet and other services. He might have to look a while to find a pond in a forest where the road to it isn’t paved or under the path of air travel. But once he was able to get “al-one” with himself I have no doubt he’d find the same solace and wisdom and Divine answers he found in 1854. And they might be even more profound today considering how much more outside static there is to  clear out in order to hear our soul speak.

When was the last time you gave yourself a private moment? From people? From electronics? From media? Give it a try for one hour and even better drive or hike away from your usual space and sit outdoors and do nothing. You will soon find how powerful true privacy is for the healing of your body, mind and soul.

I would love to hear about your hour of powerful privacy, where did you take it and what gifts did you receive?

’till next time,
Ginger – Marie
Your Personal Space Coach


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