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I came across this article today and just loved the concept, not to mention the attractive design…


Portable HomeThe title of this article on Yahoo was “300 Square Feet, Sleeps 8: Tiny Home/RV Hybrid to Take Wherever You Go” which I especially loved because I am always talking about how we take our Personal Space with us. The things we lay down and claim as ours are actually just an extension of the Space we always have with us…not quite like this mini home but similar in theme. We as humans with eyes in our heads are always looking outwardly. We spend most of our daily awake hours paying attention to what we see outside of ourselves, and unless we use a mirror we can forget that we are true ruler of our world; not the world we see. The world we see affects us first because of what is going on inside of us. But instead of realizing this we think the world, the people in it, and the events going on around us are giving us a good day or a bad day, but in fact the result of our day comes from the filter we each carry┬áinside. Our personal filter is a result of many influences from our childhood training, education and experience to how we are feeling physically on that particular day. I am sure you have noticed if you are well rested and healthy you can take things in stride better than when you are tired, hungry and ill.

I wonder if the people who would choose to live in such a portable mini-home have a greater sense that their power comes from within themselves. They would’t be taking for granted the property their home sits on. They wouldn’t feel stuck in a job/city they didn’t love. They wouldn’t feel they couldn’t afford vacation because all they would need is gas to drive where they wanted to go. I would imagine they have a better sense that their personal power comes from within themselves and not from the life flowing around them. I wonder if they feel more in control or less in control.

I for one need my roots firmly planted. I tend to freak out when I do a move of my Home Space. I like putting things in their place and finding them in their spot when I need them. Yet, I would love giving this type of living a try. I enjoy getting new perspectives on living life. I find adventure is needed now and then or I get stale. If we don’t try other things, other styles of living how can we know for sure that the one we were raised with is the best one for our Personal Energy?

So I say “go for it!” If you want to trek across the US or Europe for a year- do it! If you want to live with room service and make your Home Space a hotel, enjoy!! And if you want a portable home then check out all the options because according to this article they have really come up in style and amenities. No matter what you choose always remember that your “real” Personal Space is always with you and will never leave your side and that your true power comes from within this space- your own personal real estate!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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