People Are Like Plants

I know what you’re thinking…NOW she’s lost it! But stay with me and I will explain.

How are people like plants? Well most plants begin their life tiny in the form of seeds or tubers which when given the right environment and sometimes even the wrong environment, will sprout and grow. We too begin our lives very tiny almost seed-like as a fertilized egg in our mother’s wombs. We too will thrive or flounder depending on our environment.

So let’s talk about environment which is after all the “personal space” plants and people live in.

The Plant Kingdom is so vast and diverse (as are humans) it would take forever for me review them all here, so I will reference the ones I am most familiar with. I currently live in the desert and I can tell you that not all the plants that grew in my yard as a child in Michigan will grow here in Arizona and vice versa. Take for instance the saguaro cactus. Did you know Arizona is the only state in the US that can grow them naturally? In fact it’s only in the Sonoran Desert which runs through parts of Arizona and Northern Mexico that they grow on the entire planet! If you tried to grow one in a different environment than the Sonoran Desert it would require an enormous amount of extra care and attention and most likely would never thrive and eventually die. Saguaro

There are a lot of plants like that. If we want to grow tulips here in the Valley of the Sun we have to dig them up each year and put them in the refrigerator to stimulate winter temperatures. Go figure that one! Talk about stubborn gardeners (yes, I have done this myself-ha!) I can just see the ads for new plant homes… “Must Have Hot Scorching Sun to Thrive” or this one, “Must Have 4 Months of Frozen Temperatures to Bloom.” There isn’t a “one size fits all” in the Plant Kingdom and no intelligent botanist would expect there to be.

So why do we humans expect there to be a “one size fits all” for us? TV ads, magazines, movies and media of all sorts try to tell us that unless we are just like so-and-so we are “wrong” and must fix ourselves. So a tulip will never grow to 12 feet tall does that make it a failure? Or a saguaro will never become a long stem flower in a spring bouquet, does that make its life worthless and it should cut, chopped, starved and molded to shape itself to be tulip-like? If it did, wouldn’t we miss out on the richness that only a saguaro cactus can bring to our world?

The point I am making here is that just like the Plant Kingdom which is filled with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and unique growing and environmental needs, so too people have these vast differences as well. Personal Space is all about going inside of your-own-self and checking in to see what you need, honoring what you discover and then going after the life YOU UNIQUELY were born to live!

’till next time!
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