Musical World of Diversity!

I watched a recording of the Grammy’s the other day and was amazed at the sheer variety of music they presented. I’ve watched them before and I even listen to an eclectic mix of music myself but something just clicked in me about half-way through the program as they panned over the audience.
It was filled with musicians!! Thousands of them! As I watched Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney of The Beatles perform I was reminded of how much this one band changed in their short career together.
If someone visited from another planet and were to hear “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and then listen to “Revolution” they wouldn’t be able to tell it was the same band!

So, here is my point. The notes of music are fixed. There are 88 notes plus sharps and flats and that is it! Yet that room was filled with more than 88 versions of music diversity. The unique blend of each artist even if they sing the same song or play the same instrument is virtually endless. It’s as if those same 88 notes once filtered through each unique individual emerged reborn and totally unique!

As I listened to the new ‘”songs of the year” I couldn’t help but wonder what in the world will they come up with next?

I could see how this diversity makes sense if you consider lyrics because words are endless in their variations but the notes -not so much. People who have that talent to write and play music have something different to offer, something unique no one but they can offer. How marvelous to see a crowd of thousands and know that no two were alike; not only in their DNA and fingerprints but in how they see and hear life. And this is the difference that allows them to create such a wide range of notes and lyrics and styles of songs.

Are you a country fan? Are you a heavy metal fan? Do you like classical or jazz? No matter what you like to listen to, its unique to you and I encourage you to play all the music you want in your Personal Space and be grateful someone else dared to be unique and create the music you love.
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