How To Laugh At Your Pain

Can you laugh at your pain? Why would you even want to? Now, I don’t say this is an easy task to do especially at first but give it time and you will find it shortens the duration of the pain you feel and you suffer less.
Why laugh at pain? Well because most of us see pain as a bother, as an enemy as a villain in our life. But we laugh with friends, we stop and enjoy a good joke, and guess what…. the best way to “treat” pain is to give it our time and attention and listen to its message and cooperate with it. This will happen more often if you can find joy in spite of the pain….

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” Joseph Campbell

Rooster on CarDepending upon the kind of pain you are currently feeling, this is how I recommend you try the laughter trick…
Current sudden physical pain…. You can stop and while you handle it (band aide, aspirin etc) you can bring to mind a movie or TV show you saw where someone had this happen and it was a comedy routine. There are tons of bits where comedians stumble and fall and we all laugh. So instead of insulting yourself for being clumsy; complement yourself for being silly and klutzy!! I like to think of Dick Van Dyke when I have these moments, his TV show, his movies are all full of him being “hurt” and we all laugh.

Switch from suffering to laughter…. Say you’ve had an accident of some kind, notice how bad this accident was then compare it to how it “could” have been and how lucky you are it wasn’t… say you burned your index finger but you didn’t drop the pot roast and ruin it… that kind of thinking. This will give you that slight relief chuckle that often diffuses the pain and keep it from building.

An Old Hurt….If you find you are dealing with an old hurt of any kind, one that has been around a while you can laugh at it by simply saying “oh, there I go again” and consider all the Country Western and other kinds of woe-is-me love songs. I think the blues were created to give deep emotional pain a voice, and funny enough just by singing it out you end up feeling better.

Basically laughter is a way to stop “watering the problem” pain has come to show you and just deal with it, and move on. The lighter you handle it the less weight it becomes and the easier for it to float away resolved.
Another gift you receive from laughing at your pain is that you must understand it and its message in order to find humor out of the situation. Understanding pain is just what it came to you for, and once it is understood and handled pain will leave.

Another way to apply  humor to the pain you are experiencing is to stop from being “in” pain and step aside and witness yourself  having the experience of pain like you would a child or friend. From this witness perspective of yourself you can see how you would handle this as a friend or mother to the person in pain. You would comfort them and cheer them up. Then do that for yourself right away and pain will be relieved.

Listen to your pain, follow it’s guidance and then have a good laugh to lighten your load. Relief feels wonderful so give yourself a break and try laughing at your pain next time it comes to call.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

PS – Yes that rooster in this photo is ON my car!! I was sitting at my local farm- park taking a personal time out when one of the flock in the field decided to get serious about asking for food. It scared me at first, then I began to laugh. I got him off by using my windshield wipers- yep, laughing at all kinds of pain really works!

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