Home Space Self-Reflection

Our Home Space is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside of us and this reflection vibrates out into our life creating what we claim we deserve by what we let ourselves have in our own home! Reflection

If we don’t let ourselves have, do and be what we want in our very own home, how can we expect to attract what we want in our life such as in our relationships, our jobs and our life experience? Here are some questions to consider and the possible Life Space results…

Home Space Review

A Home Space Review will ask you to consider these types of question…

  • Do you have any items of furniture you can’t stand in your house? Perhaps it is a color or a pattern you hate or something doesn’t fit and feel comfortable to you. Unless your reason for keeping these items is that they belong to others who live with you and this is a healthy compromise you are making can you see how holding on to items you don’t like could attract in your daily life events, situations and people you don’t like as well?
  • Do you have a room or rooms that you avoid or prefer not to be in? Can you list the reasons why you might feel this way? If you don’t face what you are avoiding in your home what likely hood will you face things you don’t like in your outside life?
  • Do you have rooms that you spend a great deal of time in and do they energize or drain you? You might find you frequent favorites places for lunch and even sit at the same table for coffee when it’s available.
  • Think about your furnishings; do you have items you chose yourself or were they hand-me-downs from family until you could afford what you really wanted? If they give you a bad “poor me” feeling is there any way you could jazz them up so that they felt fresh and new to you? This might reflect in your daily life with frequent “I can’t afford” that comments and feeling undervalued at work.
  • What colors are your rooms done in? Do these colors feel good to you? Do you also wear these colors as clothing? Wearing your favorite colors – the ones that look good on you is a great energy boost and is also one when you decorate your home with these same color.

Once you become aware of the energy drainers in your home and make changes to improve the overall feeling of your Home Space, you will find changes in your life occur automatically. For instance you might start seeing improvements in your relationships, career or health. When we begin to take notice of how we treat ourselves in our private spaces and take steps to improve our personal energy field, positive changes will ripple out into the rest of our personal space expression.

These questions are just a tiny sample of what I do for a Home Space Energy Review. Try applying these questions and making changes and see if you don’t notice improvements in your life as well.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


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