Have You Claimed Your Independence?

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States and one of my favorite holidays. I have been working on gaining my own Personal Space independence for decades now and I use this holiday to measure my progress.

I love the whole idea of personal independence because it means we are the power in our lives. It means we don’t need anyone’s approval to go for our dreams. It means we can let go of the need for outside validation. And it means no one has to change for us to get what we want and need. We are the power in our life – this is what it means to be independent. iphone pics 6 032

We will work in better harmony with others – which we all need to do for the good of all – if we have claimed and own our personal independence. We come to the meeting with all our parts in order and can provide more value to the work we do as a team.

Personal independence reminds me of team sports; for instance let’s look at football. You have your different player designations such as kicker, quarterback, forward etc. Now each of them must work together as a team to play and win the game – the group project so to speak. But if each one of them as an individual doesn’t take their personal independence seriously and meet the obligations necessary for their strength training, proper behavior, diet etc then the whole team suffers. If they do take their independence seriously and do their best the whole team thrives.

Individual independence is doing what is needed to meet your personal dreams and purpose. Group independence is joining others of “like mindedness” to achieve a goal greater than any one of the group individually…just like the founding fathers of the United States did.

So we can see how important it is for each of us to think and act for ourselves. Its not selfish, it’s crucial. Otherwise how will we know which group to join and which efforts are for us to devote our value and talents to?

I was a robot until I was 33 years old. Then I woke up and have been gaining my independence steadily these past two decades so that now I can say I know who I am and I know what I am to be about…finally. Whew! What a journey this has been, and it’s not over yet.
I wonder what form my independence will take nest year? A bestselling book? More wonderful clients to coach? Time will tell and I will be happy to mark the occasion with a fireworks and BBQ celebration.

Happy Independence Day to all, may you find your inner power and shine it forth! And remember to Celebrate YOU!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

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