Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? How about when you are in a hurry, on a deadline and need something fast but you just couldn’t find it because the place where you left “it” is a mess?

Junk Drawer

This photo is a pictorial representation of “frustration” especially when you apply the above scenario of trying to find what you need – your “it” item in this drawer. Now I realize that we all have what we call the “junk drawer” in our homes or in our desk but this poses an energy problem for our life if we don’t organize and tidy it up now and then. It especially poses a major problem if this is the only drawer in your desk/office or if every drawer looks like this.

The urge to “toss and go” is so compelling that most of us will do this believing it saves us time, and for the most part it will; but only if you go back asap (as soon as possible) and put the “it” away where it belongs. Otherwise that time saved in the current moment will cost you more time in the next moment if you can’t find the “it” you tossed four days ago!!

As a Virgo – (I know we can be a bit anal but here me out) I am not perfect either, in fact I can create clutter as good as anyone however, I do loath being frustrated and I have discovered this parallel in my life. If I start having frequent occurrences of life frustration and irritation I only have to go to my cabinets and drawers to see if this photo is what I have inside because nine times out of ten I have clutter and messes behind closed doors. Funny thing is that I discovered I don’t have to apply any energy to fixing any of the messes in my outer life IF I take the time to tidy up my drawers and/or cabinets. When I do this step first all or most of the frustration in my life: job- relationships – finances will “miraculously” resolve. I have proven this tactic so many times that I now require it of my clients when they express the need to feel less rushed, frustrated and irritated in their daily routine.

I got the inspiration for this blog on a day I had attracted a temp job where the word messy took on new meaning. This is one of those places that is lovely on the outside but open a cabinet or drawer and you run the risk of being hit in the face! There are so many wonderful organizing tools to help us put order in our spaces that I was shocked that they did have nice organizing trays below the mess but were buried under the clutter!! So what gives here? Its an attitude and mind-set that says “I just don’t have time to put it where it goes!” Either that or they didn’t feel they were valuable enough to stop and take the time to make the space work for themselves. Either way I have news for you…you DO have time and you will either take it up in the moment using up mere seconds or you will use it up later taking 1000 times that much time (maybe even days) plus you will drain your energy reserves and create havoc all through your life.

So is that 5 – 30 seconds worth it to put items exactly where they go? Yes, most of the time and when it isn’t then create a “sub-routine” just like in our computer systems to check your spaces either once a night or once a week. I usually wrap up my day this way and for sure I wrap up my week this way. When I do this it also sends a signal to my brain that I am done with work for now or whatever my task was. Endings are needed in order for new beginnings to come our way. Leaving a mess says “not done” and I for one want to put my messes to rest!

So that’s all for now…I am done 🙂

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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