Feeling Self-Conscious

Feeling self-conscious is quite common for most of us from time to time. However the way we handle self-consciousness can vary greatly. When some feel that tingle of being watched or judged it makes them angry, others just brush it off. I imagine a sociopath barely feels it at all since their conscience mechanism appears to be turned off completely. I can’t know how another feels or what causes them to have that sensation of discomfort… and it is an uncomfortable feeling to be sure, but I do have some tips for managing it. Ginger at Work

I have it right now as I write this blog. I am doing some temp work that only requires phone answering and I was encouraged to keep myself busy unless they found work for me. So I take this time to focus on my writing.

The reason I am self conscious today is because I am sitting in a “bird cage” type of reception desk. Except for the desk in front of me I have nothing solid as an anchor…no walls and no roof to speak of since this is a showroom and the ceiling is two stories up with floor to ceiling windows.  I have people moving around me on all 4 sides. They either walk in front as they enter the building, or walk along side of me down the aisle to my right or up the winding open staircase. But the most disturbing part is that there is a desk right behind me where my temporary boss sits. This is also where everyone comes to make copies and since I am not looking that direction I get startled each time they show up. Or they come directly behind me to get files. This is a Feng Shui nightmare of an office to be sure. lol

Yet, I am enjoying my time here. I have mastered my self-consciousness.

I have learned over the years to enhance my energy field before I even leave my home and I have special steps I take when I get to the work place I am visiting. Since my Home Space fully empowers me, my energy leaving the house is strong enough to support me as I go out into the world.

Tips On Enhancing Your Energy Field in Public-

This starts before you leave the comfort of your Home Space. Basically you want to “arm” your Body Space with good vibrations before you head out.
  1. Wear clothes that make you feel good, the colors that make you feel attractive and the shoes and clothes that are most comfortable
  2. Bring items from home that empower and comfort you – for me it is the supplies I need to to the job for the day plus my favorite snack foods.
  3. Once on location set up your work station with a few items that make you feel “at home.” Today I have my personal coffee mug and thermos full of Starbucks coffee. … a favorite covered water bottle and my favorite ink pen.
  4. I filled the empty desk drawer next to me with my reading, writing and art supplies.
  5. I am obviously on-line but I went into the system using Google’s Incognito system so my browsing won’t be stored. I do this both for myself and for the receptionist whose computer I am using. She want’s her favorites to pop up when she returns,not mine.
  6. Next I take the first alone moment I can get at my desk and I begin to reinforce my energy field with visualization techniques. I start by focusing my attention on my heart and “see” the light inside expand until it surrounds me about 15 feet. This not only sends a blessing of support to me – it also blesses all whom I encounter should they be open to this positive energy.

If you happened to see Gandalf in the first “Lord of the Rings” movie when he was fighting off the Bellroc, then you can visualize what I am doing. I “see” a white ball of brilliant light all around me. This ball of light is something we all have (our aura) and it is centered in our Heart Chakra. For some they feel is just below the heart in the Sacral Chakra area. Basically it is our Soul Space energy which is always with us. Being conscious of this energy makes it expand. For me I have personalized this energy and call it my “love bubble” which I re-empower each morning in my “Bookend Routine” practice I do to maintain strong energy all day long. (see other blog titled “Book-ending Your Day”)

Okay. So now I am empowered and ready to have a wonderful day. It’s all up to me. No matter what goes on here I have my energy up and ready to go. I know this system works for me so if you try it out let me know how it works for you.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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