Expand Your Personal Space

Expanding your Personal Space is the expression of your personal empowerment in action. Expanding your space only works if you have first explored what it means to be the authentic you and then put those things you learned about yourself into daily practice. That’s right, Personal Space is a practice; it is the practice of being you, the practice of taking-up-space your way. And just like learning how to cook or drive a car, over time you will do what it takes to be you in the world automatically, instinctively even. Expand Your Space

Your inner bossy-ego voice that tells you to “be like the crowd” will know to keep quiet and save its breath because you are so anchored and confident in your true self your ego can’t sway you any longer to go along with the crowd.

Once you are this firmly established in the practice of being yourself openly, you can have great success at expanding your space. This means moving out of your old habitual “culturally correct” routine and entering the world in a new bold and uniquely “you” manner. And you do this while remaining true to your core values and true self. You will know how be spontaneous and navigate in new territory because your inner senses are fully tuned and can lead you on. In other words you will have a fully active internal compass which will always point you in your true north position.

Expanding your space is not about influencing others. It might seem that this is just what you are doing but that is the ego’s illusion. Expanding your space is more like singing out your Soul’s song vs. just humming it to yourself. Your Personal Space energy is a vibration that is there all the time. It surrounds you and keeps you in tune with yourself, even while you are in the company of other vibrations and tunes – like multiple radio waves that surround us at any given moment. They are invisible to the eye and unheard by the ear unless a tuning device is used and a particular channel chosen. You see, anyone who is influenced by you is in charge of their radio station selection. THEY tuned into you so it’s on them to be influenced by your tune …. or not. Never take credit for another’s success, it can never be yours. It’s all theirs for tuning in and then receiving the message you proclaim. Your credit comes from you sharing openly your Soul’s song with respect for yourself and all others.

So how do tune into yourself, empower your unique voice, and expand your Personal Space power? It starts with a simple practice you do in your Home Space; the Private Power Spot. This is a room or a chair in a designated spot in your home that is all your own. No one else uses this space and you fill it with the things that matter most to you. Once you have your designated spot you begin by spending time here. This is quiet contemplative time. All the other spaces of your life are full of engagement with others, either in person or on TV so this space is just for you. Write, draw, read or just day dream. The point is to get quiet so you can hear the inner voice of your Soul which has all the answers to any question you may have on your mind. Its download, refresh and reboot time and just 15 minutes a day can greatly improve your energy and happiness.

If you don’t have a Private Power Spot check out my website for the free book where I go into detail the methods I use to create one for myself and my clients.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach




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