Entertainment Cleaning Tips

Do you hate house cleaning? Ever find that you are too tired and just don’t want to bother? Well….do you have a favorite TV show or movie that you tend to watch multiple times? Perhaps a sit-com that makes you laugh or an hour drama that really captures your attention? Maybe you like the talk shows or 24 hour news shows or sports. No matter what your TV entertainment of choice is, this is a tip I use to keep my Home Space in order.

Entertainment Cleaning Tips:

  1. I will prepare my favorite drink and snack and set it all up in the kitchen for easy access when I need it Sheldon's spot
  2. Next I gather all my cleaning supplies and tools
  3. Last I turn on the TV show or movie I want to listen to while I work

If I am especially tired and really don’t want to do the cleaning my home needs I will sit and watch a TV show and when the commercials come on I get up and move. If I am watching a DVD or commercial free TV I will set my phone timer for every 20 minutes, pause and work for 10 minutes or so then sit back down and watch 20 minutes more. I can vacuum during the commercials and not miss my show. This method is slower but before long I have had fun, enjoyed a favorite show or two and my house got miraculously cleaned without me getting tired.

If I feel the need for intense cleaning and fast action I will put on a show with no commercials. I choose a show I have almost memorized and that I enjoy listening to. I will clean the kitchen, dust, spot the mirrors, tidy and do everything I can that isn’t noisy while I listen/watch my show. Then I take a break with my fun snack. When I have finished with the “quiet” cleaning list I will pause my show and get the noisy work done such as vacuuming and turning over a load of laundry. Then I return to my show and enjoy the fact that my house got cleaned while I was “playing around!”

These tips work especially well in a small home but when I had a bigger home I would do something similar by tuning all the TV’s to the same show so I could “watch” as I moved about. Of course you can do the same thing with music but I find music works best if I am cleaning with someone and TV shows work better if I am the only one working.

I know these tips seem kind of silly but they really work. I even employ the TV show method on a nightly basis as I prepare my dinner, fix my food for the next day at work and clean up my kitchen. I may be tired from my work day but this gives me just the boost I need to stay on top of my chores each evening so the weekend isn’t full of dirty dishes in the sink and messes all over the place.

One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory or old Seinfeld reruns. It’s like cleaning with friends because the characters have become so familiar and fun to listen/watch with. The TV or movie distraction gets the job done with enjoyment vs drudgery.

Give it a try and let me know how you like Entertainment Cleaning.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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