Enough For Now!

Have you ever been deep in a work project where suddenly you found yourself saying the phrase “enough for now?” Or do you generally find that enough is never “enough” and you are always dissatisfied and push yourself till you drop?

Currently two members of my family are in the process of moving and setting up new homes for themselves, one a new apartment and the other purchased a new home. Both have come to the point where they hit that wall that made them want to toss out what they own versus pack it up and move it. Having moved myself over thirteen times I must say I have felt the same way about the whole moving process. As I watch my kids go through the moving frustration process I am reminded of my own ordeals, and I wonder what if anything I have learned along the way that I could share and be of help to them. iphone pics 6 151

First I have to be honest and say I haven’t fully mastered this moving process fully myself but I do have one tip that when I remember to apply it amazing things have happened. I got this from a dear friend many years ago and it is simply to stop and allow myself – even in the midst of a great big mess – to say “enough for now” and mean it. You mean it by literally stopping. Not by ending the task you are currently deeply involved in, but by packing it up in a quick neat pile, perhaps making a list to show where you left off and JUST WALK AWAY!

Walking away from an unfinished task and leaving a mess behind (even a neat mess because who are we kidding I am a Virgo and I just can’t do it-lol) is a HUGE step in becoming the “master of your moving domain” versus the slave to the job. This brings to mind a funny Seinfeld episode …the one where they bet who can hold out the longest and be the “master of their domain” but this was of course the physical body domain they meant and not a Home Space move. Still it brings humor into the mix and makes my point… do we want to be enslaved by the work we have to do, or be the boss of ourselves and do our task with joy and fun?

Once you find the courage to say “enough for now,” the next step is R & R. Do something enjoyable such as going out for a relaxing meal, take an outdoor break, take a nap, go for a long walk, leave the building and visit someone at Starbucks… basically do whatever will give you a refresh and reboot in that moment.

How do you know when “enough for now” is a necessary next step versus procrastination? Here is how I know, and maybe this will give you a clue into your own unique inner guidance messages. I know it’s time when one or all of these start happening:

  • I start dropping things, cut or burn myself
  • I start misplacing things like the packing tape or cleaning rag
  • I keep forgetting what I was going to do next
  • I have a sudden melt-down crying jag for “no reason”
  • I reach for caffeine or sugar even though I have the shakes from too much already
  • I start shaming myself with my self-talk: “you’ll never get done in time” “You are such a slowpoke” etc.

Remember one of the reasons we choose to move our Home Space is that we want something better for ourselves and we can’t get that “better something” by beating up on ourselves during the moving process either with words or actions.

So take a break when you need it,  then begin again later. Believe it or not, the world won’t come to an end if you are not exactly on your time schedule and it really will all work out in the end…beautifully!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

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