Energetic Design

There is a transfer of energy which occurs when we enter a decorated environment whether indoors or outdoors and I call this phenomenon “Energetic Design.” To give you a quick sample of what I am talking about try to recall how you felt the last time you walked into a public arena say for a baseball game or a theater for a play or a Starbucks for a coffee…now hold that feeling in your mind. Now recall how you felt the last time you walked into a library. Do you feel the difference in your body? These are extreme examples that are also defined by the fact that they are group settings versus private settings, so the dynamic is more powerful. But this example gives you the picture I want to talk about. New Bell Starbucks (1)

This is the energy I am speaking of when I discuss how you take up space because this taking -up-of- space includes the furnishings, colors and decor you surround yourself with. It also includes the colors and style of clothing you wear and it includes the “story” behind the items you own and surround yourself with.

Our Energetic Design “speaks” to those who see you even before you have said a word to them. For example the Goth style of dress some young adults wear, you know the all black look with heavy makeup, body piercing and colored hair. Without even saying a word the “energy” of their expression is speaking for them and depending on who is present the reception could be “cool” or “yuck” and will cause the recipient to either approach this Goth decorated person or back away. These are prejudices of course but that is what Energetic Design does, it creates in us a moment of “pre-judging” or first impression which may or may not be the full story. It is part of the story and we need to be aware of what Energetic Expression we are projecting to be sure this is an honest example of our truth or we could find we are being misunderstood.

The energy of furniture placement is what Feng Shui is all about and commercial building designers have been using the energy of color deliberately for years. Science tells us that the color red will encourage people to be hungry so you will often see red in restaurants.

One way to apply Energetic Design for yourself is to notice as you go about your week how the different places you visit make you feel. When you find a place that feels really comfortable to you, stop and break down the elements to see why this is. Perhaps it is the color they use or the type of furnishing, or the amount of window space that appeals to you. Doing this can help you as you decorate your home to be sure to include some of these same elements.

Years ago I discovered I tended to gravitate toward restaurants, business and stores that used a lot of green indoor plants. The other common decorating element here is window space to give the plants the light they need. So now I know that large open windows with gardens inside and out are important for me to have in my Home Space.

There are a few chain restaurants that I avoid eating at even though I love their food. The common element here is hard wood tables and chairs with tile floors without any soft fabric on the furniture, walls or windows to absorb the echo. I get a headache just standing in line to get my food so no way am I going to eat there!!

My local library has great seating, wonderful window lighting and a quiet environment EXCEPT they chose florescent lighting that hums loudly so I don’t spend time there either.

These are just a few examples of things you can notice about your environment and discover if they give you energy or take it away. Being conscious is the first step to making the changes you need to really energize your life.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


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