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With the holidays coming many of us like to give our homes a bit of a face lift and one way to do this quickly is to change out our carpet. Now this can be the wall-to-wall kind or a decorative area rug. Basically “carpet” refers to fabric covering on our floors vs hard surfaces alone such as tile, wood, or vinyl. Carpet Color

When visiting a clients home to determine the best selection of carpet for their floors I would ask a series of questions that usually met with the response “oh, I never thought of that.” I tend to think in terms of the energy of things and so my questions reflect this as well.

I always start any decorating project with a notebook to keep track of my selections and to collect my thoughts in.

  • To start your search for a new carpet or rug you will want to begin at home with what you are now living with and list what you love about what you currently have and what you really dislike. Love is great energy and dislike is a message to steer clear of that choice. It might give good energy to someone else but it is not your match.
  • Note the color – love or hate? What would you rather have?
  • Note the style – shag, wall to wall, area rug, sculpted, etc – love it or hate it? What would you rather have?
  • Note the texture and how it feels when you walk on what you have now. Then when you get to the carpet showroom practice walking on different textures in the store and note how you feel. If you tend to go barefoot or in stocking feet in your home; ask the sales rep if you could walk on the samples that way as well. Make sure they add a sample of the padding as well so you get the best effect.
  • Bring home a few of the large swatches of what you like in the store. Lay them down on your floor at home and as you come and go from the room envision how it will look in the room. Make a log in your notebook of the samples you are considering listing the manufacturer, style,  name, color, lot number and cost per yard. Place a star next to the one you are selecting to buy. Be sure to give yourself 3 good choices in case the one you like is out of stock.
  • Next move the samples to another spot with different lighting. Check it out at night. Keep your note pad handy and rate them. I work with three samples at a time, sometimes 5. As soon as you can limit your possible choices to three you are then able to move on. Usually price or availability will help you make the final selection.
  • Also be sure to place the carpet up against the various other surfaces it will be installed next to such as furniture, cabinets, other flooring like wood, ceramic tile, vinyl etc. You want to make sure the color works in your homes lighting and with all the other surfaces you are still using in your decor.
  • Once you have made your selection and placed your order, ask the sales rep to order you a sample piece. You will add this to your Home Space color board to take with you when you shop for other items to coordinate the carpet colors with the rest of your decor.

Design Tip: As a design feature rugs for the floor need to balance and harmonize a room. Just as in nature most ground surfaces are darker in color than the sky. This gives the energetic effect of being grounded and stabilized. Even a white sand beach can give you the feeling of floating on air so try to make your carpet color a darker shade than your walls and ceiling. If you do chose a light color carpet then be sure to place dark furniture pieces on it to anchor the room as I did in this living room. Think of the shape of a pyramid and how the base is larger than the pointed top; that is the balance of energy you are looking for.

Many years ago there was a large luxury department store in the Phoenix area that chose to decorate the whole store in chrome and white, with white flooring as well. I remember the first time I walked into the place I felt my equilibrium go wacky. I couldn’t get my balance and think and I for sure couldn’t shop and concentrate. I left fairly quickly and the relief I felt when I stepped into the mall with its dark flooring was shocking. So I looked back into the store and took it apart from a design viewpoint and wha-la there it was…they were missing their anchor. It was all sky and no earth for grounding this space.

I hope these Energetic Design tips are helpful to you on your next project. Drop me a note and I will answer any questions you might have.

’till next time,
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