Ebb and Flow

I have been writing for a few weeks now about my family members who are moving to new Home Spaces and I mentioned that I too have a new Home Space in that I now have an “empty nest” house all to myself. This is a new step for me and with all new steps we tend to learn as we go.

It’s been just over a month and I am stunned to realize I have not fully moved into my new space. I even have my coffee mug collection sitting out on the counter because I just can’t decide how I want to store them now that I have all this room! Now you need to know that I am one of those detailed, organized and yes “anal” Virgos so this really shocks me to notice how much mess and clutter I am still living with. I also notice that even though I moved my art supplies to my new Art Studio I haven’t painted a single stroke in over a month!

Ebb and FlowTaking time to observing ourselves is one of the best tips I can share with you and one I have finally mastered. I have finally stopped most of the “monkey mind” put downs and when they do appear I tend to notice them, then laugh at my latest foibles. So I had to stop and ask myself what the heck is going on with me and all this mess, and of course I got the answer. This time it came as a visual. Sometimes I will hear a song and other times I will get actual words like “it’s not time yet” – I get that one a lot and I rarely like it. lol

So what did I “see” as my answer? I “saw” in my minds-eye the ocean flowing in and out, in and out, and the tide coming in and out…then I heard the words “ebb and flow.”  I realized that is just what I have been doing since my Home Space became fully mine. You see it’s not just the movement of books or furniture and setting up shop in a given room such as my art studio; it’s the adjustment of energy. I am going though the shift of being a “corner of my bedroom artist” to having a whole room to myself. I am shifting from having the activity of others in my Home Space to having total solitude. Basically, I am ebbing and flowing through the changes, and like I mentioned in my last post I too need to say “enough for now” and let myself take breaks from it all.

Here are the steps I find myself going though when making a major Home Space energy shift and perhaps you do as well…

  • A new idea for change comes to me
  • I begin moving, cleaning, packing and setting up the new idea
  • Then I get overwhelmed and just can’t see what I want anymore
  • I take a break do something else for a few days
  • Then another idea comes and I have to go shopping
  • Next it’s deciding what to keep and what to give away
  • Again I get overwhelmed after I shift the energy and give stuff away
  • Take another break
  • When I return I find I am able to set up the space
  • Next I find I have to “sit with it” awhile to determine if the energy I created is a good fit
  • Make adjustments
  • Take a break
  • Visit the space again and then tweak it as necessary
  • Then one day without realizing it, I find I have finished and am now living in my new space happy as a clam!

The “take a break” moments in this analogy are similar to the ocean tides going in and out and the activity of each day’s tasks managed is the ebb and flow of the waves. Having this vision really gave me peace of mind. I realized once again that the Universe is in order, and I am on time and there is no pushing or pressure needed…just relax and follow through as guided….”ebb and flow…..”

‘till next time,
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