Don’t Let Your Guests Invade Your Space

When it comes to entertaining friends, family or others in your home it is important to keep some space “off limits” to your guests. This important step enables you to keep your home as a place of private refuge. If you entertain often in your home and want to show off your beautifully decorated rooms, just be sure to keep some areas and items private. It’s fairly easy to do; just keep doors closed and if necessary locked as well. Hide things in a closet you don’t want others to see. Your home is not their business. This is your private home and you have every right to close off part of it for just yourself and those who live there with you. In this manner you empower yourself with respect.We all need space where we don’t have to put on a “good show” and that is what our homes are for. So keep that in mind when having people over; protect your private space and belongings.¬†Theme Party

Tips for entertaining:

  • Center the food and entertainment in the rooms you are willing to share with the “world”
  • Most people who visit or attend your party will hover in the kitchen, so this is a key room to have read-for-company
  • Create serving stations, a bar area and seating sections
  • Use colorful flower arrangements, candles, place mats and colorful dishes to designate the party boundaries
  • Distraction is the best tool I know for keeping guests captivated so they won’t need to see “the rest of your house” but if for some reason someone really presses the issue and you just don’t want to show your private rooms make up a story about how they are being remodeled and you’ll show them later. Then reconsider if this person is someone you want in your home for future parties.
  • Sometimes we feel we must entertain in our home such as to boost our career or keep the in-laws happy. I think this is a mistake and a time to employ your personal power and creativity. Instead host a party at a favorite restaurant, resort, or park.
  • Theme driven parties will also keep guests in the designated space. The decorations help set up the “party boundaries” and make the rest of the house ‘off limits”
  • Pool party theme, Hawaiian theme, and Picnic or Al Fresco dining will keep your guests outdoors
  • Cookie Decorating or Cookie Sharing Holiday Party keeps them in the kitchen and dining room
  • Use movies or TV shows playing low in the family room to draw people there, especially if they came to watch the game.
  • Have your outdoor section set up for seating and drinks in case the party moves outdoors
  • Use music outdoors as well if it won’t bother the neighbors

The important point to remember is that this is YOUR home and no one has the right to force themselves in if you don’t want them there. Trust me, do this for yourself and your personal power will bloom!

’till next time,
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