Don’t Be A Holiday Decorator!

If it is at all possible, try not to be a “holiday decorator.” Most specifically the winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years. The other holidays such as Presidents Day, July 4th can be excellent times to decorate because the stores have great sales. But everyone and their aunt wants new decor for THE holidays and oh boy does this create some major upset for both the homeowner and the furnishing industry.

Backorders, delays, and mix ups are all part of a normal decorating project. You can plan your way around many of them but you just can’t avoid the inevitable. Truck strikes, embargos and a million other things occur in the 6-8 weeks you are waiting for an item to come in. When I worked for JC Penny as a custom decorator they estimated that for each individual order at least 19 different people from start to finish had been involved. That’s a lot of room for human error to occur!

Since many people want to redecorate before the winter holidays arrive, you will do yourself a big favor if you schedule your project before or after this “season.” Stores can get back-logged as early as Halloween. Also beware of Easter which changes dates each year. If you can arrange your project during the summer you will have less time delays and glitches to deal with.

How To Time Your Project

For fast decorating, select the items already in the store or are in stock. If it is a showroom with a stocked warehouse ask what their delivery time is and make sure the item is in stock when you make your purchase. Have your sales rep call the warehouse while you wait and put a “hold” with your name on the item. Do this especially if you are shopping when there is a big sale going on!

If you are ordering any custom items for your decorating project you will have to wait about 8 weeks from the time you place your order before the items are installed. So if you need this project finished by a certain time like a holiday, or before the weather changes, then start at least 10 weeks ahead of this date. Remember the word “estimate” and stay flexible. Your sales rep is trying to give you the best estimate for delivery and installation. If they give you a range, tell yourself the longest time is the due date, and then if it comes in early you can be happily surprised.

Think about this; if just one custom window covering order has a minimum of 19 people handling the order, then how many people are involved for your total project of say 6-20 items? Be patient and use your Project Book to help you hold the vision of your finished end result. You will have greater success if you allow yourself more time to enjoy the process and get into the feeling of what you are creating. Remember, you live in this space and most likely won’t be redecorating it again for a few years. So give yourself time to choose wisely.

Happy Decorating!

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