Do You Have a Theme Song?

All day today the 80’s song by Starship “We Built This City” has been playing a continuous loop in my head. It was the song that woke me up this morning when my alarm radio went off. They don’t usually stick like this all day long but I have noticed I frequently have a song playing in my head as I go about my day. Sometimes I wake up with songs in my head and not from the radio!  ha! But what I would LOVE to have more than anything is a theme song like Capt. Jack Sparrow had in the movie series The Pirates of the Caribbean! Pirates

From a Personal Space viewpoint it would so fun if just for a day each of us had a song playing ahead of our entrance into a room so people would know “we” were coming. Each song would be uniquely different and if they were the same tune it would be a unique version of the tune that would be all our own.

The other day I was doing major work on my townhouse going up and down the stairs and since I don’t have central music I put my cell phone on “music” and then placed it in my pocket. I got the effect of having music coming from me and I must say it was quite energizing

Now I realize that in the movies the hero or villain actor is not hearing their theme music when they act out their roll but imagine if they did – I suspect it would crack up Johnny Depp and they would have to do extra takes on the scene. Or if TV actors entering the dark alley or the haunted house could hear the warning music…why they would run for their lives-ha!

Music is vibration and vibration is energy. The music we listen to and what we hear in TV shows and movies helps to tell the story. So what is the “story” you want to tell?

Music Energy Tip:

  • Try it just for a day… ask yourself as you arrive at work “what is my theme song today?” Would it be “Hit the Road Jack” or perhaps “I’m Walking On Sunshine!?”
  • Don’t judge how you are feeling, just use the song that comes to mind to inform you.
  • If the song that matches your mood is sad, angry, or low energy see what song you wish you felt like. Play it on your cell phone and see if it doesn’t perk up your energy. This has worked for me tons of times.
  • I also deliberately use a favorite artist’s music or TV – movie theme song to set my energy for the day. For me a sure mood lifter is anything by the Jazzmasters or Paul Hardcastle  and lately I have been deliberately playing the theme song to the TV show “Enterprise” in the morning because the lyrics give me a positive boost and hopeful attitude. It’s called “Faith of the Heart” and it’s message really speaks to me.

What songs speak to you? What would be your theme song if you had one? Try listing to music deliberately to give your energy a lift and let me know how it works for you.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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