Do What You Can and Drop the Rest!

We are moving through a series of moves (pun intended) in my family as the New Year begins, (homes, and jobs) which is why my usual Tuesday/Thursday blog posts were delayed. There is simply way too much going on. And that brings me to today’s tip.

Do What You Can and Drop the Rest!

No matter what we have “planned” for our day, week, month, year or life we can only ever be doing the-next-step and sometimes what happens when we take the-next-step changes our path for a while. It’s important to have a plan in place, but be open to surrendering it to go with the flow in the moment.

When you are moving your Home Space you will find just how much this space (which most of us take for granted) really serves and supports us. I think of it like a plant being pulled up out of the ground without loosening the soil. The roots break and are exposed, and until it is set back in its new space and has time to heal and adjust to the changes, things can feel really shaky.

This energy shift is similar to a hanging wind chime mobile; when you move just one item hanging on a string, they all end us shifting. So when my daughter decided to move out and get a new Home Space of her own she started a chain reaction for herself and for me whose home she was sharing.

Moving Mess For her the “roots” of her Home Space were pulled out and placed in a new spot and trying to get everything she owns to fit and work is a major task. Then there is the adjustment of so many things you don’t realize you were used to like an electric stove vs. a gas one or windows in bathrooms vs. ceiling venting fans and the list grows. Most of what you get when you choose to move you love and the rest you adjust to.

The energy shift I am going through in my Home Space is a bit different than my daughters experience of her “roots” being disturbed. I am dealing with the “empty nest” syndrome which I will write more about as the year progresses and I discover first hand just what that is like to live through. All I can say for now is that if I am feeling a bit “wrecked” emotionally. Then I wonder…here it is for me that just two children have “flown” the nest, how did my poor mom feel when she had ten leave? Whew!! At least we are alive to experience this and for that I am grateful.

Back to my original point; moving our Home Space is so vital to our well-being that until we get things settled (which can take weeks) it’s important to cut yourself some slack and stop trying to meet all the items on your regular daily life’s “to do” list – unless they are vita. For instance eating is vital but being on a diet it not. Stretching and keeping your body loose and limber is vital but your daily exercise routine of jogging 3 miles might not be. Cut back on your usually activities and adjust as much as you can. It’s only for a few weeks and soon you will find your Home Space taking shape and that your outside life begins flowing smoothly once again.

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