Design Like a Pro

If you want to decorate like a pro you will need to organize your project.

Start by taking a big, deep breath and relaxing. This is a process, not a quick fix and every step is an adventure. There really are no hard and fast rules to follow, and perfection is a trap so toss it out the window. Repeat this phrase whenever the perfection craze pops up…”progress, not perfection is what matters.”

Also keep it fun! Learn to laugh at setbacks, shipment delays, discontinued colors or styles and especially laugh at other people’s good opinions. In design school we are taught the “proper order” of things, such as installing tile before carpet, but in the REAL WORLD you can’t always get it done in the “proper order” so let order be your guide but not your master. Stay flexible, keep an open mind and your inner creative genius will solve any challenges. Interior Design is such a fancy word for the making of a home, which is why I like the phrase “Personal Space” better. You are making a home for yourself and no one gets to judge you or your choices!

Besides a flexible open mind, a detailed action plan is your best friend. Having this will allow you to remain patient and focused on the ultimate goal. Even if you don’t think you are an organized soul, you do have inherent orderly traits. I’ll bet you get ready for work in an orderly fashion every day. I am willing to guess that you put your pants on before your shoes, put your shirt on before your jacket, and grind your coffee beans before you brew them. If you will take just a little time to stop and visualize in your mind the way you want your decorating project to look when you are finished, you will begin to see the order to follow as you begin taking action. Even though the actual steps won’t all happen the way you visualize them, this process will keep you clear-headed and more able to adapt as changes occur. Visualizing before you begin helps you understand the big picture. Handling the big picture is what a professional designer is paid to do but I can show you how it’s done and stay sane in the process.
In a “perfect world” this is how you want a remodel or complete room decoration to flow:

  1. Paint the ceiling and walls (or wallpaper) and install any details like crown molding
  2. Install new built-in cabinets or mirrors
  3. Install tile flooring
  4. Install wood flooring
  5. Install laminate flooring
  6. Install wall to wall carpeting

You can see from this list that we go from messiest to cleanest installations. Always protect was previously installed.
If you can’t do it in the “perfect order” then do it in the order that is “perfect” for YOU – and relax it will all work out in the end just fine, I promise.

’till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach©

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