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We all love “before and after” photos. They give us a much needed perspective on our progress whether it is our latest diet or our home decorating project.

I highly recommend at the start of your decorating project that you make a photo journal of your room(s). In fact as you develop your new style it helps to look at the photos versus looking at the room itself. This is because our photos give us distance from the energy of the room and improved perspective. Suddenly we can see things we missed when in the room itself.

How to Photograph A Room

  1. Open the room to natural light as well as turn on any interior lamps
  2. Stand in the entrance (if there is more than one, choose the one you use the most)
  3. Turn left, and while moving left-to-right take photos; making sure to connect the shots with some overlap of space so you don’t miss any details.Then finish with the wall to the right of the door you are standing in.
  4. Next stand in the room and take a photo of the entrance you were just standing in
  5. Take a photo of the ceiling and all features
  6. Take a photo of the floor

Upload your photos right away to your computer and begin labeling them with details so you will remember what they are for.
Make a file for them in your computer

The Photo Journal

  • Create a Word document that you label with the name of the room you are decorating (do this for each room)
  • Copy and Paste each photo in the document, re-sizing so one photo fits per page with room to write notes.
  • Once you have your Photo journal set up, begin to review each picture and type in any thoughts that come to mind.
  • List what you see in the room that you want to keep
  • List what you want to remove
  • List what new items you are looking for
  • You can then print up these pages and add them to your Project Book to help you organize all the details of this decorating project.

Now that this is done you not only have your project well organized from the start; you have the “before” photos done as well.

‘till next time,
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