Computer Personal Space

It never occurred to me that there was such a thing as Computer Personal Space, which if funny considering our computers are called “personal” computers-ha! I also noticed recently once again that it seems we have to lose something before we know we miss it or need it. There is an old 1970’s song “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell about this…

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Til it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
Computer SpaceHow you set up your personal computer is very “personal”  and quite likely there are no two set-ups out there in the offices of the world. We get attached to our set-up and just expect it to be in place when we boot up. However when you go to add a new program or a program you already use does an update then what you are used to seeing will change and possibly cause you to grumble. I know every time Yahoo changes their email it messes with my calm. Another way our personal computer space is messed with is when you innocently download something you wanted only to find you got junk with it that you most definitely didn’t want! Things such as a virus or advertising material that was attached and you didn’t realize it. This is an invasion of your personal space-one we all have to defend against from time to time.

I am sure most of us like to boot up our computers and find the screen the way we left it. You don’t need 10 tool-bars but have you ever noticed everyone wants you to use their tool bar or their search engine? I mean COME ON!! Enough already! We used to get junk mail in our mailboxes. It was fairly easy to identify what it was but on the internet the junk “mail” takes a different form and is cleverly disguised. We have to be in a constant state of awareness and keep ourselves up to date or we will get caught in the trap so many links have in their downloads.

Being human I tend to finally realize and appreciate what I like only when it is taken from me. I also learn best when I have made a mistake (darn). I am finally making use of this pattern and these days when I make make a mistake and lose something I  get the message my inner wisdom is trying to tell me; which is slow down and take a break. Once my energy is restored I am ready to learn something new. I learned the hard way that there is nothing free on the internet. Those free links come loaded with ads that will embed in your system and take over if you are not careful. The road of hard knocks just taught me (after I accidentally downloaded 188 malicious malware) that first I should always choose “custom” download because this way you can avoid all the extras you never wanted in the first place, then “save” any download link not “run” it. Next I should do a virus scan on it which is as simple as a right click and is done in minutes. Once it’s all the way you want it and has no virus then add it to your computer. In this way you have personal empowerment over the vast internet traps that lay in wait for the unsuspecting visitor.

I know how to handle furniture sales people, installers, carpenters, contractors, delayed deliveries and painters but I really have a lot to learn about the internet and computer business. Once I saw it as one of the personal space dimensions I could clearly see how to deal with it all. Go slow, keep your eyes open, follow your hunches, make sure you are not stressed or tired so you can be fully present before proceeding, and know beyond a doubt that no matter how pushy these promoters are you get to have it your way…it’s your personal computer space after all!!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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