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I have been studying Personal Energy for decades trying to understand what makes people tick and what I can do to live a happy life. I think we all do this actually but due to my unconventional upbringing I have had great practice at being an observer of others. Now to be self-observant well…ha! That’s another story. Only in the last 20 years… and I admit I did so very reluctantly… have I become adept at self-observation. Cooking Armor

One of the best questions I ask myself (I usually only get around to this good question once I have stopped berating myself) is “What can I do now that will help?” This puts me in an entirely different frame of mind- one that is open minded vs closed minded because my method of action that “should” have worked in fact did not work. Or sometimes what I have been doing has run its course and all the good results I can glean from it are finished and I must move on to Plan B. I don’t like Plan B. For some reason I always think Plan B means I have failed, but as a wise minister told me years ago about my “failed” marriage… “it was not a failure, the relationship was just complete.”

Today’s Personal Energy lesson is actually how “community” feeds us energy if we let them. Community can function as a backup power source we can tap into when we need an energy boost. Now community can drain us as well (the doom and gloom TV news is an example) but if we align ourselves with positive-minded people, their contribution to our energy will be empowering.

Case in point: I have been working since 2011 to drop the obesity I have been carrying for many years. I maxed out at 280 lbs in 2011 and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (surprise!-NOT) so I decided to go on a healing journey. My first Plan A step was to get cleansed, but I didn’t know how and this is where community came to the rescue. As “luck” would have it I was scrolling the TV stations and landed on PBS and there was a doctor talking about how you can heal diabetes with diet and not drugs. I knew instantly that was for me. So I did some research and ended up working a program called “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger and dropped 50 lbs and healed the diabetes!!

Then I hit a long plateau. I didn’t soar up or drop weight for over a year. This is when community showed up again. I was frustrated and wondered how I could heal myself without great expense when again while surfing the TV on PBS I found “The Fast Metabolism Diet” by Haylie Pomroy. I did fairly well the first month but since I needed to drop another 100 lbs I knew I needed to get more focused. It’s a clever diet that is a bit tricky to manage due to the varied style of eating, but it works!! That’s when community popped up again in the form of Fitness Friends, a private Facebook group my new daughter-in-law Shelly created. It was just what I needed and I found I was reaching my goal of getting below 200 lbs for the first time in 20 years!

In this community all we do is leave messages of what we are up to and then the friends in the group will respond back. It’s very low key and completely supportive. Well, the other night after a long and exhausting day, I didn’t want to eat my required food menu…no way!! I really wanted an item that was not on the menu and I actually meant to eat it but while I was making dinner I just automatically made it according to that day’s required food menu. I ate it and enjoyed it and then sat back and realized I hadn’t fudged my diet after all. Where did the energy to stick to my plan come from? First it came from me allowing myself a break. I learned this over the years to never beat myself up, but to watch myself and do better next time, or I would end up doing a major pity party binge.  But when I was making my dinner I was thinking of my Fitness Friends and how much fun it was to post my Thanksgiving miracle this week that I had dropped 2 lbs and made it to 200 lbs. I am now working on my second goal of 170 lbs. Their supportive energy gave me what I didn’t have myself in that moment and I was able to continue on doing my best.

We all need a cheering section at times and its excellent for our Personal Energy to both receive and offer support. Sharing our best energy, like compound interest will bloom and multiply and create a happier life for all.

Leave me a note; I’d love to hear how your experience with Personal Energy has been helped by your community.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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