Christmas Space

Today’s “Thursday Thoughts” blog post will arrive on Christmas day 2014 and it seems fitting to talk today about Christmas Space.
Holiday WreathSimply put, Christmas Space is the unique manner in which each of us marks this popular holiday world-wide. Now not everyone in the world celebrates this Christian holiday and not all celebrations of Christmas are Christian in content, but it is safe to say that every person on the planet is affected by this popular holiday. If you don’t celebrate yourself then you are most likely affected by the store discount sales, the TV shows and movies, and the music stations adding in holiday music. It would be difficult to live your normal life (unless you live a solitary and isolated  life) and not notice the city, store and company decorations. You might even change your usual food shopping schedule due to extra crowds at the store or choose to work extra while a co-worker takes off to celebrate the holiday.

What is Christmas exactly? If you did a public survey I bet you wouldn’t get two answers that are the same. Christmas and the way it is celebrated (or not) and the meaning it holds is one of the most universally personal experiences I have found. No matter who you are or where you live you most likely have an opinion and unique manner of keeping the Christmas holiday.
Perhaps you celebrate it as the birth of Jesus and that is why you mark this day. Or you don’t celebrate it at all. Maybe you don’t have a religious reason, but celebrate because it is fun and you enjoy the lights, colors and music. Maybe you like the gift sharing and stories about holiday. Even if you are not a Christian (Christmas is a Christian holiday) you most likely make plans to include it or at least adjust your life around it because stores are closed. Maybe you make a point to work that day so your Christian co-workers can be home celebrating with their families.

The message of Christmas is one of hope, peace and good will toward all mankind. This message is also an important part of the Personal Space Code which we strive to live all year long. Start with yourself and choose how you want to mark this day and then keep an open mind as you meet with others because no two of you will have the same emery about Christmas, but we can all share in the bonding of love that is universal for all!

No matter how you fill your day I hope your Christmas Space is filled with joy, love and laughter and that it lasts throughout the New Year as well!

’till next time,
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