Celebrate Yourself!

I just celebrated my half-Birthday! Unless you too celebrate this day for yourself, you might be going “what???” and for the first 30 years of my life I would have totally agreed with you. Then I had a daughter who’s birthday was just a few weeks past Christmas, and she felt this cheated her out of fun and gifts somehow even though I reassured her it didn’t. She was a fan of the children’s magazine Highlights and one day she read that people like her who have birthdays with other holidays nearby often celebrated their half-Birthday to make up for sharing their special moment.

For a while I thought she was a bit silly, but then the idea took hold as I watched how she made sure her half-Birthday was a fun day for herself. She didn’t have much luck getting others to treat the day like her “real” birthday, so she took over the job of celebrating it herself. What I learned watching her over the years was that she was making an important statement… that we don’ t have to wait for others to love us-we can do it ourselves! This was a great example for me to observe. She even went so far as to make my half-Birthday and her brothers special with little and big treats. Celebrate You

It is an excellent Personal Space energy booster to celebrate yourself. It’s not conceited or vain and in fact it is necessary if you hope your family and friends will celebrate you. We show others by our example how we want to be treated. Do you celebrate yourself on your Birthday or half-Birthday? How about when you get a promotion, or finish a big project or buy a new car? We all say we want to have happy fulfilled lives but if we don’t celebrate our successes and happy moments then when are we going to have that “happy life?”

Each day we receive good news and gifts. Don’t believe me? Then I suggest you start reviewing what happened during your day – I do this each evening. It’s simple. First –  each morning as you get dressed or meditate say “thank you for the good news and gifts that are on their way to me today” then go about your business. Give is a few days or start that first night and ask yourself “what good news or gift did I receive today?” I know this works because I tried it after learning about it from Rhonda Byrne in her book The Magic and I still do it daily. Sometimes it’s the next morning when it dawns on me that I got good news. It might be that a book you ordered is in, or that a friend got the job they wanted, or that you won a scratcher ticket.

If is often said that we get more of what we focus on …so how about it? Do you want more reasons to celebrate? You can start by celebrating yourself. You can do this by celebrating your half-Birthday if that appeals to you, or do it by expecting good things to come to you each day –  maybe post on social media the good news/gifts as you start noticing them. I guarantee you are already getting them, but by noticing them and acknowledging them you tell the Universe you want more of this in your life.

Go for it! Be as happy as you can be, and then get happier. Meanwhile  “have a very merry un-birthday” as Lewis Carroll wrote in Through the Looking Glass. (Alice in Wonderland)

’till next time,
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