Use Your Powerful “Off” Switch

Personal Space is slowly becoming extinct. Everywhere we go we are constantly connected to everyone else on the planet. Everywhere we turn someone is telling us how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, how to dress our body in the latest (and only approved of) styles, how to decorate our home, what the latest and greatest is for every moment of our life experience. Even if we turned off all the TV ads, radio marketing and newspaper ads, internet or magazine publications we would still be prompted by well-meaning others to do it their way. And always there is that unspoken “or else” that is implied. Or else you won’t be popular, or else you won’t get that job, or else you won’t look attractive. And the worst one of all; “or else you won’t be loved.” 2-1-14 (11)

Every one of these subtle and not too subtle voices coaxes us all day long to comply. Before you know it, you’ve lost the essence of what makes you tick, what makes you happy. You are lost as to what makes you, YOU. Reclaim and take back ownership of your Personal Space by tuning out the world on a daily basis. You’ll be glad you did and it will keep you sane. The only True voice is the one within your heart and soul; this is the voice of your Divine Inner Self – our Soul Space. It is crucial to our personal power and peace of mind that keep our Soul connection open and active or our life will fade into the world view of “one size fits all.”

It used to be that we could come home and leave the world behind for a while and refresh ourselves. But today with our wonderful internet and instant messaging the world comes with us everywhere. It is up to each of us to choose when, how and where we will take a break and give the world a “do-not-disturb” notice.

My favorite method of turning “off” world opinions is by declaring my unique self in my home decor style and in my wardrobe. I also set aside time each morning and evening (I call it my book-ends) to just sit and be still. Sometimes I meditate but most often I contemplate and watch nature while in my garden or through a window. I get so many good ideas and answers during theses quite “off” moments that I keep a note pad handy to jot down what comes to me, but I am careful not to work it then. I pick it up later when I am back “on” for the day.

Our personal power comes from within, the world can’t help us. No one can sleep for you, no one can eat for you and no one can hear your unique Soul’s voice but you alone. Turn off the world now and then and check in with yourself. This is where your power lies; flip your inner switch ON! You have all the power you need. Stay connected to YOU by managing the world with your own personal “off” switch.

’till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach

The Personal Space Journal

The Personal Space Journal is the way I keep track of the progress I am making as I explore my ever expanding self-empowerment. I use two types currently; one letter size for deep thought sessions and a minim 5 x 7 one for my decorating notes. You might even want a different one for each of the four Personal Space sections; Soul Space, Body Space, Home Space and Life Space, it’s a completely personal choice. Journal Writing

Choose any style and size that appeals to you. I use the larger size for my thoughts, questions and any epiphanies I might have. There is something about hand-writing things down that exercises the brain and clears our mind. I am reminded of the Harry Potter books and the “pensive” that Professor Dumbledore used to unload his mind; that is exactly what writing in my journal does for me.

Often in my blog posts I will refer to “taking notes” or “carry a sample” when talking about a Home-Space energy reboot project. For this purpose you can get by with a small wire notebook where you can jot down short notes and information. I use a that fits in my purse. It even has pockets in it for paint colors and fabric samples. This mini-journal is a smaller version of the Project Book (a three-ring binder) I will teach you about in a later post and easy to carry with you all the time. You never know when an idea or even a color sample will turn up.

Journals in various sizes are a tool I have used for over 30 years and even though today I carry my iPhone with me, I can’t see it ever fully replacing my hand-written journals. The reason for this is that hand-writing stimulates the brain where we store our creativity. It’s very easy to go from writing a thought to drawing a picture, so I highly recommend you employ this tool at least some of the time.

A second reason the electronic notes won’t work is when doing a decorating project you must have actual color samples with you as you shop because a photograph on your phone won’t represent the color accurately for matching purposes.

So by all means use your phone for taking notes and pictures but you will want to transfer them for storage in one place eventually and the hand written Personal Space Journal is a good choice.

I have also discovered that hand writing brings to the surface a deeper view of what is going on inside of my heart. It’s just too easy to self-edit as I write on my computer but with hand writing noting gets filtered and my deepest feelings are revealed. We need this depth if we are going to access our True power and revitalize our Personal Space energy.

I’d love to see a picture of your Personal Space Journals (the one I use for decorating is pictured here) and let me know how it works for you as you proceed on your project.
’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Do You Have a Personal Private Spot?

We all need personal time to ourselves, but with our busy lives and constant activity via the internet it can be difficult to find this time and space. This is why I ask all of my clients to create for themselves somewhere in their home a personal private spot. This is a place in the home that you can call your own. No one else sits here or disturbs the possessions you keep here. Having this private space anchors us so that our energy is strong and stable. It is our “home base,” the place we return to at the end of the day or even during the day to collect our thoughts, to refresh and to center ourselves. Vision Practice Chair

It is our birthright to take up space our way. We are given our own Personal Space real-estate at the moment of conception. That spark of life from the Divine, our Soul Space, ignited the human life that was developing in the womb. This Soul and Body Space energy grew as we developed and experienced life. The personal private spot acts as a powerful root that keeps us grounded and allows us the time and space we need to reconnect with our true essence. Our energy is enhanced when we create this space by filling it with the things that give us comfort and joy.

You especially need to create and claim a personal power spot for yourself if you live with others. Those you live with can do this as well and as you respect each other’s private spaces and private time spent there, you will find your relationships improve. Taking up Personal Space consciously is akin to declaring ownership for your life. Before you think these steps sound like work, remember if you are not taking responsibility for your life then someone else is, and that someone else will have power over you.

Creating a space that you can call your very own, that no one will disturb without your permission is a vital step to reducing the stress in your life. It will also energize you and enhance your personal power. It’s the step that will allow you to expand and take up space in the world as the unique, distinctive individual that you are. You might think this message is only needed for young adults who are just beginning to express themselves in the adult world, but in fact most adults have lost much of their Personal Space over the years due to education, training, and social pressure. We are taught to fit-in, get along, cooperate and compromise until there is nothing left of the unique individual that we are at our core. Rarely are we encouraged in school, at work or in our families to “stand up and be different!”

This step of establishing your private power spot is so crucial to the Personal Space Journey that it is the #1 Energy Check I use for my Home-Space Energy Review.

Personal Private Spots are as diverse are we are, and no matter your living conditions I can help you create one for yourself. Please write and tell me about your space and how you make it uniquely yours. If you need ideas or support let me know.

I would love to hear about the places you have created for yourself.

’till next time,
Ginger – Marie
Your Personal Space Coach


The Inner Holiday

From Thanksgiving until New Year we have the “Winter Holiday Season” which can be quite overwhelming to our senses. We are inundated with music, color, lights, gifts, food, social events, and nonstop commercials to buy this or that. With all this activity it can be difficult to remember that the holiday season is really only happening inside of us!! The power for how we mark this time of year (happy, sad, chaotic, peaceful etc.) is not up to Toys R Us, JC Penney or Starbucks. It’s not up to your mother, your friends, the local church, your Rabbi or your neighbors. It is only up to you.

Sedona Day OffOur senses act as personal filters for everything going on around us. Our thoughts and beliefs tell us how we feel about what we are experiencing. For example; this time of year we have a big selection of major movie releases and this year has a doozy with the continuation of the Star Wars series. No matter how much money this movie makes there will be a huge range of opinions about it – no two people who see it will see the same movie. And the same is true for what our experience of Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa will be. It’s in our hands alone; the power to filter what comes across our path. We get to choose what to think, what to say, and what to feel in every moment. No one can control us for they don’t live inside of us. No one is in our minds, our hearts or lives behind our eyes but us.

But there is a trick to doing this “choosing” especially this time of year. The trick is to get quiet time for yourself daily if you can, even if it’s just for just 15 minutes. This will help you to restore your energy and collect your thoughts so you feel centered and balanced as you dance through all the activities you have planned. It will also help you to process and download the overload to your senses so you can detach and choose what is best for yourself in the moment.

No matter what happens in your life during this time of year, you can choose peace. You can choose to be happy and grateful or stressed and miserable. Flexibility is your best friend here. Bear in mind that plans are just that PLANS; not events taking place in the current moment, and plans can and will be changed, so remain open to this and flex with what does happen next. Be okay with what comes next and the right response to it will occur to your now open mind. This is how to maintain the feeling of peace inside yourself; which you can choose no matter what is going on outside of you. The first best choice you can make will be to find time for contemplative peace daily.

Give yourself  the gift of happiness this holiday season by taking short breaks and get away from it all. This way you can find happiness and gratitude over and over and over again and your holiday season will be wonderful!

Happy Holidays!
Your Personal Space Coach



Are You Getting What You Want?

I had a professor in college who was a bit of smart aleck and one of his favorite phrases was “Happiness is wanting what you get, not getting what you want.” He used this quite frequently when giving us weekend assignments. I know this phrase is around with other additions but at that time in college I had never heard it before and I thought it was just plain stupid. Time Out

I have come to reconsider my young adult-self’s opinion and I believe my life experience is the reason. I am not sure when inspiration struck but one day while pondering this phrase I decided to give it at try. I thought what if I just said “thank you” for whatever happened? What if I found something to like in what was occurring? This is somewhat like what the character Pollyanna does with her “glad game” but with a twist.

When I know what I am hoping to achieve – what I would consider  the “success” of my objective – and I don’t get the results I wanted,  I will stop and look at what DID happen and ask myself how was getting “this” giving me what I wanted? And surprisingly enough I found in each scenario how I was getting what I wanted at least in the “end result” of my goal.

You see we say we want something, like a new home with specific items, or a new car in a particular color and style and when something else happens we get upset. For instance you are saving for your dream car. You have it all picked out when one day your company transfers you to New York City where having a car is more trouble than benefit. You are frustrated because you didn’t get your wish and you had worked hard for it. BUT – and in life there is always a “but” – you did get your end result/goal. Ask yourself what was the reason you wanted the car? You might find it was because the brand make and model had an excellent safety record, or was reliable or was comfortable. Perhaps it was a “green” car and good for the environment and your pocket book by using less gas. The reasons behind our wishes are what we want to focus on here. So getting the job in NYC just happens to be within walking distance to your home and if it is raining your building has a car service to drive you. So right there you have reliable transportation, comfort and good for the environment and you get to where you are going in style….NYC style.

I recently created a wish list of what I wanted to have happen for my life before a big family event. I didn’t achieve a single one of my wish list items specifically but I did get the end result I had been working for. The energy, feeling and health I needed were all there for me when the big day came. And when I looked at my list of “wants” the reason for each one was what I received even if the specific way I thought it would play out was different. This event is now one of my happiest memories ever!!

So the next time you find yourself unhappy for frustrated with the way your life is moving along, stop and ask yourself…

  • What exactly did I want or hope would happen?
  • Why did I want it play out this way?
  • What result was I hoping to achieve?
  • What feelings did I want to have?
  • Just what is my “happy end result?”
  • Next look at what DID happen and see if you did receive your “core reasons” after all
  • If not then ask yourself “how does what DID happen benefit me?” It might be a next step toward your master goal.

You might find that you did get at least part of what you wanted after all.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Your Ticket to Life

Have you ever been to an amusement park where they gave you a large ticket on a rope and they told you to wear it for permission to be in the park? Or how about a concert event where they told you that they would need to see your ticket for you to return to your seat after using the concessions? Nightclubs frequently stamp your hand with a ticket of ink to identify that yes you have permission and are allowed access to the venue for that night.

TicketWe too have been given a “Life Ticket” and this ticket allows us to live out our life right now on planet Earth. This “Life Ticket” is our Personal Space; the space of our soul, our mind, our body and the creations those three conjure up-our life expression.

We are lucky. We have a multi-dimensional ticket that gives us multiple dimensions from which to create a life of joy and love. Think about it; if you only had your mind you could still have an amazing experience, a ride so to speak of your imagination. But since we also have a body we get to witness with our senses what we create in our mind. We can read a book (mind) and feel the words we are reading (body-senses) via tears, laughter and fear. We can watch a movie or play and use our imagine to virtually take us into the story we are reading or watching. Our life ticket lets us create actual experiences or  pretend experiences of life and all of it can be quite satisfying.

Hollywood tired to capture this concept in the movie “Total Recall” where you could go on a vacation just from the dream in your mind. Of course you wouldn’t have a mind if you didn’t have a “home” for that mind (body) to exist inside of but many people with bodies only live in their minds and then their body tries to cooperate and give them what they believe they can have. That’s another kind of “ticket” to life. Once you get inside the amusement park or entertainment venue you do get to decide what parts you will participate in; the choice is yours.

Sometimes the park we are visiting will have rides out-of-order and so too our life is like this. When faced with a challenge do we see it as a limitation and shut down, or as just part of the experience we are witnessing this time and make the most of what we are given? I am frequently inspired by Stephen Hawking. Just look what his Mind Space has created, and I bet in large part because his body wasn’t active (out-of-order) to distract him. Then you have your amazing athletes who are all about body performance and they often will train their mind to help expand their body’s potential. It’s all our choice, and what we choose to do with our “Life Ticket” ends up creating what we are currently living.

So the next time you see a life you’d like to live, someone you admire, or a life-style change you want to have, ask yourself what kind of “ticket” features are they applying to create that life. Do they work with their mind by getting a college degree or enhance their creativity by joining an art program? Do they hike or do yoga for the body? Just like with a ticket-of-entry to an event, you have to ask yourself how you are using the “Life Ticket” – Personal Space you were given. Do you use all of its features? Is your home the perfect fit for you so that when you go out into your life your energy is enhanced instead of drained? Do you give your unique body the food and exercise it needs, or do you push it around and drag it here and there and just expect it to magically perform? What about your Soul? Do you practice moments of silence, get fresh air or meditate to keep your spirit connection strong? Is your life expression flexible and evolving to give you a life you love?

My advice is to OWN your “ticket” to life by owning your Personal Space. Review each aspect of it; Body Space, Home Space, Soul Space and Life Space and create it all to be just the way that fits your life purpose best. There is plenty for everyone; no one has your stuff. If they have something you like, find your way to create it for yourself; you can do this, you have the ticket of permission. Go for it all!! Go for YOUR all!!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©




Create A Personal Holiday Journal

Previously I mentioned having a Holiday plan in place so you are not overwhelmed when the holidays arrive. In this blog I will share with you some action steps I have used to maintain my sanity and personal power during the holidays. I am using the Winter Holiday Season as my example but you can apply this to any event that repeats yearly such a National holiday, birthday or big event like a yearly family vacation. Create Holiday Journal

Step One:  Personal Holiday (Event) Journal
Start a Word Document or a notebook dedicated to the holiday season (or the event you are planning). This is a journal you will review and update each year. I have kept one on my computer since 2000 and it is extremely helpful to remind me what worked and what didn’t in the past. Plus it helps to boost my resolve each year not to overdo anything whether it be decorating too soon, buying too many gifts or overindulging in food that makes me feel bad.

Step Two – Private Space Time
Set aside some time for yourself. If you won’t be interrupted use your “private space” or else leave the house and perhaps work at a local coffee shop. Find at least an hour of time where you can focus on your feelings and thoughts about the holiday season (or other event).

Using your Personal Holiday Journal (step one) Title one page of paper Holiday (Event) History.  Next divide the paper in thirds with your pen or choose three columns in your word processing document. Label the left column Happiest Memories and the middle column Unpleasant Memories and the last column Ideas for Change Needed.

Now take a couple of breaths, center yourself and think back to holidays of your childhood, your teen years and beyond. If you find your memory blocked try looking at old family scrapbooks or talking to family or friends who were with you. Remember back when you were little to the first gifts you ever made for anyone, then the gifts you bought with money from your first job. Think about what you gave others and gifts given to you. As you go along note down in the appropriate column a brief summary such as:

  • “Sang carols with school group in the mall” listed under Happy Memory
  • “Got really tired of Christmas music since we started before Thanksgiving” listed under Unpleasant Memory

You get the picture. As you go along jot down any solutions that come to mind in column three, otherwise take time to think about it and come back later when a solution appears. The important thing is to honor what you really feel comfortable with and uncomfortable with and find a way to meet your needs better this year. You may need to compromise a little if you celebrate with others but as long as you get your important happy moments achieved a little compromise will feel fine. Notice which of your desires are “deal breakers” and then you will know not to compromise on them.

You can even make another page and write down what you are compromising on and why. This way you will remember it was YOUR decision to compromise and you won’t feel disempowered when the time comes to be flexible. You’ll remember it was because you had a good reason, list it down and realize this is just one of the “gifts” you are giving this year. Not all gifts are wrapped in paper after all.

Step Three:

At least once weekly jot down what you have been doing this holiday season so far. Make notes as often as you want about things that happen. Note whether they either pleased you or upset you. If you find you are upset you can use the journal to unload your feelings and work out solutions.

As you go along highlight all that things you liked and want to repeat next year. Then make notes on what you want to change. Sometimes I will end my yearly holiday journal with a letter to myself noting what I want to add and what I want to avoid in the coming year. I usually title it with “Remember Ginger….” to get my attention.

Over the years I have also added the wish lists I was given from my loved ones and made note of any items they didn’t get; this way next year if I am stumped as to what to get them I can review my list and surprise them with something they had forgotten they asked for.

Optional  Step: Research

If you feel any frustration with the holiday season and the way you have celebrated it in the past and want to make a change, go to Google and start random searches to learn how other people celebrate. For instance, here in the US we start the season extra early and in Europe they actually celebrate later than we do and mark the 12 Days of Christmas which end with Epiphany January 6th. Mix it up, try on new traditions and find what works for you best. It is especially helpful to research when you want to do a drastic change. (See my post about my holiday metamorphosis-perhaps this will give you courage for your own)

Step Four:

Once you have created your personal review keep this journal for years to come and simply add to it starting with the current year. You might be surprised how much this helps you feel in control during this chaotic season. Even if you choose to continue what you have always done in the past, the simple act of honoring your freedom to choose it or not will enhance your enjoyment.

Then each year before the holiday/event begins pull out your journal and read it. Having a plan means being empowered. It doesn’t matter if all your plans don’t happen; what matters is you owned the moment by applying your attention to it beforehand.

Have a fantastic holiday!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach ©


Can You Predict The Weather?

Most of us go about our day thinking things should be just this way or exactly that way and if this doesn’t happen we might say we had a “bad day.” But did we have a “bad day” or was it our thinking that made it “bad”?

If we compared our day’s experiences to a day in the natural world how would this work?

In nature there are very few constants; the earth rotates so it appears that the sun comes up and sets each day and the four seasons come and go, the tide of the sea rises and drops. Other than that, what can you really predict will happen? What can you truly count on or rely on? Nothing! Some days I think the weather forecasters should just phone it in and announce what time the sun rises and sets and call it a day. As well-trained as they are and no matter what new gadgets they create, not one of them can consistently predict the weather on a day-to-day basis.

If the very planet we live on – our home – is unpredictable what makes us think we can predict our life and its daily events? We were gifted with consciousness not control of all that is. Can you control the mood your boss will be in? Can you control that driver behind you on the way to work who insists on tailgating you? Nope, you can’t. Yet we try and then we judge our day based upon our failure or success at controlling that which can’t be controlled. Crazy right?

What if we could chuck that behavior out the window and try to be like the animals? Have you ever seen a bird plot and plan out his/her day? Have you ever seen your pet dog or cat make appointments or lists and then get upset if something didn’t get done? Nope. They just take the day as it comes to them and handle things the moment. The animals all around us are great Zen Masters and we could benefit from their example.

Now, animals do fight but it isn’t like our emotion of anger that can linger for hours, days, even years! Have you ever watched a cat fight or a duck fight? They scratch, make loud noises, bite and peck and get it all out in a few minutes and then walk away from it all. Gone. Over. Done. Not one of them carries a grudge or a judgment like “that shouldn’t have happened.”

Conscious Personal Space is what we can learn from the animals; know what you need, work to obtain and maintain it, or move on. They accept what is, and adapt as needed to maintain a balance. It’s the natural order of things…could it also be the natural order of us? We act all superior to the animal world saying we are above the animals; we put them down for being animals when in fact they are just being natural.

Are we being natural? I wonder.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Your “Off Limits” Space

Do you have a space that you can call your own, a spot that is off-limits to others? This is a key step to take if your goal is to take up space more dynamically in your life. Having this private power spot space will help you establish healthy personal boundaries with others. If you cannot create a full room all for yourself, then find a corner of a room, or a special chair, a table or window seat. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Mom's Chair
Mom’s Chair

A friend of mine, who is the mother of three teenagers, created her private power spot by taking over a corner in her family room. She found an upholstered chair she loved and placed it on a colorful round rug. The rug helped define the borders of her personal space and once she stepped on it she felt insulated from the world around her.  Next she added her iPod, a shelf for books, a lamp and a table. This space she titled “Mom’s Place” and no one; not her husband or her children could enter this small 5′ corner of the room and talk to her unless she invited them. When she went to this spot it meant “Mom was taking a time-out.” Only her 2 pet Yorkshire terriers were welcomed without invitation. She created this spot because every other room in the house was used by the rest of her family. This spot suited her perfectly, she even had a window she could open for fresh air, look out of and see her garden. Many of her friends asked her if the kitchen wasn’t her private power spot but she told them that while the kitchen was her room, filled with her things, she worked there and it couldn’t be hers privately, so she found she couldn’t relax and unwind there. The spot she called “Mom’s Place” was hers alone and served as a refuge and sanctuary from the work of the day. It meant time off, a place to restore herself and refresh her spirit. 

Everyone needs this private form of personal space; it helps us to maintain our personal power and sanity. We are meant to take up space for ourselves, it’s not only our birthright but it’s our responsibility to live and breathe as the unique beings we were created to be. We all have something distinctive to put forth into this world and unless we claim our right to express ourselves, we all miss out on something wonderful. So empower and anchor your individual expression by first creating a spot that is all yours; a place from which you can center yourself and restore your energy.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

You Are Money!

Over the years I have read many self-help books about abundance and while I have received a great deal of good advice these two phrases really strike a cord with me;

“Be the wise steward of your money”
“You’re money baby!” – (from the 1996 movie [easyazon_link asin=”B006LQ80VI” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”persspaccoac-20″]Swingers[/easyazon_link]

Copy of Wallet of MoneyWhen these two phrases are placed together they become a statement of truth, not just clever words. To “be a wise steward of your money” refers to your Personal Space; are you managing your value and worth with respect and dignity? “You’re money baby!” is simply the truth. You ARE money. You are the energy of the gifts and talents that create an exchange when you share yourself with the world. This energetic exchange is usually in the form of money and it wouldn’t exist without you and your talents.

John Randolph Price – [easyazon_link asin=”1561703478″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”persspaccoac-20″]The Abundance Book[/easyazon_link] describes money this way;
M.O.N.E.Y. = My Own Natural Energy Yield

It’s our energy expression in the form our gifts and talents take that when expressed openly bring a return of “yield” which is money, abundance, or wealth.
It’s up to us to manage both our outward expression of money and our inner reception of money. Money circulates, it’s like a flowing river that carries water to plants along the riverbed and also evaporates and becomes rain which then fills the river again.

When we care for our Personal Space by getting regular health care visits, eating nutritious food, buying property insurance and car insurance, tending our yard and home maintenance needs, following a budget, investing our income etc. we are taking the steps of a “good steward.” By your actions you are saying that you value your Personal Space and you respect and honor the work you did to create the cash flow that bought you these blessings. In other words you are declaring that you indeed are money!

If you find you do not feel like money, then the Personal Space Journey can help you. Money and energy are one and the same;  improve your energy and your attraction of money will increase as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©