Your Ticket to Life

Have you ever been to an amusement park where they gave you a large ticket on a rope and they told you to wear it for permission to be in the park? Or how about a concert event where they told you that they would need to see your ticket for you to return to your seat after using the concessions? Nightclubs frequently stamp your hand with a ticket of ink to identify that yes you have permission and are allowed access to the venue for that night.

TicketWe too have been given a “Life Ticket” and this ticket allows us to live out our life right now on planet Earth. This “Life Ticket” is our Personal Space; the space of our soul, our mind, our body and the creations those three conjure up-our life expression.

We are lucky. We have a multi-dimensional ticket that gives us multiple dimensions from which to create a life of joy and love. Think about it; if you only had your mind you could still have an amazing experience, a ride so to speak of your imagination. But since we also have a body we get to witness with our senses what we create in our mind. We can read a book (mind) and feel the words we are reading (body-senses) via tears, laughter and fear. We can watch a movie or play and use our imagine to virtually take us into the story we are reading or watching. Our life ticket lets us create actual experiences or  pretend experiences of life and all of it can be quite satisfying.

Hollywood tired to capture this concept in the movie “Total Recall” where you could go on a vacation just from the dream in your mind. Of course you wouldn’t have a mind if you didn’t have a “home” for that mind (body) to exist inside of but many people with bodies only live in their minds and then their body tries to cooperate and give them what they believe they can have. That’s another kind of “ticket” to life. Once you get inside the amusement park or entertainment venue you do get to decide what parts you will participate in; the choice is yours.

Sometimes the park we are visiting will have rides out-of-order and so too our life is like this. When faced with a challenge do we see it as a limitation and shut down, or as just part of the experience we are witnessing this time and make the most of what we are given? I am frequently inspired by Stephen Hawking. Just look what his Mind Space has created, and I bet in large part because his body wasn’t active (out-of-order) to distract him. Then you have your amazing athletes who are all about body performance and they often will train their mind to help expand their body’s potential. It’s all our choice, and what we choose to do with our “Life Ticket” ends up creating what we are currently living.

So the next time you see a life you’d like to live, someone you admire, or a life-style change you want to have, ask yourself what kind of “ticket” features are they applying to create that life. Do they work with their mind by getting a college degree or enhance their creativity by joining an art program? Do they hike or do yoga for the body? Just like with a ticket-of-entry to an event, you have to ask yourself how you are using the “Life Ticket” – Personal Space you were given. Do you use all of its features? Is your home the perfect fit for you so that when you go out into your life your energy is enhanced instead of drained? Do you give your unique body the food and exercise it needs, or do you push it around and drag it here and there and just expect it to magically perform? What about your Soul? Do you practice moments of silence, get fresh air or meditate to keep your spirit connection strong? Is your life expression flexible and evolving to give you a life you love?

My advice is to OWN your “ticket” to life by owning your Personal Space. Review each aspect of it; Body Space, Home Space, Soul Space and Life Space and create it all to be just the way that fits your life purpose best. There is plenty for everyone; no one has your stuff. If they have something you like, find your way to create it for yourself; you can do this, you have the ticket of permission. Go for it all!! Go for YOUR all!!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©




The Energy of Furniture

There are a ton of changes happening to my little family this year and many of them began as soon as the New Year was upon us! I am taking on a new job as my daughter moves into a new Home Space. My son is getting married in the fall and this month he and his fiancé bought their first home together. This month my daughter moves and my schedule changes, and next month when their house closes my son and his fiancé will be moving as well. Whew!

In most families when there is this much activity, the collective energy vibration of the family dynamic will shift and change as well. Even though we don’t’ live together we are a part of each other’s lives, so when one of us has a big shift occur we all take part in it in some way. For instance my son will be moving over twenty miles across town and my daughter moved about ten. Our get-together time will change, but we won’t know how until we are actually living with the changes. One thing for sure is that with each move our furniture needs change as well.

Family Furniture

There are pieces of furniture that have been shifted around to each of our homes a few time now, and I suspect there will be more to come. I am left with a bed I don’t need, but my son might in his new home. Where once I stored some of his treasures in my garage he will now take them to his new garage, but my daughter who has an apartment now will store her treasures here. 11-2-05 AZ State Fair with Mom (2)

This shifting is needed and necessary for it is a part of how we grow and evolve during our lifetime. The sharing of our possessions also helps keep what I call the Family Tap Root in place. This sharing of furniture shows that we care about each other. It represents the loving connection we share, and that we hold a space for each other in our new and separate Home Space. It brings out fond memories and adds the depth of heart energy in our home environment.

People who are fond of antiques know this first hand, especially if the items are family heirlooms. Now the items my little family is sharing are not heirlooms, but they are precious to us. For instance I have a framed watercolor that I painted and entered in the State Fair which hangs on my art wall. Now my daughter is telling me that she always thought I had given it to her when she was ready and now wants it in her new place. I love that she wants it and in exchange she gave me a painting she did over a decade ago I claimed was “mine” and I had forgotten about. I have a few sculpture items my son made as well scattered throughout my home. I recently repaired a blanket my daughter made for my son that is special to him and there are other items we all treasure and pass around to each other which keep our family love roots thriving.

These items hold more loving energy than the photos we have of each other which are also valued – these furniture items hold memories and if they could talk would recall all the laughter and tears we shared.

So no matter how far away we move from each other, we can still keep the loving energy of our loved ones in our Home Space with us via the furniture we share. Doing this adds to the depth of the good vibrations our Home supports our Live Space with.

What family treasures do you still keep when you move? I’d love to hear your story.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


The Hidden Gift

No matter which winter holiday you celebrate most likely a gift exchange will be part of the celebration. With each gift given and received the one that matters the most is the hidden gift. I am sure you have received the hidden gift before, but I’ll bet you didn’t realize it. I’ll give you some clues as to what it is and then you can decide for yourself if you have ever received one.

1-1-12 family holiday (25a) Yellow Submarine family!Not all gifts come wrapped. The hidden gift is one of those unwrapped gifts. It is also somewhat invisible which is kind of funny because it is right out in the open but most of us don’t realize it. We tend to take it for granted and forget to appreciate it. It is the one and only gift everyone wants each year. It is a gift no store can market and sell to you, although they try. This gift costs nothing and is priceless at the same time. Even Jesus received this gift at his birth but most of us don’t realize it was the fourth gift he received.

When you think back to the story of Jesus you probably remember the three gifts from the Wise Men of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Well, there was a fourth gift no one remembers to mention…and that is of the Wise Men showing up to honor the newborn child. If they hadn’t come, the moment would have been less magical and most likely not recorded in history. Could they have sent a shepherd to deliver the gift for them? Sure, but then the impact of Three Kings coming a long distance to pay their respects would have been missing. Their presence was a huge “present” and a very necessary element to the event and its future significance. You see it is our presence that comes with our gifts that is the best gift of all. It is our “presence” that makes the present we give meaningful. Let me explain.

Have you ever heard that “it is the thought that counts?” Well that is actually true. This hidden gift begins the moment someone considers gifting another because this is when they begin to apply their “presence” to the present. We ask: “what shall I give them, what would they like?” And the best question of all …”what would they love?” It is your level of conscious care and attention that selects the loving present. Did you just “phone it in” and buy the first thing you saw, or did you give it careful thought and consideration? Even if you cannot deliver the present in person you can still apply the hidden gift magic by giving your selection considerable thought such as wrapping it in a special way, making sure it is delivered on time or even early. You could even follow up with a phone call or have an internet Skype visit. All of these actions make your wrapped gift priceless and memorable; which is the hidden gift we all really long for – time and attention from another.

This hidden unwrapped gift is of course love – in action. If you can visit in person like the Wise Men did then the conversation and the warmth of having others to share moments with enhances the whole holiday. This hidden gift has the ability to make all the other wrapped gifts and even food that much richer.

I bet if I were to ask you what you got for your birthday or a holiday event last year, or 5 years ago you might not remember the item but if I asked “how” you celebrated the event; who came, what you did together etc. that you would remember. Let me also ask you this, what is it at holiday time that you take pictures of? Is it the presents you got; or the people opening them, toasting the day, laughing and hamming it up for the camera? In this way the hidden gift becomes visible; when we take pictures of it which last for years to come. Then when we look at them we feel the love once again…magic!

Think about this as your holiday season evolves and you attend all the various events like a cookie exchange at work, or carol with your club or your major holiday meal and see if it isn’t this “hidden gift” that you treasure the most. Take lots of pictures of it and you will be receiving the gift again every time you look at them. Remember that your presence is the first and best present you give at the holiday; and it is one that rewards you as well with good feelings as you go about your holiday shopping.

Have a wonderful holiday and perhaps gift me with your presence by writing back to tell me about the many hidden gifts you got this year.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach ©

PS – this is a family photo of a special gift my daughter got us…matching Yellow Submarine T-shirts. They are getting worn out now but the memory of the fun we had lingers on.




Create A Personal Holiday Journal

Previously I mentioned having a Holiday plan in place so you are not overwhelmed when the holidays arrive. In this blog I will share with you some action steps I have used to maintain my sanity and personal power during the holidays. I am using the Winter Holiday Season as my example but you can apply this to any event that repeats yearly such a National holiday, birthday or big event like a yearly family vacation. Create Holiday Journal

Step One:  Personal Holiday (Event) Journal
Start a Word Document or a notebook dedicated to the holiday season (or the event you are planning). This is a journal you will review and update each year. I have kept one on my computer since 2000 and it is extremely helpful to remind me what worked and what didn’t in the past. Plus it helps to boost my resolve each year not to overdo anything whether it be decorating too soon, buying too many gifts or overindulging in food that makes me feel bad.

Step Two – Private Space Time
Set aside some time for yourself. If you won’t be interrupted use your “private space” or else leave the house and perhaps work at a local coffee shop. Find at least an hour of time where you can focus on your feelings and thoughts about the holiday season (or other event).

Using your Personal Holiday Journal (step one) Title one page of paper Holiday (Event) History.  Next divide the paper in thirds with your pen or choose three columns in your word processing document. Label the left column Happiest Memories and the middle column Unpleasant Memories and the last column Ideas for Change Needed.

Now take a couple of breaths, center yourself and think back to holidays of your childhood, your teen years and beyond. If you find your memory blocked try looking at old family scrapbooks or talking to family or friends who were with you. Remember back when you were little to the first gifts you ever made for anyone, then the gifts you bought with money from your first job. Think about what you gave others and gifts given to you. As you go along note down in the appropriate column a brief summary such as:

  • “Sang carols with school group in the mall” listed under Happy Memory
  • “Got really tired of Christmas music since we started before Thanksgiving” listed under Unpleasant Memory

You get the picture. As you go along jot down any solutions that come to mind in column three, otherwise take time to think about it and come back later when a solution appears. The important thing is to honor what you really feel comfortable with and uncomfortable with and find a way to meet your needs better this year. You may need to compromise a little if you celebrate with others but as long as you get your important happy moments achieved a little compromise will feel fine. Notice which of your desires are “deal breakers” and then you will know not to compromise on them.

You can even make another page and write down what you are compromising on and why. This way you will remember it was YOUR decision to compromise and you won’t feel disempowered when the time comes to be flexible. You’ll remember it was because you had a good reason, list it down and realize this is just one of the “gifts” you are giving this year. Not all gifts are wrapped in paper after all.

Step Three:

At least once weekly jot down what you have been doing this holiday season so far. Make notes as often as you want about things that happen. Note whether they either pleased you or upset you. If you find you are upset you can use the journal to unload your feelings and work out solutions.

As you go along highlight all that things you liked and want to repeat next year. Then make notes on what you want to change. Sometimes I will end my yearly holiday journal with a letter to myself noting what I want to add and what I want to avoid in the coming year. I usually title it with “Remember Ginger….” to get my attention.

Over the years I have also added the wish lists I was given from my loved ones and made note of any items they didn’t get; this way next year if I am stumped as to what to get them I can review my list and surprise them with something they had forgotten they asked for.

Optional  Step: Research

If you feel any frustration with the holiday season and the way you have celebrated it in the past and want to make a change, go to Google and start random searches to learn how other people celebrate. For instance, here in the US we start the season extra early and in Europe they actually celebrate later than we do and mark the 12 Days of Christmas which end with Epiphany January 6th. Mix it up, try on new traditions and find what works for you best. It is especially helpful to research when you want to do a drastic change. (See my post about my holiday metamorphosis-perhaps this will give you courage for your own)

Step Four:

Once you have created your personal review keep this journal for years to come and simply add to it starting with the current year. You might be surprised how much this helps you feel in control during this chaotic season. Even if you choose to continue what you have always done in the past, the simple act of honoring your freedom to choose it or not will enhance your enjoyment.

Then each year before the holiday/event begins pull out your journal and read it. Having a plan means being empowered. It doesn’t matter if all your plans don’t happen; what matters is you owned the moment by applying your attention to it beforehand.

Have a fantastic holiday!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach ©


Odd Behavior

Have you ever found yourself doing or saying something that simply confounds you and you wonder “where did that come from?” Have you ever been with a friend or family member when they acted out of character and left you completely baffled?

The Shadow Self

I have found this can happen to all of us especially when we are under stress or deep in thought and not paying attention in the present moment. What is appearing is a part of our psyche called our “shadow self” – the characteristics we all possess but are not our standard way of expressing. For instance a brilliant scientist may have moment of utter stupidity or a sweet docile woman might have moments of rage. So even though we may abhor certain kinds of behavior (dictator, murderer, and stinginess) we all are capable given the right set of circumstances to display these behaviors. Coming to terms with our “all-ness” is the key to self-love empowerment. When we own all that we are, instead of dis-own parts of our selves, we become whole and can remain more conscious and in command of our choices in the moment.

If you find this topic just too difficult to swallow let me give you a lighter example of what can happen to show us we have a hidden shadow self.

Odd Behavior

Sometimes when we are out  of our “element” so to speak and our world feels to be spinning by too fast for us to catch our breath, we can find ourselves acting oddly even, downright opposite to our usually mode of behavior. If our environments are too distracting, or we don’t get enough sleep or we simply have too much going on at once we can get into some crazy business. And guess what? The crazy event we “accidently” create ends up setting us back on track. It is a kind of emotional/social pain that wakes us up to the whirling dervish we have gotten caught up in and we stop, pause, take stock and reboot.

I have two short stories to share about this (I hope my kids will forgive me):

My daughter is brilliant! She is detail oriented, clever and quick, yet on a surprise trip to San Diego one Mother’s Day weekend she actually got us lost. We had traveled to this same area of San Diego at least a dozen times and have the area memorized but this trip we were going to a section we were not used to. She did her due diligence and Map Quested the route to the new hotel but for some crazy unknown reason (too much going on at once is my theory) she decided to shorten the directions and eliminate the middle 6 steps. So we got lost. When I asked her how in the world we could have done this she said “Oh I skipped those steps because I thought it was just Map Quest taking the long way around.” We laugh about that to this day because it was so out of character for her.

The next story is about my son. His sister had taken her brother and best friend to the opening of a long awaited blockbuster movie and to say they were excited is a major understatement. The two boys were in their seats busy visiting while waiting for the movie to begin when my daughter asked them to watch her purse while she used the restroom. Her brother said “okay.” A few minutes later a couple came up to see if the seats were saved because a purse was sitting in them. And my son says “One seat is for my sister but I don’t know who’s purse that is” so the couple take the purse to the Lost and Found (luckily). When my daughter got back from the restroom she asked where her purse was and …yep you guessed it!! He will never live this event down in her eyes.

We can laugh about this odd behavior now and even in the moment is seemed funny yet it also is a puzzlement that causes us to stop and slow down and pay better attention.

Do you have any (now funny) stories of odd behavior you did or witnessed? We are all delightfully human after all.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Variety Is The Spice of Life

When was the last time you had a meal of just one food item? Even if you have a dinner salad it is more than just a head of lettuce – right? What about your clothes; do you wear one solid color from head to toe? Or do you at least mix is up a little by wearing makeup or different color shoes?

Mixed BoquetI used to work at a flower shop and discovered that instead of choosing a bouquet of one kind and color of flower, the majority of people want some variety. Just take a look online at any of the floral store websites and you will find there are more mixed flower arrangements on display than arrangements with one or two of all the same flowers.  And even in these same flower bouquets the heights will be varied and greenery will be added to enhance the overall design of the bouquet. Interesting don’t you think?

Do you know how many different recipes for chicken there are? I sure don’t but I know there must be thousands. Think about it. Chicken has a rather ordinary flavor but because we add variety in the form of spices, cooking methods and other foods into the mix we get an endless number of chicken dishes all having unique flavors. From fried chicken which has multiple recipes as well, to chicken marinara, to chicken noodle soup. Each meal is so different you almost forget that they are also the “same” in that they all use chicken. And aren’t we happier for this diversity?

We tend to choose diversity all day long in various ways yet have you ever looked at someone else and thought, “Why don’t I look like that?” I see this frequently in what I call “real people” vs. “famous people” scenarios. When we read a popular magazine, watch TV, or a movie we will often compare ourselves to the people we just saw. We will wonder what is wrong with us that we don’t look like so-and-so. Usually we compare ourselves with actors or media stars but sometimes we will do it with people we know as well. We wonder how they can be the same age as us yet they don’t “look it.”  Even when we know better and realize that the famous people most likely were photo shopped with air brushing or had extensive plastic surgery we still wonder, and compare ourselves with others.

The odd thing is that we are asking a question we already know the answer to; it isn’t “natural” for two people to be the same. The world already has one like that, why would it need or want another? You know the “been-there-done-that” feeling? Well that is actually life revealing a truth to us.

The truth is…. Nature likes variety. In fact Nature demands variety! Our entire planet is filled with such a vast variety of plants, insects, animals and natural rock formations that not all of it has been discovered and cataloged and we have been at it thousands of years!! So it stands to reason that this same variety is to be found is us as well, and that perhaps we should celebrate our differences instead of trying to hide them or blend in trying to be a match to someone else. After all isn’t variety the spice of life?

“till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©



Dismiss What Insults Your Soul

Everywhere we turn it seems that someone is telling us how to live; what to eat, what not to eat, how to dress our body in the latest (and only approved of) styles, how to decorate our home, what the latest and greatest is for every moment of our life experience. Even if we turned off all the TV ads, radio marketing and newspaper ads, internet and magazine publications we would still be prompted by others to do it their way. And always there is that unspoken “or else” that is implied. Or else you won’t be popular, or else you won’t get that job, or else you won’t look attractive and the worst one of all “or else you won’t be loved.”

“Re-examine all you have been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”
Walt Whitman

Most often the thoughts running through our heads are not our own, they belong to what others in the world have told us. We judge ourselves, or make decisions based upon something our mom said to us, or our 5th grade teacher told us years ago, and we didn’t know we could question it to see if it was true for us now that we are old enough to make decisions for ourselves. Many of us have people living “rent free” right inside our minds! It’s time to clean house and get out what doesn’t match you and your value system!!

If we don’t learn how to stop the world from taking us over, we will continue to feel that vague sense of emptiness inside and continue to feel lost in a jungle taken over by the beliefs and values of others. That vague sense of emptiness you feel inside is your own Soul Space crying out to you to stop the merry-go-round the world has you on, and come home to you. If you don’t live in your space someone else will. Space can’t really go extinct but the “personal you” part can get buried so deep you could forget all about your right to exist your way.

Every one of these subtle and sometimes not too subtle voices in your head bombard you all day long and before you know it, you’ve lost your connection to your essence; that part of you that makes you unique, original, and makes you happy. You are lost as to what makes you, YOU. By reclaiming and possessing your Personal Space you can get the world off of your back and begin living the authentic and wonderful life you were meant to have, and the best part is no one around you has to change at all. No one has to give you permission or approve of what you find to be true about yourself. In fact no one but you can give you permission. The strength to be all that we are comes from within each of us-at our soul level. We are all equally powerful and capable. We are all winners, as long as we are in our game and not trying to play by the rules of others in their game.

It’s up to each of us to take a stand and take up our Personal Space deliberately so it doesn’t go extinct in our lives. Sure it’s healthy to share yourself with others, connections are vital to our lives but keep some of your time and space personal for yourself because if you don’t then where do you exist?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

People Are Like Plants

I know what you’re thinking…NOW she’s lost it! But stay with me and I will explain.

How are people like plants? Well most plants begin their life tiny in the form of seeds or tubers which when given the right environment and sometimes even the wrong environment, will sprout and grow. We too begin our lives very tiny almost seed-like as a fertilized egg in our mother’s wombs. We too will thrive or flounder depending on our environment.

So let’s talk about environment which is after all the “personal space” plants and people live in.

The Plant Kingdom is so vast and diverse (as are humans) it would take forever for me review them all here, so I will reference the ones I am most familiar with. I currently live in the desert and I can tell you that not all the plants that grew in my yard as a child in Michigan will grow here in Arizona and vice versa. Take for instance the saguaro cactus. Did you know Arizona is the only state in the US that can grow them naturally? In fact it’s only in the Sonoran Desert which runs through parts of Arizona and Northern Mexico that they grow on the entire planet! If you tried to grow one in a different environment than the Sonoran Desert it would require an enormous amount of extra care and attention and most likely would never thrive and eventually die. Saguaro

There are a lot of plants like that. If we want to grow tulips here in the Valley of the Sun we have to dig them up each year and put them in the refrigerator to stimulate winter temperatures. Go figure that one! Talk about stubborn gardeners (yes, I have done this myself-ha!) I can just see the ads for new plant homes… “Must Have Hot Scorching Sun to Thrive” or this one, “Must Have 4 Months of Frozen Temperatures to Bloom.” There isn’t a “one size fits all” in the Plant Kingdom and no intelligent botanist would expect there to be.

So why do we humans expect there to be a “one size fits all” for us? TV ads, magazines, movies and media of all sorts try to tell us that unless we are just like so-and-so we are “wrong” and must fix ourselves. So a tulip will never grow to 12 feet tall does that make it a failure? Or a saguaro will never become a long stem flower in a spring bouquet, does that make its life worthless and it should cut, chopped, starved and molded to shape itself to be tulip-like? If it did, wouldn’t we miss out on the richness that only a saguaro cactus can bring to our world?

The point I am making here is that just like the Plant Kingdom which is filled with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and unique growing and environmental needs, so too people have these vast differences as well. Personal Space is all about going inside of your-own-self and checking in to see what you need, honoring what you discover and then going after the life YOU UNIQUELY were born to live!

’till next time!
Your Personal Space Coach©


Can You Predict The Weather?

Most of us go about our day thinking things should be just this way or exactly that way and if this doesn’t happen we might say we had a “bad day.” But did we have a “bad day” or was it our thinking that made it “bad”?

If we compared our day’s experiences to a day in the natural world how would this work?

In nature there are very few constants; the earth rotates so it appears that the sun comes up and sets each day and the four seasons come and go, the tide of the sea rises and drops. Other than that, what can you really predict will happen? What can you truly count on or rely on? Nothing! Some days I think the weather forecasters should just phone it in and announce what time the sun rises and sets and call it a day. As well-trained as they are and no matter what new gadgets they create, not one of them can consistently predict the weather on a day-to-day basis.

If the very planet we live on – our home – is unpredictable what makes us think we can predict our life and its daily events? We were gifted with consciousness not control of all that is. Can you control the mood your boss will be in? Can you control that driver behind you on the way to work who insists on tailgating you? Nope, you can’t. Yet we try and then we judge our day based upon our failure or success at controlling that which can’t be controlled. Crazy right?

What if we could chuck that behavior out the window and try to be like the animals? Have you ever seen a bird plot and plan out his/her day? Have you ever seen your pet dog or cat make appointments or lists and then get upset if something didn’t get done? Nope. They just take the day as it comes to them and handle things the moment. The animals all around us are great Zen Masters and we could benefit from their example.

Now, animals do fight but it isn’t like our emotion of anger that can linger for hours, days, even years! Have you ever watched a cat fight or a duck fight? They scratch, make loud noises, bite and peck and get it all out in a few minutes and then walk away from it all. Gone. Over. Done. Not one of them carries a grudge or a judgment like “that shouldn’t have happened.”

Conscious Personal Space is what we can learn from the animals; know what you need, work to obtain and maintain it, or move on. They accept what is, and adapt as needed to maintain a balance. It’s the natural order of things…could it also be the natural order of us? We act all superior to the animal world saying we are above the animals; we put them down for being animals when in fact they are just being natural.

Are we being natural? I wonder.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Are You Lost in a Sea of Choices?

Have you ever stopped to notice how many cars there are available to buy today? There is such a large variety available to choose from it’s amazing we can ever decide what to pick! Even if you are only looking at new cars you can be overwhelmed with choices. So do you simply go to the store/dealership and get what you want without any research? Not likely. You could I guess, but then you’d be stuck with it for a few years and that’s a large investment to leave to chance.

There are over 50 manufactures (or companies) that build cars worldwide. Do they offer one type of car each? Nope. Each model of car comes in different “makes” of car usually determined by the year it was made. In 2011 there were over 170 makes available, not to mention multiple model variations and untold number of features to choose from such as color, fabric, audio and tires!

Once you know what make, model and features you want, you have to research and choose how you will pay for the car. Do you buy or lease it? You can pay cash of course or finance it. If you are going to finance it do you go through a dealership, or the bank, or the credit union or AAA? Notice I stuck with new cars only in this scenario, if you are looking at used cars the selection multiplies (more model years to chose from) but the features are already chosen for you (color, audio etc) so some of the items you would have preferred are no longer an option. Personalized Car

Does this seemingly unending number of choices remind you of anything? It makes me think of our fingerprints. Do we have unlimited possibilities in the car we choose to drive around in because we too are unlimited? There are no two of us alike as proven by our unique DNA and fingerprints. We haven’t even begun to consider that once you take possession of this car…once you got inside with your purse, or briefcase or drink beverage, that car would become “personalized” it would be UNIQUELY YOURS!! Again, just like your fingerprints. Oh yah, your license plate number will be unique too. So because we choose to “own” them and we each want something different, there are no two cars alike in the world!

Can you see from this example why making sure your choices are your own (and not what someone else tells you to get) can greatly affect your life? If you don’t take the time to know yourself and your preferences and express them consciously, you might end up with a car (or a life) that you hate. How much time do you spend in your car? How many years do you keep the same car? How much do you rely on it? Once you develop the knack of being clear on what it means to be you and then go about doing that day after day, decisions like this car example that affect your daily live become easier and smoother to implement.

So, what kind of car do you drive? Do you love it? Is it you? Drop me a note…
‘till next time,
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