Are You Self-Conscious?

How self-aware or self-conscious are you? To be conscious is to be empowered. To be self-conscious is to be self empoweredSedona 1. The Personal Space journey is all about making our Personal Space “conscious space.” We do this by exploring what it means to be our authentic selves and then put those things we learn about ourselves into daily practice.

That’s right, Personal Space is a practice; the practice of being you. One of the reasons it needs to become a practice is because the world wants to pull you out of yourself; pull you out of self-consciousness. You have heard that “misery loves company” and until everyone else learns to be personally empowered aka self-aware and conscious they will feel miserable and encourage others to join them. Ever known someone who played the drama game of “ain’t it awful?” Then you know what I mean. TV, radio, printed and internet ads want you to “join the crowd” and be like everyone else; only we were not meant to conform, we were designed to be unique.

When you practice self consciousness over time you will do what it takes to be you in the world automatically, instinctively even. Your inner bossy ego voice that says “I want to be like the crowd”  or “I want to belong” will know to keep quiet and save its breath because you are so anchored and confident in your true self he/she can’t sway you any longer to go along with the crowd. From now on you do belong… you belong to yourself!

Once you are firmly self-established you will have great success expanding your space. This means moving out from your standard routine at home and entering the world while remaining true to your core values. You will know how to navigate in new territory because your inner senses are fully tuned and can lead you on. In other words you will have a fully active internal compass which will always point you in your true north direction.

Expanding your space is not about influencing others. It might seem that this is just what you are doing but that is the ego’s illusion. Expanding your space is more like a vibration that is strong and in tune. It surrounds you and keeps you in harmony with yourself while you are in the company of other vibrations and tunes. Like a radio wave that is floating out there invisible to the eye and unheard by the ear unless a tuning device is used and a particular channel chosen. You see, anyone who is influenced by you is in charge of their radio station selection. If they are tuned into you it’s on them to be influenced by your tune …. or not.

Never take the credit for another’s success, it can never be yours. It’s all theirs. Your credit, the credit you deserve, comes from living your life from inside-out and doing so out loud for the world to see if it chooses to. You do this with respect for yourself and all others.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Using Your “No” Power!

I was just a little girl and not yet in school when we got our first black and white TV and I remember it being a really big deal. When color TV came out it was even more exciting, because now it wasn’t just a box on a rickety stand, it was in a finely crafted piece of wood furniture…console TV.

Media in RoomEven before the TV we had a radio in our living room and from the start our listening time was limited. This was due to what time the stations were playing programs.  So even though I am a child of the mass communications age I didn’t feel it ruled our lives. Fast forward to 2015 and it’s an entirely different story.

Not only do we have multiple TV’s in our homes, perhaps one in every room to watch pre-recorded shows, we also have instant connection to the entire world through the internet and social media. The first telephone we had when I was a kid was a “party line” which meant our calls were not private and we had to go through an operator to ring someone. Today my phone is “smart” and can connect with the world in real time. Now before you think I am ancient, this was just 50 years ago and the previous 50 years only saw the invention of the telephone and radio!!

Inventions are happening much faster than they used to – are we keeping up? Are we “smart” with our phones and other electronics or do they control our lives?  What we do to get along and entertain ourselves has completely changed and I want to address how this has affected our ability to find and create separate space for ourselves – and maintain our personal power.

In order to have personal power we must first have our “person” intact. This was difficult to do when I was a teen/adult and it is exponentially more difficult today thanks to mass media and a plethora of devices. The choices we are presented with each day are too numerous to count and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information and technology. The best way to combat this influx of sales stimuli is to make space for yourself where you can hear yourself think and more importantly feel yourself react to life. It is through our feelings that we can really know when we are in harmony with our True authentic self. The thinking mind or ego will want to “belong” in the world and since it perceives everything as danger, it rarely wants to take a stand and be unique. But your heart has all the courage you could ever need to stand up and be your true self. And this courage is fed by having a private spot within our protected personal space. I say protected because that is what we have to do. We do this by choosing what we will and won’t let into our space and this enables us to reclaim our power from the world that is invading our home.

Here is an example of what I mean; I was born at the end of the Korean War and soon we were in the Vietnam War. Three brothers, 2 cousins, and one uncle all served in the Navy and I was busy as a little girl writing letters and sending care packages so I was quite familiar with wartime energy-or so I thought. When we bombed Kuwait in 1991 live on TV I was not at all prepared and was shocked and horrified. You’d think with all the wars I had experienced I would be numb but they were never “live” in my living room. Neither was the explosion of the Challenger Spaceship or the bombing of the Twin Towers on my TV as a child. We do need to know what is going on in the world however we must say “no” when the media wants us to watch them 24-7 and inundate us with their minutia and bad reporting just for the sake of adding money to their coffers. Nor do we need to get shocked and upset for this helps and empowers no one!! Now more than ever our “no” power must be exerted. And remember this; every time you say “no ”you are saying ”yes” to something else you decided you want more such as peace of mind and space to collect and restore your own energy.

Today I limit how much and when I watch the news. I prepare myself and remind myself that the Universe is indeed in order even if it doesn’t look like it and I send blessings of love and light to all who appear in the media that are troubled. In this manner I use my “no” power in a way that is a “win-win” for all.

How do you use your “no” power?

’till next time
Your Personal Space Coach©




Awareness – Acceptance – Action

Living with others can be a daily challenge. Even living with just ourselves can be a challenge – some days we drive ourselves crazy! The “Three A’s” tip is the one thing I know that works every time I need help getting my life back on track. This is how it works…

Living on Auto-PilotUsually when I am having a “bad day” or am supremely irritated with and event, person or situation if I can remember “The Three A’s” I will be able to bring sanity to my mind and restore my energy. The first step is to stop and notice what is actually bothering me. I may need to go deeper than my first thought to get to full Awareness of the situation. For instance say I am mad at the delay at the doctors office. At first I might think it is because I am a busy woman and don’t have time to waste at the doctors. But if I go deeper and ask “what else is this about for me?” I might come up with an inner wound that got triggered by this event and if I take the time to clear it I am not bothered anymore.

Or perhaps I might ask “what is causing this to happen-is there a good reason for this delay at this time?” With this question I have achieved #1 Awareness – I am now fully aware of my situation and the doctor event, and I have moved to #2 Acceptance of what is going on in the moment. Then #3 Action – almost happens by itself as I get up and ask the front desk receptionist what might be the reason the doctor is late. It is here that I learn he witnessed a car accident on his way into the office and is providing emergency care to the wounded.

The funny thing about The Three A’s (which I think originate from the AA 12 set program) is that most of us want to just jump to #3 Action without getting fully clear and Aware of what the REAL problem is and this just doesn’t work out well in the long run. Most of us don’t take the time to become fully Aware and we really don’t like Acceptance. Nope. Not for me we say! It’s “their fault” we say and all this does is dis-empower us as we attempt to solve the part of this scenario that is our problem.

To paraphrase the wise Hawaiian therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len; if you see it, notice it and feel it then some part of the problem is yours to solve – you share responsibility. And “responsibility” means responding-with-ability  a very self-empowering action!

So the next time you find yourself upset or annoyed and the immediate solution doesn’t occur to you –  stop and see if you can apply the Three A’s to assist you. Chances are the right action is not occurring to you  because you don’t know what the “real” problem is or you know what it is and are not able to accept it. Remember Acceptance does NOT mean approval – it just means right here and right now you can see that “this issue” is occurring, and in the next moment something else will occur. So get over it, above it, beyond it by becoming fully Aware of it, Accepting it, and working with it to solve “this issue” with full awareness  and empowered Action. Good luck!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Computer Personal Space

It never occurred to me that there was such a thing as Computer Personal Space, which if funny considering our computers are called “personal” computers-ha! I also noticed recently once again that it seems we have to lose something before we know we miss it or need it. There is an old 1970’s song “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell about this…

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
‘Til it’s gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
Computer SpaceHow you set up your personal computer is very “personal”  and quite likely there are no two set-ups out there in the offices of the world. We get attached to our set-up and just expect it to be in place when we boot up. However when you go to add a new program or a program you already use does an update then what you are used to seeing will change and possibly cause you to grumble. I know every time Yahoo changes their email it messes with my calm. Another way our personal computer space is messed with is when you innocently download something you wanted only to find you got junk with it that you most definitely didn’t want! Things such as a virus or advertising material that was attached and you didn’t realize it. This is an invasion of your personal space-one we all have to defend against from time to time.

I am sure most of us like to boot up our computers and find the screen the way we left it. You don’t need 10 tool-bars but have you ever noticed everyone wants you to use their tool bar or their search engine? I mean COME ON!! Enough already! We used to get junk mail in our mailboxes. It was fairly easy to identify what it was but on the internet the junk “mail” takes a different form and is cleverly disguised. We have to be in a constant state of awareness and keep ourselves up to date or we will get caught in the trap so many links have in their downloads.

Being human I tend to finally realize and appreciate what I like only when it is taken from me. I also learn best when I have made a mistake (darn). I am finally making use of this pattern and these days when I make make a mistake and lose something I  get the message my inner wisdom is trying to tell me; which is slow down and take a break. Once my energy is restored I am ready to learn something new. I learned the hard way that there is nothing free on the internet. Those free links come loaded with ads that will embed in your system and take over if you are not careful. The road of hard knocks just taught me (after I accidentally downloaded 188 malicious malware) that first I should always choose “custom” download because this way you can avoid all the extras you never wanted in the first place, then “save” any download link not “run” it. Next I should do a virus scan on it which is as simple as a right click and is done in minutes. Once it’s all the way you want it and has no virus then add it to your computer. In this way you have personal empowerment over the vast internet traps that lay in wait for the unsuspecting visitor.

I know how to handle furniture sales people, installers, carpenters, contractors, delayed deliveries and painters but I really have a lot to learn about the internet and computer business. Once I saw it as one of the personal space dimensions I could clearly see how to deal with it all. Go slow, keep your eyes open, follow your hunches, make sure you are not stressed or tired so you can be fully present before proceeding, and know beyond a doubt that no matter how pushy these promoters are you get to have it your way…it’s your personal computer space after all!!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Feeling Self-Conscious

Feeling self-conscious is quite common for most of us from time to time. However the way we handle self-consciousness can vary greatly. When some feel that tingle of being watched or judged it makes them angry, others just brush it off. I imagine a sociopath barely feels it at all since their conscience mechanism appears to be turned off completely. I can’t know how another feels or what causes them to have that sensation of discomfort… and it is an uncomfortable feeling to be sure, but I do have some tips for managing it. Ginger at Work

I have it right now as I write this blog. I am doing some temp work that only requires phone answering and I was encouraged to keep myself busy unless they found work for me. So I take this time to focus on my writing.

The reason I am self conscious today is because I am sitting in a “bird cage” type of reception desk. Except for the desk in front of me I have nothing solid as an anchor…no walls and no roof to speak of since this is a showroom and the ceiling is two stories up with floor to ceiling windows.  I have people moving around me on all 4 sides. They either walk in front as they enter the building, or walk along side of me down the aisle to my right or up the winding open staircase. But the most disturbing part is that there is a desk right behind me where my temporary boss sits. This is also where everyone comes to make copies and since I am not looking that direction I get startled each time they show up. Or they come directly behind me to get files. This is a Feng Shui nightmare of an office to be sure. lol

Yet, I am enjoying my time here. I have mastered my self-consciousness.

I have learned over the years to enhance my energy field before I even leave my home and I have special steps I take when I get to the work place I am visiting. Since my Home Space fully empowers me, my energy leaving the house is strong enough to support me as I go out into the world.

Tips On Enhancing Your Energy Field in Public-

This starts before you leave the comfort of your Home Space. Basically you want to “arm” your Body Space with good vibrations before you head out.
  1. Wear clothes that make you feel good, the colors that make you feel attractive and the shoes and clothes that are most comfortable
  2. Bring items from home that empower and comfort you – for me it is the supplies I need to to the job for the day plus my favorite snack foods.
  3. Once on location set up your work station with a few items that make you feel “at home.” Today I have my personal coffee mug and thermos full of Starbucks coffee. … a favorite covered water bottle and my favorite ink pen.
  4. I filled the empty desk drawer next to me with my reading, writing and art supplies.
  5. I am obviously on-line but I went into the system using Google’s Incognito system so my browsing won’t be stored. I do this both for myself and for the receptionist whose computer I am using. She want’s her favorites to pop up when she returns,not mine.
  6. Next I take the first alone moment I can get at my desk and I begin to reinforce my energy field with visualization techniques. I start by focusing my attention on my heart and “see” the light inside expand until it surrounds me about 15 feet. This not only sends a blessing of support to me – it also blesses all whom I encounter should they be open to this positive energy.

If you happened to see Gandalf in the first “Lord of the Rings” movie when he was fighting off the Bellroc, then you can visualize what I am doing. I “see” a white ball of brilliant light all around me. This ball of light is something we all have (our aura) and it is centered in our Heart Chakra. For some they feel is just below the heart in the Sacral Chakra area. Basically it is our Soul Space energy which is always with us. Being conscious of this energy makes it expand. For me I have personalized this energy and call it my “love bubble” which I re-empower each morning in my “Bookend Routine” practice I do to maintain strong energy all day long. (see other blog titled “Book-ending Your Day”)

Okay. So now I am empowered and ready to have a wonderful day. It’s all up to me. No matter what goes on here I have my energy up and ready to go. I know this system works for me so if you try it out let me know how it works for you.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Home Away From Home

Having our Home Space decorated, organized and maintained in the manner that serves us best is vital to our happiness and well being; not only in our home but in our day-to-day life as well. I tend to travel a great deal as I often take contract temp jobs to supplement my income. Some weeks I travel to a different office every day. I also love taking short day trips or close to home “stay-cations.” No matter where I go whether it is for a single day or an Home Officeovernight stay, I need to feel empowered and comfortable so this means I need to have a solid hold on what it takes to make me feel “at home” away from home.

I have a little practice I do before I go on a trip or to work at a temp job. I learned the hard way that if I don’t prepare I will miss something that I need because I have taken it presence for granted. This happens  because I am so used to having whatever it  is handy in my home or home office space. Live and learn. These tips work for going on vacation or for any other time you are taking up space in a temporary environment.

Tips to Being  “At Home” on Location-

  • Grab a notebook and pen
  • Get quiet in a room by yourself where you can concentrate
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and visualize your time away from home in your mind
  • Using the notebook I will go through my days activities, listing what I may encounter such as…”cold office, casual jean dress code” or  if it is a vacation I will list the days and events like “afternoon tea, amusement park rides etc.” This activity list will start the process of prompting my mind to know what I might need to be comfortable in each kind of environment
  • Next I begin to list the items I’d like to have handy that are usually found in my home (like the chair pillow, tissues, hand cream etc)
  • I will break up my time in three parts  – Morning, Day and Evening for vacation or for a job I call it Snacks, Lunch, Misc needs

This actually takes more than one session to get correctly because we really do tend to just assume what we need will be “there” for us because we make sure it is in our homes. I have found that once I am focused on the away-time list I will think of things as I go through my day and jot them down.

For my temp jobs I have a notebook and a section for each of the companies I do repeat work for and the list of what I need for each job. I also have a general list of needs. Having done this once and updated it when needed I don’t have to do the visualization tip anymore. I have it covered. It’s only when a new element is introduced that I have to readjust. Then the day or night before I am to leave for a job or vacation I gather everything up even pre-pack it if I can. I will also leave myself a list of last minute items to add on my refrigerator just in case I have to leave in a rush.

I know a few frequent travelers who actually purchase duplicates of what they need so their traveling suitcase stays partially packed and ready for the next trip. This reminds me of William Wrigley Jr. of the Wrigley gum fortune. We have a Wrigley mansion in Phoenix , AZ where I live and once when I was on a tour of the mansion I learned he had about 5 of these homes all over the world, designed and decorated the same so he and his family would feel at home no matter what location in the world they were visiting.

I hope this helps you the next time you need to make a satellite location your “home away from home.”

till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Your Ticket to Life

Have you ever been to an amusement park where they gave you a large ticket on a rope and they told you to wear it for permission to be in the park? Or how about a concert event where they told you that they would need to see your ticket for you to return to your seat after using the concessions? Nightclubs frequently stamp your hand with a ticket of ink to identify that yes you have permission and are allowed access to the venue for that night.

TicketWe too have been given a “Life Ticket” and this ticket allows us to live out our life right now on planet Earth. This “Life Ticket” is our Personal Space; the space of our soul, our mind, our body and the creations those three conjure up-our life expression.

We are lucky. We have a multi-dimensional ticket that gives us multiple dimensions from which to create a life of joy and love. Think about it; if you only had your mind you could still have an amazing experience, a ride so to speak of your imagination. But since we also have a body we get to witness with our senses what we create in our mind. We can read a book (mind) and feel the words we are reading (body-senses) via tears, laughter and fear. We can watch a movie or play and use our imagine to virtually take us into the story we are reading or watching. Our life ticket lets us create actual experiences or  pretend experiences of life and all of it can be quite satisfying.

Hollywood tired to capture this concept in the movie “Total Recall” where you could go on a vacation just from the dream in your mind. Of course you wouldn’t have a mind if you didn’t have a “home” for that mind (body) to exist inside of but many people with bodies only live in their minds and then their body tries to cooperate and give them what they believe they can have. That’s another kind of “ticket” to life. Once you get inside the amusement park or entertainment venue you do get to decide what parts you will participate in; the choice is yours.

Sometimes the park we are visiting will have rides out-of-order and so too our life is like this. When faced with a challenge do we see it as a limitation and shut down, or as just part of the experience we are witnessing this time and make the most of what we are given? I am frequently inspired by Stephen Hawking. Just look what his Mind Space has created, and I bet in large part because his body wasn’t active (out-of-order) to distract him. Then you have your amazing athletes who are all about body performance and they often will train their mind to help expand their body’s potential. It’s all our choice, and what we choose to do with our “Life Ticket” ends up creating what we are currently living.

So the next time you see a life you’d like to live, someone you admire, or a life-style change you want to have, ask yourself what kind of “ticket” features are they applying to create that life. Do they work with their mind by getting a college degree or enhance their creativity by joining an art program? Do they hike or do yoga for the body? Just like with a ticket-of-entry to an event, you have to ask yourself how you are using the “Life Ticket” – Personal Space you were given. Do you use all of its features? Is your home the perfect fit for you so that when you go out into your life your energy is enhanced instead of drained? Do you give your unique body the food and exercise it needs, or do you push it around and drag it here and there and just expect it to magically perform? What about your Soul? Do you practice moments of silence, get fresh air or meditate to keep your spirit connection strong? Is your life expression flexible and evolving to give you a life you love?

My advice is to OWN your “ticket” to life by owning your Personal Space. Review each aspect of it; Body Space, Home Space, Soul Space and Life Space and create it all to be just the way that fits your life purpose best. There is plenty for everyone; no one has your stuff. If they have something you like, find your way to create it for yourself; you can do this, you have the ticket of permission. Go for it all!! Go for YOUR all!!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©




Odd Behavior

Have you ever found yourself doing or saying something that simply confounds you and you wonder “where did that come from?” Have you ever been with a friend or family member when they acted out of character and left you completely baffled?

The Shadow Self

I have found this can happen to all of us especially when we are under stress or deep in thought and not paying attention in the present moment. What is appearing is a part of our psyche called our “shadow self” – the characteristics we all possess but are not our standard way of expressing. For instance a brilliant scientist may have moment of utter stupidity or a sweet docile woman might have moments of rage. So even though we may abhor certain kinds of behavior (dictator, murderer, and stinginess) we all are capable given the right set of circumstances to display these behaviors. Coming to terms with our “all-ness” is the key to self-love empowerment. When we own all that we are, instead of dis-own parts of our selves, we become whole and can remain more conscious and in command of our choices in the moment.

If you find this topic just too difficult to swallow let me give you a lighter example of what can happen to show us we have a hidden shadow self.

Odd Behavior

Sometimes when we are out  of our “element” so to speak and our world feels to be spinning by too fast for us to catch our breath, we can find ourselves acting oddly even, downright opposite to our usually mode of behavior. If our environments are too distracting, or we don’t get enough sleep or we simply have too much going on at once we can get into some crazy business. And guess what? The crazy event we “accidently” create ends up setting us back on track. It is a kind of emotional/social pain that wakes us up to the whirling dervish we have gotten caught up in and we stop, pause, take stock and reboot.

I have two short stories to share about this (I hope my kids will forgive me):

My daughter is brilliant! She is detail oriented, clever and quick, yet on a surprise trip to San Diego one Mother’s Day weekend she actually got us lost. We had traveled to this same area of San Diego at least a dozen times and have the area memorized but this trip we were going to a section we were not used to. She did her due diligence and Map Quested the route to the new hotel but for some crazy unknown reason (too much going on at once is my theory) she decided to shorten the directions and eliminate the middle 6 steps. So we got lost. When I asked her how in the world we could have done this she said “Oh I skipped those steps because I thought it was just Map Quest taking the long way around.” We laugh about that to this day because it was so out of character for her.

The next story is about my son. His sister had taken her brother and best friend to the opening of a long awaited blockbuster movie and to say they were excited is a major understatement. The two boys were in their seats busy visiting while waiting for the movie to begin when my daughter asked them to watch her purse while she used the restroom. Her brother said “okay.” A few minutes later a couple came up to see if the seats were saved because a purse was sitting in them. And my son says “One seat is for my sister but I don’t know who’s purse that is” so the couple take the purse to the Lost and Found (luckily). When my daughter got back from the restroom she asked where her purse was and …yep you guessed it!! He will never live this event down in her eyes.

We can laugh about this odd behavior now and even in the moment is seemed funny yet it also is a puzzlement that causes us to stop and slow down and pay better attention.

Do you have any (now funny) stories of odd behavior you did or witnessed? We are all delightfully human after all.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Dismiss What Insults Your Soul

Everywhere we turn it seems that someone is telling us how to live; what to eat, what not to eat, how to dress our body in the latest (and only approved of) styles, how to decorate our home, what the latest and greatest is for every moment of our life experience. Even if we turned off all the TV ads, radio marketing and newspaper ads, internet and magazine publications we would still be prompted by others to do it their way. And always there is that unspoken “or else” that is implied. Or else you won’t be popular, or else you won’t get that job, or else you won’t look attractive and the worst one of all “or else you won’t be loved.”

“Re-examine all you have been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”
Walt Whitman

Most often the thoughts running through our heads are not our own, they belong to what others in the world have told us. We judge ourselves, or make decisions based upon something our mom said to us, or our 5th grade teacher told us years ago, and we didn’t know we could question it to see if it was true for us now that we are old enough to make decisions for ourselves. Many of us have people living “rent free” right inside our minds! It’s time to clean house and get out what doesn’t match you and your value system!!

If we don’t learn how to stop the world from taking us over, we will continue to feel that vague sense of emptiness inside and continue to feel lost in a jungle taken over by the beliefs and values of others. That vague sense of emptiness you feel inside is your own Soul Space crying out to you to stop the merry-go-round the world has you on, and come home to you. If you don’t live in your space someone else will. Space can’t really go extinct but the “personal you” part can get buried so deep you could forget all about your right to exist your way.

Every one of these subtle and sometimes not too subtle voices in your head bombard you all day long and before you know it, you’ve lost your connection to your essence; that part of you that makes you unique, original, and makes you happy. You are lost as to what makes you, YOU. By reclaiming and possessing your Personal Space you can get the world off of your back and begin living the authentic and wonderful life you were meant to have, and the best part is no one around you has to change at all. No one has to give you permission or approve of what you find to be true about yourself. In fact no one but you can give you permission. The strength to be all that we are comes from within each of us-at our soul level. We are all equally powerful and capable. We are all winners, as long as we are in our game and not trying to play by the rules of others in their game.

It’s up to each of us to take a stand and take up our Personal Space deliberately so it doesn’t go extinct in our lives. Sure it’s healthy to share yourself with others, connections are vital to our lives but keep some of your time and space personal for yourself because if you don’t then where do you exist?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Are You Lost in a Sea of Choices?

Have you ever stopped to notice how many cars there are available to buy today? There is such a large variety available to choose from it’s amazing we can ever decide what to pick! Even if you are only looking at new cars you can be overwhelmed with choices. So do you simply go to the store/dealership and get what you want without any research? Not likely. You could I guess, but then you’d be stuck with it for a few years and that’s a large investment to leave to chance.

There are over 50 manufactures (or companies) that build cars worldwide. Do they offer one type of car each? Nope. Each model of car comes in different “makes” of car usually determined by the year it was made. In 2011 there were over 170 makes available, not to mention multiple model variations and untold number of features to choose from such as color, fabric, audio and tires!

Once you know what make, model and features you want, you have to research and choose how you will pay for the car. Do you buy or lease it? You can pay cash of course or finance it. If you are going to finance it do you go through a dealership, or the bank, or the credit union or AAA? Notice I stuck with new cars only in this scenario, if you are looking at used cars the selection multiplies (more model years to chose from) but the features are already chosen for you (color, audio etc) so some of the items you would have preferred are no longer an option. Personalized Car

Does this seemingly unending number of choices remind you of anything? It makes me think of our fingerprints. Do we have unlimited possibilities in the car we choose to drive around in because we too are unlimited? There are no two of us alike as proven by our unique DNA and fingerprints. We haven’t even begun to consider that once you take possession of this car…once you got inside with your purse, or briefcase or drink beverage, that car would become “personalized” it would be UNIQUELY YOURS!! Again, just like your fingerprints. Oh yah, your license plate number will be unique too. So because we choose to “own” them and we each want something different, there are no two cars alike in the world!

Can you see from this example why making sure your choices are your own (and not what someone else tells you to get) can greatly affect your life? If you don’t take the time to know yourself and your preferences and express them consciously, you might end up with a car (or a life) that you hate. How much time do you spend in your car? How many years do you keep the same car? How much do you rely on it? Once you develop the knack of being clear on what it means to be you and then go about doing that day after day, decisions like this car example that affect your daily live become easier and smoother to implement.

So, what kind of car do you drive? Do you love it? Is it you? Drop me a note…
‘till next time,
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