Kudos To Christopher Walken!

I see examples of Personal Space Expression in action all the time and I find they can be quite inspiring. I love to take notice when I see someone so empowered by their authentic true self that they have no problem with stepping out into the world in a brilliant, unique, perhaps even “rock the boat” style. They are completely unconcerned with what others may think or say about them. They are content to be just who they feel they truly are. We can learn from and be inspired by their example. Christopher Walken

Case In Point:

While watching a re-run of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-january-24-2013/christopher-walken
I was thrilled to see his guest, actor Christopher Walken share how he doesn’t use or own a computer. Jon was of course stunned and amazed to hear this and asked how he could possibly survive without one…how did he get his information he asked? Through much laughter we discovered he asks his wife. Then he said that he also didn’t own a cell phone. When making a movie the director will give him one for the duration of the movie so he can be reached. As soon as he’s finished with the movie he returns the phone. He had the audience cracking up with laughter and I just bet more than one thought like I did “good for him!”

Christopher obviously listens to “the tune of a different drummer” with bold action and I for one am thrilled to hear him admit this on air for it motivates us to find our courage to dare to be different as well. Not that we want to stop surfing the web or toss out our cell phones, but that we too might have something in our lives we do to get along and conform and that we are too afraid to buck the system and say “Nope, not for me, thanks anyway.” Let’s all dare to be different, as long as it is your authentic expression, otherwise it won’t feel good to you.

Can you imagine how confident he has to be in his own self-expression, in his own place in the world (personal space) to go against the grain on the subject of mass media (internet, cell phone) and to admit it all openly on TV? That’s the kind of personal power expression I hope we all achieve. He isn’t hurting anyone because it’s true internal personal power filled with self-respect, not power over others. He compromises when he needs to in order to get something he wants and to get along with others when it’s necessary. I just bet he is so comfortable in his own skin, doing his life his way he doesn’t even question going along with something that doesn’t feel true to him. Wow!

Kudos to you Christopher Walken! You are a Personal Space Master!!

’till next time!
Your Personal Space Coach©

PS: if you find an example of Personal Space Expression that inspires you, please send it to me and I’ll add it to our collection.