Personal Space Invasion-Getting Robbed!

It’s an odd thing to be burglarized. The experience and my reaction was not at all what I expected it to be. I have had a few things stolen in my life; a favorite scarf and mittens, and food in the company refrigerator. But I had never experienced anything like the 110° summer day when I came home to find my garage door wide open, my metal front door and security screen door broken off their hinges and my AC running nonstop.

This wasn’t a simple job to do. The buglers had to jump my block fence, plow through thorny bougainvillea and then crowbar my two metal doors off their hinges. With all this effort they didn’t stay long and they left items prepped but not taken. Something scared them off thank god, but they still did the damage we all fear… they invaded my home, my Personal Space, broke and took my property. Broken Door 1

But the thing I really didn’t expect was my reaction. I was returning after a full day of errands and getting my teeth cleaned and had groceries in the car that would spoil soon in the heat. My first feeling wasn’t fear; it was anger at being inconvenienced! My next concern was to call the police, then my neighbors to see if they could store my food. I seemed to have an attitude of “okay, now what?” instead of panic or fear. This really surprised me, even while it was happening!

Once the officers had entered and searched the place to be sure no one was inside I entered and got the second surprise of the day. As I looked at my living room and saw the mangled doors, shattered door frame, and missing electronics the thing that came in my head was a song by MC Hammer “You Can’t Touch This!” Only my mind replaced “this” with “me” and I felt such an overpowering sense of peace it stunned me. This lasted for quite a while and stayed with me even when grief mixed with the anger over what I lost and the work I now had to do because some fools decided to trash my home. Even today, three years later I can still recall that feeling and the strength it gave me.

I really get it now that no one can touch me; the real me!! No matter what “they” do I am always safe. It was my spirit talking to me that moment as I looked at the damage. This “peace that passes all understanding” has been a long time coming for I have lived through a number of major traumas. This event showed me I had finally conquered fear and I believe the burglary was a gift to show me this about myself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you ever been robbed and did the experience surprise you?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©