Are You a Holiday Fan?

Personally I am one who loves a holiday. I guess you could say I am a Holiday Fan-ha! Any reason to celebrate and I am your girl. As a Home Economics teacher I always marked the current holiday in some form of baked goods such as; heart cookies for Valentine’s Day or shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day and of course gingerbread cookies at Christmas. My daughter took it a step further and celebrates just about all of the “National Holidays” such as; talk like a pirate dayNational hot chocolate dayNational doughnut day and more. She even took the idea from Highlights Magazine when she was little and began to celebrate her “half-birthday” since hers in early January didn’t get the attention it deserved (her feelings) due to the winter holidays.  There are even calendars that list the “holiday” for each day of the year -sometimes more than one per day!! There are too many to celebrate so we just pick our favorites.

Choir of AngelsYou may ask why we love marking holidays and I’d have to say I think it is because we love color, fun and to celebrate life. Have you ever seen a holiday without an explosion of color? Here’s a pop-quiz like I used to give to my Home Ec students… but a FUN one 😉

Name That (American) Holiday by its Colors! (answers below)
Here is your list…. Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Red and green
  2. Red, white and blue
  3. Black and orange
  4. Red, pink and white
  5. Green and white
  6. Sliver, blue and white
  7. Purple and yellow

Sometimes the winter holiday season (especially Christmas) starts too soon for me (like before Thanksgiving) so, I’ll just smile and tell myself “the natives of this land are having a holiday” and I go about my non-holiday business. I already mentioned how I love ALL the holidays, and I mark them as they come all year long but what I didn’t mention was that I don’t like a holiday that is pushy or overstays its welcome. (Sorry department stores) Thanksgiving is never shortchanged in my home and I keep the autumn decorations up till early to mid December. After all winter isn’t until December 21 and Christmas isn’t until the 25th.  For me the Solstice/Christmas/New Year holidays are only a two week event, not the 2 month’s long event the retailers want you to have.

There is nothing I can do about the ice-cream truck (I am in sunny Arizona) that tours my neighborhood playing Christmas music before Halloween, or the way my favorite radio station drops a holiday tune in its line up in early December but I can keep my home free of the holiday sentiment until I am ready. This is what personal space is for; you, yourself, your family – YOUR WAY! Use the privacy of your home the way you want. Give yourself the gift of “space” from what is going on all around you….until you are ready to join in and celebrate any and all holidays your heart desires. And likewise, if you like to put your tree up before Thanksgiving, go for it. It’s your home and your private space, but you may need to hold off on the outdoor lights since that is part of “shared space” and many homeowner associations have rules on this.

Happily I have a DVR so I can fast forward commercials, and I do. I am in charge of how much holiday I take part in and so are you. So choose to be happy, carefree and most definitely stress and shame free as well. It is a myth that “one size fits all” so remember this when you get caught up in the push of others telling you how to celebrate. It’s none of their business; it’s only your business. Personalize the winter holidays by choosing which ones you want to celebrate (if any), choosing when, and how. Then enjoy yourself!

I’d love to hear how you keep the holiday and any tips you want to share with others on keeping your boundaries in place during this potentially challenging time.

Happy Holidays!
‘till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach ©

Pop Quiz Answers:

  1. Red and green                             Christmas
  2. Red, white and blue                    Independence Day
  3. Black and orange                         Halloween
  4. Red, pink and white                   Valentine’s Day
  5. Green and white                          St. Patrick’s Day
  6. Sliver, blue and white                 Hanukkah
  7. Purple and yellow                       Easter




Birthday Space

It’s my birthday this week! Do you feel any differently on your birthday? I do. In fact in the days leading up to my birthday I tend to get an extra lift in my step. Does this have to do with my culture and how I was raised? Possibly. But I wonder if even someone who didn’t know their birth date would feel this shift of energy.Happy_balloons

I believe this “something other” that I feel on my birthday is my Soul Space- my spirit energy. I imagine it is quite a big deal in Heaven when a new soul is born as a separate being from it’s mother and begins their Personal Space journey.

What I know personally is that as my birthday approaches I feel different… and it’s a good feeling…one of hope, possibilities and joy. I am just so happy to be here!!! Not every birthday has been a “happy” one so this good feeling can’t just be about my culture. Even during the difficult years there was that “something else” feeling under the disappointment and pain.

Perhaps this feeling is instinctual, a way of remembering my spiritual origin, who knows? But the feeling of energy on my birthday is definitely different from every other day of the year for me, and if join in with the feeling, my day is magical. It’s not about presents as in the gifts you unwrap; its more about being “present” and marking the moment with total awareness.

I also find my closest friends and family can join in with this energy as well. Perhaps you have felt it too when a family member or friend was having a birthday. You might have felt lighter that day and happy that they were in your life. I know the birthdays of my children feel special to me as well. Not the same feeling as on my own birthday, but there is a unique feeling of deep joy and tenderness that I know it has to do with the fact that I “gave” birth on those two days.

Celebrating is an activity that I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to partake in (daily if so inclined) but for certain on your birthday. It’s a way of saying “thank you”  for the life adventure you are living.

There is a wonderful scene about celebrating every day in the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.” The tea party scene where they are celebrating their “Un-Birthdays” which of course are every other day of the year in which you were not born! Funny, even cute you say, but I wonder if it isn’t a great code to live by. Make your birthday extra special by honoring your entrance in the world and then make every other day a celebration of “thank you I am still here and having the time of my life!!”

Happy Birthday to some and Happy Un-Birthday to all!!

“till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©