Use Your Powerful “Off” Switch

Personal Space is slowly becoming extinct. Everywhere we go we are constantly connected to everyone else on the planet. Everywhere we turn someone is telling us how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, how to dress our body in the latest (and only approved of) styles, how to decorate our home, what the latest and greatest is for every moment of our life experience. Even if we turned off all the TV ads, radio marketing and newspaper ads, internet or magazine publications we would still be prompted by well-meaning others to do it their way. And always there is that unspoken “or else” that is implied. Or else you won’t be popular, or else you won’t get that job, or else you won’t look attractive. And the worst one of all; “or else you won’t be loved.” 2-1-14 (11)

Every one of these subtle and not too subtle voices coaxes us all day long to comply. Before you know it, you’ve lost the essence of what makes you tick, what makes you happy. You are lost as to what makes you, YOU. Reclaim and take back ownership of your Personal Space by tuning out the world on a daily basis. You’ll be glad you did and it will keep you sane. The only True voice is the one within your heart and soul; this is the voice of your Divine Inner Self – our Soul Space. It is crucial to our personal power and peace of mind that keep our Soul connection open and active or our life will fade into the world view of “one size fits all.”

It used to be that we could come home and leave the world behind for a while and refresh ourselves. But today with our wonderful internet and instant messaging the world comes with us everywhere. It is up to each of us to choose when, how and where we will take a break and give the world a “do-not-disturb” notice.

My favorite method of turning “off” world opinions is by declaring my unique self in my home decor style and in my wardrobe. I also set aside time each morning and evening (I call it my book-ends) to just sit and be still. Sometimes I meditate but most often I contemplate and watch nature while in my garden or through a window. I get so many good ideas and answers during theses quite “off” moments that I keep a note pad handy to jot down what comes to me, but I am careful not to work it then. I pick it up later when I am back “on” for the day.

Our personal power comes from within, the world can’t help us. No one can sleep for you, no one can eat for you and no one can hear your unique Soul’s voice but you alone. Turn off the world now and then and check in with yourself. This is where your power lies; flip your inner switch ON! You have all the power you need. Stay connected to YOU by managing the world with your own personal “off” switch.

’till next time,
Ginger- Marie
Your Personal Space Coach

Do You Have a Personal Private Spot?

We all need personal time to ourselves, but with our busy lives and constant activity via the internet it can be difficult to find this time and space. This is why I ask all of my clients to create for themselves somewhere in their home a personal private spot. This is a place in the home that you can call your own. No one else sits here or disturbs the possessions you keep here. Having this private space anchors us so that our energy is strong and stable. It is our “home base,” the place we return to at the end of the day or even during the day to collect our thoughts, to refresh and to center ourselves. Vision Practice Chair

It is our birthright to take up space our way. We are given our own Personal Space real-estate at the moment of conception. That spark of life from the Divine, our Soul Space, ignited the human life that was developing in the womb. This Soul and Body Space energy grew as we developed and experienced life. The personal private spot acts as a powerful root that keeps us grounded and allows us the time and space we need to reconnect with our true essence. Our energy is enhanced when we create this space by filling it with the things that give us comfort and joy.

You especially need to create and claim a personal power spot for yourself if you live with others. Those you live with can do this as well and as you respect each other’s private spaces and private time spent there, you will find your relationships improve. Taking up Personal Space consciously is akin to declaring ownership for your life. Before you think these steps sound like work, remember if you are not taking responsibility for your life then someone else is, and that someone else will have power over you.

Creating a space that you can call your very own, that no one will disturb without your permission is a vital step to reducing the stress in your life. It will also energize you and enhance your personal power. It’s the step that will allow you to expand and take up space in the world as the unique, distinctive individual that you are. You might think this message is only needed for young adults who are just beginning to express themselves in the adult world, but in fact most adults have lost much of their Personal Space over the years due to education, training, and social pressure. We are taught to fit-in, get along, cooperate and compromise until there is nothing left of the unique individual that we are at our core. Rarely are we encouraged in school, at work or in our families to “stand up and be different!”

This step of establishing your private power spot is so crucial to the Personal Space Journey that it is the #1 Energy Check I use for my Home-Space Energy Review.

Personal Private Spots are as diverse are we are, and no matter your living conditions I can help you create one for yourself. Please write and tell me about your space and how you make it uniquely yours. If you need ideas or support let me know.

I would love to hear about the places you have created for yourself.

’till next time,
Ginger – Marie
Your Personal Space Coach


Tips for Having Workmen In Your Home

Last week I wrote about having service providers and guests in your Home Space. For today’s Tuesday’s Tips I share some steps I have taken to help me preserve my Home Space Energy during these visits. These simple steps will take about 15- 20 minutes and will not only give you peace of mind, but will secure your energetic vibration as well. The goal here is to limit what areFullSizeRenderas they will be allowed into and what they may see and observe about how you live your life.

  • Grab a notebook or your phone to record your notes. While pretending you are the stranger-acquaintance who is visiting your home soon, leave your house and re-enter using the entrance they will use to enter your home. Jot down what Home Space changes you make in your notebook or recording device so you will remember where you put these treasured items after the visit.
  • Stop and look around at your home using the eyes and ears of this imagined person as you visit all the rooms they will need to see. Notice what you have lying around your house and ask “do I want to share this with a stranger?” If not ether protect this item right away or make a note to come back and take care of it.
  • Vision boards can be covered up with blank paper or fabric or taken down temporarily.
  • Affirmations can be gathered and place in a box or envelope and re-hung after they have left. This gives them a fresh energy as well. You may hang them differently so you notice them more often.
  • You may find you want to gather up some knick-nicks to store in a box or out of way closet while the workmen/women are in your home. Perhaps you want to be sure they are not accidently broken.
  • Valuable small items should be gathered up and hidden.
  • Family photos or plans for a big trip you might have posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board should be removed or covered. You don’t want a stranger to know your business.
  • Just keep asking yourself as you move about your home; “would I share this information with the people I stand in line with at the grocery store?” If not, then hide, remove or protect this while they are visiting.
  • When you visualize your home though the eyes of the service provider you are having over you are also noticing where they need to be while doing the work you are hiring them to do and you can set this space up for easy access.
  • Close doors to the rooms they don’t need to have access to, and by all means stay nearby; not to watch over their shoulder but to be fully aware of them while they are in your Home Space.

And last but not least; if someone is sent that does not feel good to you, make an excuse right away and don’t let them in. Tell them you have a sudden family issue and have a sick child at home and must reschedule. Don’t let them in to call their supervisor; they can do that from their truck. Once your door is locked then you call and say you want someone else to come to your home. There are many reasons why you might do this from poor manners such as smelling of cigarettes, or they give you an odd feeling, or they are extremely late without calling. Just trust your instincts always!

I hope these tips prove helpful to you the next time you need a repair done in your Home Space.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Portable Space

I came across this article today and just loved the concept, not to mention the attractive design…

Portable HomeThe title of this article on Yahoo was “300 Square Feet, Sleeps 8: Tiny Home/RV Hybrid to Take Wherever You Go” which I especially loved because I am always talking about how we take our Personal Space with us. The things we lay down and claim as ours are actually just an extension of the Space we always have with us…not quite like this mini home but similar in theme. We as humans with eyes in our heads are always looking outwardly. We spend most of our daily awake hours paying attention to what we see outside of ourselves, and unless we use a mirror we can forget that we are true ruler of our world; not the world we see. The world we see affects us first because of what is going on inside of us. But instead of realizing this we think the world, the people in it, and the events going on around us are giving us a good day or a bad day, but in fact the result of our day comes from the filter we each carry inside. Our personal filter is a result of many influences from our childhood training, education and experience to how we are feeling physically on that particular day. I am sure you have noticed if you are well rested and healthy you can take things in stride better than when you are tired, hungry and ill.

I wonder if the people who would choose to live in such a portable mini-home have a greater sense that their power comes from within themselves. They would’t be taking for granted the property their home sits on. They wouldn’t feel stuck in a job/city they didn’t love. They wouldn’t feel they couldn’t afford vacation because all they would need is gas to drive where they wanted to go. I would imagine they have a better sense that their personal power comes from within themselves and not from the life flowing around them. I wonder if they feel more in control or less in control.

I for one need my roots firmly planted. I tend to freak out when I do a move of my Home Space. I like putting things in their place and finding them in their spot when I need them. Yet, I would love giving this type of living a try. I enjoy getting new perspectives on living life. I find adventure is needed now and then or I get stale. If we don’t try other things, other styles of living how can we know for sure that the one we were raised with is the best one for our Personal Energy?

So I say “go for it!” If you want to trek across the US or Europe for a year- do it! If you want to live with room service and make your Home Space a hotel, enjoy!! And if you want a portable home then check out all the options because according to this article they have really come up in style and amenities. No matter what you choose always remember that your “real” Personal Space is always with you and will never leave your side and that your true power comes from within this space- your own personal real estate!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

When Is It Time To Change Your Home Space?

From the time we are born until the day we pass on we will most likely live in at least a half-dozen different Home Spaces. Even if you stay in the same house and in the same town your Home Space is likely to go photo-22.jpgthrough a half-dozen different incarnations which amounts to a “move” from your old Home Space energetically even if not physically.

How do you know when it’s time to move on and create a new space for yourself? Well there are a number of clues – some are physical such as you out grow the space you currently have and some are – metaphysical or even emotional. Here is a short list of Events and Energy Shifts that may be a sign it is time for a change.


  • you have a new child and need more space
  • you get married and want to live together
  • you enroll in a college too far to live at “home”
  • you divorce and need to change the energy and possibly get a smaller space
  • your health requires you to live in a new environment
  • your job requires a change of location

These are just a handful of Events that may occur from time to time that will cause us to need to change our Home Space. So while most of these are obvious, what about the subtle clues that tell us our energy and well being would be better served in a new space? Here is a short guide to let you know something subconscious is calling out for change….

Energy Shifts:

  • when you find you don’t want to come home from work
  • when you can’t find anything in your closet, kitchen or garage
  • when you feel restless and keep dreaming about a different location
  • when you find you are avoiding spending any time in a room or two of your current Home Space
  • when you feel depressed or have sudden lethargy and notice you are attracted to brighter colors than you have in your home

Okay, so you realize it is time for a change now what? Well the first thing I do is have a “Dream Planning Session” with myself. You see often we can feel a need but can’t quite give a voice to it and this is a necessary first step in the process of choosing or changing your Home Space.

Dream Planning

  • Get out your Archeological Dig Journal or a notebook
  • Write down what you don’t like about what you currently have in your Home Space. It’s important to get down on paper what is bothering you. It might appear to be vague complaining at first but once you write it down it will begin to gel into a solution.
  • Once you have listed all that is upsetting you – turn each statement around to see what the opposite would be. For instance “I can’t stand the mess in my closet” would change to ” I love my new well organized and tidy closet”
  • Next ask yourself how you might achieve the better (opposite) environment. Think big. Even if you can’t afford what you want, write it down. An affordable solution will appear if you go for all you want to start with. Remember “dreaming” doesn’t cost a thing 🙂

Once you have listed all the steps to make this change happen put your journal away and review it on a different day to see if it is still the solution you wish to try. If you have more than one item to change you can also prioritize them. For instance maybe one change is really important to you, so start with that. Or one change must happened before another can such as painting the walls before you put in new carpet.

Unloading your frustrations and dreaming on paper is so highly valuable I cannot stress it enough. Moving or redecorating is a BIG job and focused organization is your best friend.

And by all means if you need help, drop me a note and I’ll give you some help!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Car Space

I love my car. I really mean it. She has a gender, a name – Ruby Tuesday Picard, and I actually celebrate her birthdays. Ruby turned “Sweet 16” recently and since I couldn’t take my usual road trip due to work, I took her through a Starbucks drive-thru for a chocolate cookie…okay the cookie was for me but Ruby got to be on the new TV monitor this Starbucks has…so that was special-lol

Ruby Sweet 16Unless you also treat your car as a family member you might think I am a bit strange, but to me it makes perfect sense. You see our cars act as a shield or force field that supports us as we “space travel.” Yep, I said “space” travel – what else would you call my ability to go 80 miles an hour down a freeway, especially at night where I can barely see a few hundred feet in front of me? We travel through time and space faster in our cars than we could on foot, horseback or bicycle. The next fasted we could go would be inside of an airplane and then of course a space ship. But I for one don’t want a rocket moving me about while I am connected to a road with traffic-ha!

In any case my point is, I take my life in my hands each time I start up my car and drive her someplace. I am counting on her tires holding up, her steering and braking systems to function and for the windows to work so I don’t get hit by bugs or birds (I feel sorry for motorcyclists.) Because I have a car I can go places! I can get a job across town, drive to the ocean or bring my groceries home before they spoil. I don’t have that freedom if I ride public transit. I am not knocking public transit for it is a wonderful system – it’s just that I have more freedom with my own transportation vehicle…more Personal Space freedom/empowerment.

Car Space has it’s own energy as well. Many of us use our cars as a second home; we use them as an office, we eat meals in our car, even sleep in our car and of course many of us have made love in our cars. 🙂  The front passenger seat or the back can be loaded with boxes and files and items we need to do business while on the road. I got a RAV 4 so I could cart my large canvas paintings, and my fabric samples when I was an active designer.

My car Ruby has been super reliable for the past 16 years. Very simple to keep going with no major glitches, and I am eternally grateful not only for the safety she provides, but because I haven’t had to waste time getting her to the garage for repairs. I can count on my car and this means a lot to each of us.

Our cars reflect and support our personalities and our life styles. They are a shining example of our expression of our Personal Space energy and they enable us to empower our dreams by transporting us where we need to go.

Now can you see why I love my car? Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Ruby!

Write back and tell me about your car.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

New Home Blues

You’ve just moved into your new dream home/apartment – Congratulations!! How are you doing? Is everything wonderful?
If you find that even though you got everything you wanted you don’t feel like you did, in fact you have moments where you feel wiped out and depressed, then you are in good company. This happens to all of us no matter how well we plan or how much help we have.You see moving is very similar to re-potting a house plant. No matter how careful you are, there are going to be repercussions to the activity of moving your “roots” And what does a new house plant that has been re-potted need first? It needs rest or in our case “to give it a rest.”

Gardenshop -1We live in a world where we can get most of what we want instantly and we think this should be the case no matter what we want next. But with a move of our Home Space we are also moving our Body Space and our Life Energy Space not to mention our mental space has shifted as well. It simply takes time for our “roots” to find their footing in this new space we have settled into. Our furnishings look and feel different, even our clothes look different when we put them on and dress for the day. We can’t find the items we used to just reach automatically for like a fork or our hair dryer. It takes time to settle into our new “digs” and we need to give ourselves all the time and space we need to settle in. We will adjust as we go along. Sometimes we can’t tell where an item should go until we live in the space for awhile, and once we are well rested bright ideas can emerge.

It usually takes me three months from the day I move into a new place before I find that it feels like “home” to me. Interestingly enough that is just like a re-potted plant. They first have to rest, then they begin to reestablish their roots in the new soil and space. Then once they feel acclimated they will begin to send out new shoots or even bloom – their version of being and feeling “at home” with their new space.

I have a favorite quote by Susan Strasberg I use when I find myself getting impatient with life…
You can’t push the wave onto the shore any faster than the ocean brings it in.”

Here are my Tuesday Tips for Healing the New Home Blues:

  • Go ahead take a break.
  • Stop and congratulate yourself on your new home – Celebrate!!
  • Pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you achieved to get yourself set up there.
  • Stop looking at what inst’ done and note all you did get done
  • Take some time to get to know this new space and “make friends” with it.
  • Stretch out and try on different spots for your furnishings
  • Nurture and nourish yourself with good food.
  • Postpone those “show and tell” open-house parties until you feel up to them.

Have PATIENCE and over time you will find the blues have left and you feel your new house has become the sanctuary you had hoped for. Enjoy your new “digs”

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

The Importance of Before and After Moving Photos

With way too much to do on your list as you proceed through your move you might think taking pictures is just a waste of time. I used to feel that way until one time I took photos and realized what a big help having those pictures ended up being.

We tend to dismiss all that we DO get done and just focus on the things we DIDN’T do and this drains our energy. Taking “before”  and during your move photos causes a pause in the manic get-this-done-now vibe we have going and gives us a moment to review all we got done and then to celebrate this fact with others if we choose to text or post the photos on-line. Happy, joyous energy is a must when you are moving and any way you can bring this in during the process will make the whole project move faster and be more fun. Moving Day

Another reason “before” photos are great is that it gives you a perspective on how the place looked empty and when you compare these with the “after” pictures you can get new decorating ideas that wouldn’t occur to you while sitting in the room. A photo freezes only one spot for a more detailed perspective. You can use the pictures to make a Word document and list under the picture the possible decorating items you want to add when time and money permits.

“After” and during the move photos of your possessions also can be added to a file you keep for insurance purposes. If you every have a flood (pipes) or moving damage or whatever might occur it helps to have pictures to remind you of all the items you own. Another good reason is that years later when you review these photos you will find they help you to plan your next move. We tend to forget over time all the details we have to take care of when doing a move. Your photo book will refresh your memory and show you how you did it before; kind of like a private “time capsule” just for you.

And my most favorite reason for “before” – “during” and “after” photos … the memories. Each year on the anniversary of our home I pull out our scrapbook and look at our move and am amazed at how happy the memories are. You see I really “hate” moving. I truly wish Star Trek was real and Scotty could just “beam me up” to my new place with everything intact-lol. Taking time to make the process fun helps to set the best energetic vibration for your new space and builds happy memories.

So take time out and shoot some pictures. Make it fun. Include your moving and decorating crew and be sure to hand off the camera and get a picture of yourself as well.

Enjoy your new space!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

The “Don’t Like” List

How do you begin a decorating project when you have no clue what it is you want? You start with what you know you “don’t” want. Sounds crazy right? This is one of our “delightfully human” traits – to be clear on what we don’t like before we can clarify what it is we do like.

Give yourself as much time as you need. It could be done in a day if you are only doing a small room or it might take up to a month to complete this process. There is no hurry. Going slow will allow you time to process all that you discover about yourself. Keep it fun!

The “Don’t Like” List:
Grab a pen and a sheet of paper; draw a line down the middle. (Or use your Personal Space Journal) Write in the left column “Don’t Like” and in the right column “Love.”

  1. Very quickly without much thought list off the top of your head furnishings you have seen and experienced that you really don’t like. Maybe there are colors that really turn you off, or perhaps a style that you just can’t stand.
  2. Once you have pulled up all you know for sure you don’t like/want, try imagining the opposite for each item you listed. This will give you a starting point of what you might like/want.
  3. Now that you have listed all that you had on your mind, you will want to delve deeper into what you do like.
  4. Google the items you are considering purchasing from this list of furnishings. Look over the photos and find items that you love. If you do see something that you really can’t stand and haven’t listed it already, jot it down. Knowing your “don’t like” list will help steer you toward finding what you love. Bookmark the pages of what you like or list the details so you can find it later when you are ready to shop.
  5. If you are on Pinterest you can even create “pin” boards to collect the pictures of what you like/love.
  • Flooring:
  • Carpet – Area Rugs
  • Floor Tile – Vinyl Flooring – Wood Flooring
  • Walls:
  • Paint Color – Wallpaper – Faux Painting – Wood Paneling – Chair Railing and Crown Molding
  • Lighting:
  • Floor lighting –
  • Table lamps – Track Lighting – Chandeliers
  • Furniture
  • Chairs – wood, metal, upholstered
  • Sofa – benches, wood framed, upholstered
  • Tables – end tables, coffee table, task tables, and dining room tables
  • Accessories – (this area is virtually unlimited so choose areas you are considering)
  • Silk Floral or Plant arrangements – candle holders, figurines, boxes, pillows, blankets, art, paintings, photography

Next you can Google styles and see if you find one that has most of what you want. Remember you don’t have to stick to any one style; in fact to mix styles in a clever, harmonious fashion is called “Eclectic” style. Other style include…
Country – Country French – Contemporary – Early American – Modern – Scandinavian – Mediterranean – Old World – Asian – Traditional – Retro …just to name a few.

The key here is to notice what appeals to you on the visual level. Next we’ll discover how comfortable these styles are to live with.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Don’t Let Your Guests Invade Your Space

When it comes to entertaining friends, family or others in your home it is important to keep some space “off limits” to your guests. This important step enables you to keep your home as a place of private refuge. If you entertain often in your home and want to show off your beautifully decorated rooms, just be sure to keep some areas and items private. It’s fairly easy to do; just keep doors closed and if necessary locked as well. Hide things in a closet you don’t want others to see. Your home is not their business. This is your private home and you have every right to close off part of it for just yourself and those who live there with you. In this manner you empower yourself with respect.We all need space where we don’t have to put on a “good show” and that is what our homes are for. So keep that in mind when having people over; protect your private space and belongings. Theme Party

Tips for entertaining:

  • Center the food and entertainment in the rooms you are willing to share with the “world”
  • Most people who visit or attend your party will hover in the kitchen, so this is a key room to have read-for-company
  • Create serving stations, a bar area and seating sections
  • Use colorful flower arrangements, candles, place mats and colorful dishes to designate the party boundaries
  • Distraction is the best tool I know for keeping guests captivated so they won’t need to see “the rest of your house” but if for some reason someone really presses the issue and you just don’t want to show your private rooms make up a story about how they are being remodeled and you’ll show them later. Then reconsider if this person is someone you want in your home for future parties.
  • Sometimes we feel we must entertain in our home such as to boost our career or keep the in-laws happy. I think this is a mistake and a time to employ your personal power and creativity. Instead host a party at a favorite restaurant, resort, or park.
  • Theme driven parties will also keep guests in the designated space. The decorations help set up the “party boundaries” and make the rest of the house ‘off limits”
  • Pool party theme, Hawaiian theme, and Picnic or Al Fresco dining will keep your guests outdoors
  • Cookie Decorating or Cookie Sharing Holiday Party keeps them in the kitchen and dining room
  • Use movies or TV shows playing low in the family room to draw people there, especially if they came to watch the game.
  • Have your outdoor section set up for seating and drinks in case the party moves outdoors
  • Use music outdoors as well if it won’t bother the neighbors

The important point to remember is that this is YOUR home and no one has the right to force themselves in if you don’t want them there. Trust me, do this for yourself and your personal power will bloom!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©